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londeyr (f.) (pl -yn) glazed-in light, lantern, light, stable lamp, storm lamp: Ta dty ghoo londeyr da my chassyn: as soilshey da my chesmadyn Bible

Inexact matches:

londeyr chowree (f.) signal lamp

londeyr dorraghey dark lantern

londeyr druaightagh magic lantern

londeyr jerree rear light

londeyr obbee (f.) magic lantern

londeyr poagey electric torch

londeyr Sheenagh Chinese lantern

londeyr sooilley bull's eye lantern, dark lantern

londeyr sterrym (f.) hurricane lamp, storm lantern, tornado lamp

londeyr straiddey (f.) street lamp

dark lantern (n.) londeyr dorraghey, londeyr sooilley

magic lantern (n.) londeyr druaightagh; londeyr obbee

Chinese lantern (n.) londeyr Sheenagh

hurricane lamp (n.) londeyr sterrym

lantern (n.) jeenlys, londeyr, lonteyr

signal lamp (n.) londeyr chowree

stable lamp (n.) londeyr

storm lamp (n.) londeyr

storm lantern (n.) londeyr sterrym

tornado lamp (n.) londeyr sterrym

bull's eye lantern (n.) londeyr sooilley

sidelamp (n.) cheu-hoilshey, cheu-londeyr

cheu-londeyr (f.) sidelamp

electric torch (n.) londeyr poagey, soilshey lectragh

glazed-in light (n.) londeyr; lostan fo glonney

street lamp (n.) londeyr straiddey, sollys straiddey

rear light (n.) londeyr jerree, soilshey cooyl, soilshey jerree, sollys jerree, uinnag chooyl

screebit abraded, chafed, combed, grated, scraped, scratched, struck: Va londeyr troggit seose, as va'n chrout er ny chronnaghey-va towl mooar screebit trooid y scraa as y thoo as va ny guillyn er chosney nyn raad thie! Coraa

thoo thatch, thatching: Va londeyr troggit seose, as va'n chrout er ny chronnaghey-va towl mooar screebit trooid y scraa as y thoo as va ny guillyn er chosney nyn raad thie! Coraa

light1 1 (adj.) eddrym: Light soil - Thalloo eddrym. DF idiom; 2 (v.) foaddey; 3 gillid; 4 glonney; 5 lampey; 6 leayrtys; 7 (n.) londeyr; 8 (n.) lonnyr; 9 (n.) lossan; 10 lossey: Light up - Soilshaghey y lossey. DF idiom; 11 soilshagh; 12 soilshaghey; 13 (n.) soilshey: We have electric light - Ta soilshey electragh ain. JJK idiom a sollys; 14 (n.) uinnag; 15 (n.) ray-sollys; 16 soilshee: Light me to my room - Soilshee mee gys my hamyr. JJK idiom; 17 (v.) foad: Don't light the fire yet - Ny foad yn aile foast. JJK idiom; 18 eddrymee; 19 neu-hrome

bunneenyn bales: Shimmey'n oie feayr as dorraghey ta mee er n'gholl magh maree gys y soalt yiarn lesh londeyr as bunneenyn dy choonlagh dy hroggal fastee son ny kirree as nyn eaynin, as boteil dy vainney son yn eayn meig. JG


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