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lomarcan alone, lonely, singleton, singly, solitary, solitary person, unaccompanied: Kys te dy vel oo dty lomarcan? Bible; lone

Inexact matches:

ben lomarcan (f.) lone woman

fer lomarcan hermit, lone wolf

leayrane lomarcan solitary sandpiper

treshlen lomarcan (f.) hermit thrush

arrane ny lomarcan solo

cliejeen ny lomarcan (f.) solitaire

cloie ny lomarcan patience, solitaire

Glion ny Lomarcan Lonely Glen

kiaull ny lomarcan solo

loayrtys ny lomarcan soliloquy

unnane ny lomarcan only one

solitaire (n.) cliejeen ny lomarcan; cloie ny lomarcan

lone (adj.) neuheshaghtagh; lomarcan: Lone woman - Ben lomarcan. DF idiom

solo (n.) arrane ny lomarcan, kiaull ny lomarcan; quist da 'nane

alone (adj., adv.) ynrican, ynrycan; gyn sheshey; (ny) lomarcan: Who knows? He alone - Quoi ec ta fys? Eshyn ny lomarcan. JJK idiom

hermit (n.) bwaaghagh, fer lomarcan

hermit thrush (n.) treshlen lomarcan

lone wolf (n.) fer lomarcan

lone woman (n.) ben lomarcan

singleton (n.) lomarcan

soliloquy (n.) loayrtys ny lomarcan

solitary person lomarcan

solitary sandpiper (n.) leayrane lomarcan

Lonely Glen (n.) Glion ny Lomarcan

solitary fadaneagh; lhome-lomarcan; lomarcan; neuheshaghtagh

lhome-lomarcan solitary

lome-lomarcan forlorn

unaccompanied (adj., adv.) gyn sheshaght, gyn sheshaghtys, lomarcan

forlorn (adj.) cailt, gyn treisht, lome-lomarcan, treigit, treih

singly (adv.) fer er fer, gyn cooney, lomarcan, nane lurg nane

lonely (adj.) fadanagh: You wouldn't be as lonely as that - Cha beagh oo cho fadanagh as shen Bunnydys; lomarcan

only one unnane ny lomarcan; ynrycan: she is the only one of her mother - teeish lhiannoo ynrycan e moir Bible

patience (n.) cloie ny lomarcan; meeinid; meenid: She must have a great deal of patience - Shegin ve mooarane meenid eck. JJK idiom; meenys; surranse foddey; fuillaghtyn

vote (n.) teiy: With one dissentient vote - As un teiy ny lomarcan noi. DF idiom; (n.) vote; (v.) votal: Vote a sum - Sym y votal. DF idiom

washings (npl.) ooanlaghyn: Which stood only in meats and drinks, and divers washings - va shassoo ny lomarcan ayns bee as jough, as ymmodee ooanlaghyn Bible

aavioghit regenerated: Hooar sleih magh ny s'anmagh dy row eh ny varran mooar dy chredjal dy beagh y chengey aavioghit liorish ny scoillyn nyn lomarcan. Carn

bee as jough refreshments: Yn chirveish cheddin va shassoo ny lomarcan ayns bee as jough Bible

cumraagys association, comradeship, familiarity, intimacy: Rish yn ayrn smoo jeh'n vea echey, v'eh baghey ny lomarcan, as hooar eh cumraagys sy cheer mygeayrt-y-mysh - va shen e lioar as e haitnys. Coraa; camaraderie

Delbee (f.) See Delby Dalby: Va Billy Beg as Thom Beg daa greesee cruittagh as v'ad baghey cooidjagh ayns stayd hallooin ny lomarcan er-gerrey da Delbee. GB [Scand]

dy meeaighar unfortunately: Dy meeaighar, cha dinsh Paayl dou, cre mychione lhisin screeu as myr shen, shegin dou yn chooish y reih my lomarcan. Dhoor

er nyn son hene for themselves: Huggey shegin dooin guee, cha nee er nyn son hene ny lomarcan, agh son dy chooilley stayd as aght ta sleih ayn CS

gyn croghey unhanged; without dependence: Red vees cur yindys er sleih ennagh, ta Ned Thomas smooinaghtyn dy noddagh reiltys Vannin shickyraghey'n conaant ny lomarcan, gyn croghey er reiltys y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit. Dhoor

