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livrey-ys delivery, distribution, supply, transfer; deliverance, redemption: Ta'n Chiarn er choyrt livrey-ys da e harvaant Jacob Bible

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livrey-ys thalloo conveyancing

Stiureyder Livrey-ys Kiarail Slaynt Director of Health Care Delivery

delivery (n.) assaid, coyrt seose, toyrtys; jannoo chaghteraght; livrey-ys: To pay on delivery - Ry-eeck er livrey-ys. DF idiom

conveyancing (n.) livrey-ys thalloo

deliverance (n.) livrey-ys; traa sodjey

distribution (n.) livrey-ys, rheynn, scaalhean

redemption (n.) aa-eaysley, aachionnaghey; ransom; feaysley: he shall give again the price of his redemption - ver eh reesht price y feaysley echey Bible; kionnaghey reesht; kionneeaght, kionniaght: until the redemption of the purchased possession - derrey va price yn chionniaght eeckit Bible; livrey-ys: and with him is plenteous redemption - as mârishyn ta livrey-ys niartal Bible; saualtys

transfer1 livrey harrish; livrey-ys; astreeaghey; livreys harrish

Director of Health Care Delivery (n.) Stiureyder Livrey-ys Kiarail Slaynt

supply creck, coyrt magh; livrey-ys; cur cooid da; jannoo magh, jannoo feaysley; ymmyrkey; tasht: Take in a supply of water - Tasht ushtey y cur stiagh. DF idiom; stoyr

h-anlheiltee (ny); (the) disabled: Ta Tinvaal er votal dy hoiaghey jeh'n choyrle currit ec bing va ronsaghey livrey-ys kiarail son ny h-anlheiltee. BS

jeianaghey modernize; modernising, updating: t'eh gra dy bee livrey-ys shirveishyn theayagh as co-obbyr eddyr rheynnyn-reiltys er nyn sharaghey liorish jeianaghey faill sharvaantyn theayagh Vannin. BS

strughtoor structure: Vrie eh row yn doilleeid kyndagh rish fo-strughtoor livrey-ys yn ushtey, er nonney kyndagh rish y chumrail er troggal obbraghyn noa ry hoi glenney ushtey ayns Doolish. BS


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