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loghan (f.) pl. loghanyn dam, dock, lakelet, pond, pool, small lake, tank: ren shiu chaglym cooidjagh ushtaghyn yn loghan heese Bible

Inexact matches:

bea loghan (f.) pond life

loghan cabbil horse pond

loghan eeast (f.) fishpond

loghan faarkee public baths

Loghan Glass Grey Lakelet

loghan grainnee graving dock

loghan mwyljey mill dam

Loghan Ruy Red Pond

loghan slieau mountain tarn

loghan snaue floating dock

Loghan-Snaue Heear Western Swimming Pool

loghan ushtey (f.) piece of water

'sy loghan docked

cur lhong 'sy loghan dock

dy ve 'sy loghan lie up

eean ny loghan (n.) moorhen

goll 'sy loghan dock

Knock y Loghan Oatlands

Loghan Snaue Ghlion Chruitcherey Glencrutchery Swimming Pool

Loghan-Snaue yn Jiass Southern Swimming Pool

lus ny loghan (f.) water lobelia

dock cabbag; crannag; cur da'n cheiy; cur lhong 'sy loghan; goll 'sy loghan; loghan

floating dock (n.) loghan snaue

graving dock loghan grainnee

Grey Lakelet (n.) Loghan Glass

horse pond (n.) loghan cabbil

lakelet (n.) loghan

mountain tarn (n.) loghan slieau

Oatlands (n.) Knock y Loghan

pond life (npl.) bea loghan

small lake (n.) loghan

obbreyder operator: Agh nish, Nick Black, Ard- offishear Slaynt as Sauchys y Reiltys, t'eh er screeu gys Mainshtyr Cretney as gys obbreyder y loghan lesh coyrle neuchramp dy chur er y loghan dy ve sauchey. BS

piece of water (n.) loghan ushtey

water lobelia (n.) lus ny loghan

loghan-snaue swimming pool: Ta'n loghan-snaue noa ec Purt ny h-Inshey goll er troggal dy mie, agh oddagh fosley yn loghan ve currit sheear liorish mee er y chooid sloo. BS

fishpond (n.) dubbyr eeast, lhingey eeast, loghan eeast

Glencrutchery Swimming Pool (n.) Loghan Snaue Ghlion Chruitcherey

mill dam (n.) lhingey, logh wyllin, loghan mwyljey

moorhen (n.) eean ny loghan; kiark 'reoaie; kiark ushtey

public baths (npl.) loghan faarkee, poyll faarkee, thie faarkee

Red Pond (n.) Loughan Ruy, Loghan Ruy

Southern Swimming Pool (n.) Loghan-Snaue yn Jiass

swimming pool (n.) poyll faarkee, loghan-snaue

Western Swimming Pool (n.) Loghan-Snaue Heear

lie up (v.) dy ve 'sy loghan; tannee 'sy lhiabbee

sponkit dry, parched: hig y thalloo sponkit dy ve ny loghan Bible; arid

docked cuttagh; ec y cheiy; 'sy loghan; sniemmey stiagh: The capsule docked with the mother ship - Ren y finneig sniemmey stiagh er y voir-lhong. DF idiom

pond (n.) dubbey: The pond was soon iced over - Va'n dubbyr riojit dy tappee. DF idiom; lhingey, loghan

tank (n.) doagh: Septic tank - Doagh mooynlee. DF idiom; loghan; tank: The tank is well armed - Ta'n tank mie-eillit. DF idiom; kishtey-snauee

ad shid those: ghow ad grunt, ad shoh er y cheu shoh jehn loghan as ad shid er y cheu elley. Bible

chea ersooyl flee: Agh ta Nineveh er-dyn chenn earish, goll-rish loghan ushtey: ny yeih nee ad chea ersooyl. Bible

magher y ghialleyder fuller's field: As tra v'ad er jeet seose, haink ad as hass ad liorish coorse-ushtey yn loghan syrjey, ta er y raad-vooar liorish magher y ghialleyder. Bible

reeastane heath, marshland, waste ground, wasteland, wild: hig y thalloo sponkit dy ve ny loghan, as y reeastane farraneyn ushtey Bible; barren land

shuinyn rushes: hig y thalloo sponkit dy ve ny loghan, as y reeastane farraneyn ushtey: ayns oayll ny dragonyn, bee faiyr, lesh cuirtleeyn as shuinyn Bible

dam (n.) doour, loghan, ushtey stangit; moir: When a bullock, or a sheep, or a goat, is brought forth, then it shall be seven days under the dam - Tra ta lheiy, ny eayn, ny mannan ruggit, eisht bee eh er e voir shiaght laa Bible; (v.) stangey

parched bolgit; greddagh; greddanit: And ye shall eat neither bread, nor parched corn - As cha jean shiu gee arran, ny arroo greddanit bible; paa; paagh; spongagh; spongit; sponkit: And the parched ground shall become a pool - As hig y thalloo sponkit dy ve ny loghan Bible

pool (n.) co-rheynn, cochistey; dubbey: Playing tip round the pool - Cloie tig mygeayrt y dubbey. DF idiom; lhingey: A trout in the hand is worth two in the pool - Ta breck 'sy laue ny share na braddan 'sy lhingey. DF idiom; kishtey, loghan, poyll, poyll faarkee; (v.) cur ayns cochishtey


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