Hewnyn (Ny); (The) Hebrews; Jewry, Jews: Vel eshyn Jee ny Hewnyn ny-lomarcan? Bible

lhen (f.) trench: As nish daa skeeal mychione dooinney enmyssit Juan Mac Alister, ny Juan Molly, va baghey ny lomarcan ayns thie er Droghad Lhen eddyr Skyll Perick Yurby as Skyll Andreays. JyC

lhie sheeynt (ny) procumbent, recumbent: As va Judith faagit ny lomarcan 'sy chabbane, as va Holofernes ny lhie sheeynt er e lhiabbee: son v'eh lhome-lane dy feeyn. Apoc

mollag (=Ir. bolla or malaid) (f.) pl. mollagyn balloon, buoy, float: as ish freayll arrey er mollag ny lomarcan ayns mean y cheayn. Carn; scrip

myngyraght (f.) pilfer, pilfering, steal, picking: agh erskyn ooilley dy ve onnoragh, cha nee ny lomarcan son graih cooinsheanse agh son graih goo mie; son ta foalsaght as myngyraght oash feer eajee CS

press-feeyney winepress: Ta mee er stampey yn press-feeyney ny-lomarcan Bible

rour 1 too many, too much a: te rour dhyt's dty lomarcan dy ymmyrkey Bible; 2 overdo, overdone; 3 (as optimism) undue; 4 excess

rubbyr rubber: honnick eh ben aeg Yernagh tannaghtyn ayns skollag rubbyr rish ooraghyn as ish freayll arrey er mollag ny lomarcan ayns mean y cheayn. Carn

Shibber y Chiarn Holy Communion, Lord's Supper: Jees ny lomarcan, er son ooilley ymmyrchagh gys saualtys, ta shen dy ghra, Bashtey, as Shibber y Chiarn. PB1765

stayd noa regeneration: Yn chirveish cheddin va shassoo ny lomarcan ayns bee as jough, as ymmodee ooanlaghyn as oardaghyn foalley, kianlt orroo derrey imbagh yn stayd noa. Bible

thie mooar asylum, dwelling, hall, manor, mansion: Agh ayns thie mooar cha vel ny-lomarcan siyn airh Bible

treishteil (f.) hope, reliance, trust: cha vel treishteil jannoo shin lhag-chreeagh; trusteth: dy injillagh ad as dy chur toiggal daue jeu hene, dy vod ad treishteil ersyn ny lomarcan. CS

ve2 (dy); (to) be: As dooyrt y Chiarn Jee, Cha vel eh mie yn dooinney dy ve ny lomarcan Bible

housetop (n.) mullagh thie: that sitteth alone upon the housetop - ta soie ny-lomarcan er mullagh thie Bible; mullagh y thie: Let him which is on the housetop not come down - Eshyn ter mullagh y thie, ny lhig da cheet neose Bible

gyn vyghin unmerciful: Quoi erbee hebbys oural da jee erbee, agh dan Chiarn ny-lomarcan, bee eh stroit gyn vyghin. Bible

kiontoyrtys contrariety, haphazardness, precipitance: Cha nee liorish arran uy lomarcan, agh liorish cumra gys as daanys ayns kiontoyrtys, shirrey as geddyn, shirveish as rheynn, cur graih as ve graihit, as erskyn ooilley liorish firrinys ayns padjer, cur geill da coyrle ny Spyrryd Coraa

ro-hrome overweight; too heavy: Cha vod-yms gymmyrkey errey ooilley'n pobble shoh my-lomarcan, son dy vel eh ro-hrome er my hon. Bible

ymmyrkey 1 appearance, attitude, behaviour, comportment, conduct, conductance, conduction, conveyance, haulage; 2 bear, birth, give birth, yield, gestation: My ta ben er yientyn, as er ymmyrkey lhiannoo-mac Bible; 3 supply, carry, carrying, convey, transport, support a: te rour dhyt's dty lomarcan dy ymmyrkey. Bible; 4 tide; 5 behave, endure, sustain

yrjaghey draw, elate, elation, elevation, enhance, exalt, exaltation, exhilarate, exhilaration, go up, heighten, hoist, raise, retract, rise: bee yn Chiarn ny-lomarcan er ny yrjaghey 'sy laa shen Bible; hoist up


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