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lock (v.) cur glass er, kiangley, lock; (n.) glass, gliass: They forced the lock - Vrish ad y glass. DF idiom; (n.) scabbag, skeog, skeoag; breid

lock lock, sluice: Ny lock-chooyllaghyn y 'osley. DF

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curled lock (n.) keshag, kessan, kiog, skeog chassee, skeolley

double lock (n.) glass dooblit

hair-trigger lock (n.) glass dooblit

lock gate (n.) cooylley lock; cooylley ushtey

lock in (v.) cur fo ghlass, cur yn glass er, greimmey, kiangley

lock nut (n.) glass-chro

lock out (v.) doon ny giattyn er, glassey magh

lock up (v.) cur fo glass; cur yn glass er; glassey

mast lock (n.) glass cruin

mortise lock (n.) glass mortysh

wheel lock glassey stiuree

cooylley lock (f.) lock gate

freaylleyder lock lock-keeper

under lock and key fo ghlass

cur baatey trooid lock locking

cur yn glass er lock in, lock up

glass dooblit double lock, hair-trigger lock

lock-keeper (n.) freaylleyder lock

sluice (n.) lock

cur glass er lock

glass cruin mast lock

glassey magh lock out

glassey stiuree wheel lock

glass mortysh mortise lock

gliass (=Ir. glius, glas) lock

kessan (pl -yn) curled lock

scabbag (f.) lock

skeog chassee (f.) curled lock

foot-lock eiy

lock-up (n.) pryssoon, thie glish

snap-lock (n.) smaght-ghlass

cur fo glass lock up

eiy (f.) foot-lock

glass-chro check nut, lock nut

kiangley (=Ir. ceangal) 1 pl. kianglaghyn band, bandage, bond; 2 attach, bandaging, belay, bend, bind, bind down, binding, bundle, compress, conclude, connect, constrain, dressing, fasten down, fastening, juncture, link, lock, lock in, locking, make fast, pin, retain, retention, secure, shackle, tether, tie, tie down, tie on, tie up, tying, vinculum a: va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher Bible; 3 (building) anchoring; 4 (terms) condition, stipulation; 5 (of poem) envoy; 6 (to trade) article; 7 influence; 8 relationship, involvement; 9 fetter [O.Ir. cenglaid]

smaght-ghlass snap-lock

thie glish lock-up

cur fo ghlass bond, lock in

doon ny giattyn er lock out

keshag (f.) bunch, curl, curled lock, large snowflake; (tuft of hair) crest

locking (v.) cur baatey trooid lock; goll ayns greim; kiangley

trigger (n.) glass: Hair-trigger lock - Glass dooblit. DF idiom

cooylley ushtey (f.) floodgate, lock gate, water gate, water valve

skeoag lock: ghow eh mee er skeoag my ching Bible

skeolley curled lock; splash, splashing: Skeolley argid mygeayrt 'sy thie oast. DF

breid (f.) pl. breidyn cowl, frieze, front, kerchief, napkin, veil, veiling: hug ee breid er yn eddin eck Bible; (hair) lock; splinter

fo ghlass hair trigger; locked up, under lock and key: Ta ny lioaryn fo ghlass. Bible; under arrest

glassey green: Ta'n billey-figgagh gymmyrkey figgyn glassey Bible; paler: ta ny cabbil glassey goll magh gys y cheer-jiass Bible; (v.) lock up, secure; grisled

kiog (f.) pl. kiogyn curled lock, ringlet, tress: nee eh lhiggey da kiogyn folt e ching gaase. Bible

pryssoon pl. pryssoonyn brig, gaol, glasshouse, jail, lock-up, penitentiary, prison: bee shiuish freilt ayns pryssoon Bible; clink

skeog (f.) pl. skeogyn line; lock, tress: chiangle ee yn skeog scarleod syn uinniag Bible

double daa cheayrt: Double as long as this - Daa cheayrt cha liauyr as shoh. DF idiom; dooblaghey: Double up paper - Pabyr y ghooblaghey. DF idiom; doopley; dooble: At the double - Dooble-happee. DF idiom; doobley; dooblit: Double lock - Glass dooblit. DF idiom; (to); (dy) gholl mygeayrt; filley; kink; lappal; mooadaghey daa cheayrt; daa wheesh, ghaa wheesh: I am double your age - Ta mee daa wheesh yn eash ayd. DF idiom; lhannoon; scaan

glass (=Ir. glas) pl. glassey (adj.) pale, verdant: ta'n vee-chrauee glass myr y faiyr Bible; unfledged, raw; (of youth) callow; pasty, sappy, soft; (colour) ashen; (of nature) green; (of animal) grey; (f.) stream; (n.) pl. glish pl. glassyn bond, iron, lock, trigger: Hug my ghraih e laue stiagh er glass y dorrys Bible; grisled [O.Ir. glas]

greimmey 1 adhere, adhesion, attach, bite, catch, clutch, fishing tackle, grab, grasp, grip, gripping, hold, jam, lock in, mesh, monopolization, nab, pin on, seize, seizing, snap, snatch, snatching, stick, stitch, stitch up a: ren loauid greimmey my chraueyn Bible; 2 tooth; 3 (of person) adherence; 4 (rugby) tackle; 5 holding; 6 sticks


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