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loayrtys garroo vulgarism; vulgarity

loayrtys (words) address; (by speaker) talk; vocalization: myr va'n Spyrryd cur bree loayrtys ayndoo Bible; speech

Inexact matches:

aght loayrtys phraseology

feddan loayrtys speaking tube

jeerid loayrtys plain-speaking

loayrtys jeeragh plain speech

loayrtys jerrinagh epilogue

cur ard-loayrtys da harangue

cur loayrtys da talk at

loayrtys ny lomarcan soliloquy

ynseyder jesh loayrtys elocutionist

harangue (n.) ard-loayrtys; (v.) cur ard-loayrtys da

address3 (n.) (words) goan; loayrtys

elocutionist (n.) ynseyder jesh loayrtys

phraseology (n.) abbyrtys; aght loayrtys

plain-speaking jeerid loayrtys

plain speech (n.) loayrtys jeeragh

soliloquy (n.) loayrtys ny lomarcan

speaking tube (n.) feddan loayrtys

speech (n.) chengey, glare, insh, taggloo; oraid: I was unimpressed by his speech - Cha ren mee coontey monney jeh'n oraid echey. DF idiom; loayrtys: He primed him with a speech - Hug eh loayrtys 'sy chione echey. DF idiom

talk3 (n.) (by speaker) loayrtys

vocalization (n.) breeocklys, fockley, loayrtys

elocution (n.) jesh-loayrtys

epilogue (n.) fockle s'jerree, loayrtys jerrinagh

periphrasis (n.) ym-loayrtys

presentation2 (n.) (information) loayrtys-fysseree

talk at (v.) cur loayrtys da

ventriloquy (n.) bolg-loayrtys

ard-loayrtys (pl -syn) harangue

bolg-loayrtys ventriloquy

jeean-loayrtys assertion

jesh-loayrtys elocution

loayrtys-fysseree (information) presentation

ym-loayrtys periphrasis

assertion (n.) jeean-loayrtys; shassoo seose er son

vulgarism (n.) caaynt chadjin, loayrtys garroo, neuellyn

vulgarity (n.) theayaght, cadjinys, neuellyn, loayrtys garroo

shiaghtinoil weekly: Loayrtys shiaghtinoil er eirinys. DF

farming (n.) eirinys: Weekly talk on farming - Loayrtys shiaghtinoil er eirinys. DF idiom

learning lioaraght; scoill; ynsagh: Learning is the fine clothing of the rich man - Ta ynsagh coamrey stoamey yn dooinney berchagh. DF idiom; gynsagh: Learning to talk - Gynsagh loayrtys. DF idiom

ablid ability, adroitness, capacity, faculty, slickness: Chaill eh e ablid-loayrtys. DF


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