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live baghey: I live in this house - Ta mee baghey 'sy thie shoh. JJK idiom; beaghey; bio; cummal; jiarg; ve bio; chummal

Inexact matches:

did live vagh

live bait (n.) bite bio

live coal (n.) geayllaghey, smarage

live dissolutely (v.) raistylley

live oak (n.) darrag heerghlass

live person (n.) bio, bioagh

live together (v.) cummal cooidjagh

as long as I live chouds s'bio mee, chouds vee'm bio

live part of horn (n.) slock

bio activated, afloat, alive, bright, hot, lifelike, live, live person, mercurial, pictorial: Agh ta my noidyn bio as niartal Bible [L. vita]

bite bio live bait

darrag heerghlass (f.) live oak

geayllaghey coaling, live coal

raistylley live dissolutely

live- (pref.) bio-

bio- (pref.) quick-, live-

vagh did live, did dwell

bioagh animal, live person, living creature; (person) being

chouds s'bio mee as long as I live

chouds vee'm bio as long as I live

breathe (v.) ennalaghey, sheidey, tayrn ennal; sheid ennal: and breathe upon these slain, that they may live - as sheid ennal ayns ny merriu shoh, dy vod ad ve bio Bible

cathedral ard-chiamble: We live opposite the cathedral - Ta shin baghey noi yn ardchiamble. JJK idiom; keeill aspickagh; moir-agglish

employees (npl.) fir-failt, fir-ny-failley; obbreeyn: The employees live in - Ta ny hobbreeyn cadley sthie. DF idiom; failleydee

opposite hoal; hoal noi; jeeragh er; noi: We live opposite the cathedral - Ta shin baghey noi yn ardchiamble. JJK idiom; condaigys

retain (v.) cummal, freayll, kiangley, chiangley, goaill stiagh; freill: retain my words: keep my commandments, and live - freill my annaghyn, as bee oo bio Bible

soberly (adv.) dy arrymagh; dy sheelt: we should live soberly, righteously, and godly - dy lhisagh shin baghey dy sheelt, dy cairal, as dy crauee Bible

that we may (dy) vodmayd: that we may live, and not die - dy vod mayd ve bio, as nagh vow mayd baase Bible

witch (n.) ben obbee, caillagh; buitch: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live - Cha nuillee oo buitch dy ve bio Bible

baghey (=Ir. beatha) dwell, live: as ren eh baghey ayns ooig, eh hene as e ghaa inneen. Bible

beaghey feed, food, foodstuffs, livelihood, nourishment, nutrition, sustenance, pasture; live, maintain, nourish, nurture: nee oo beaghey er lhuss y vagher. Bible; living; victual, victuals

chummal (dy); (to) heap, pile up; dwell, live: eisht toiggee ooilley jeelym Yudah, t'er n'gholl gys cheer Egypt dy chummal ayn Bible

slock (f.) core, live part of horn: Tra haink eh gys yn slock cha jagh eh. DF

smarage (f.) 1 cinder, ember, live coal a: cha bee ayn smarage dy nyn jiow Bible; 2 breeze

ve bio live: Tar veih ny kiare geayghyn, O ennal, as sheid ennal ayns ny merriu shoh, dy vod ad ve bio. Bible

many years (npl.) ymmodee bleeantyn: But if a man live many years - Agh ga dy vel dooinney er cheau ymmodee bleeantyn Bible; mooarane bleeantyn: If there be yet many years behind - My vees mooarane bleeantyn ergooyl Bible; bleeantyn foddey: Yet many years didst thou forbear them - Foast, dymmyrk oo lhieu ry bleeantyn foddey Bible; whilleen blein: these many years do I serve thee - ta mish rish whilleen blein shen ayns dty hirveish bible

cummal abode, dwelling, dwelling place, residence: Ta berchys ayn dy ve er ny yeearree, as ooil ayns cummal y dooinney creeney: agh ta'n ommydan dy yummal eh. Bible; abstain, arrest, contain, hold, grip, retain, keep, containment, contents, possession; celebrate, celebration; inhabit, live: ren eh cummal ayns y clieau Bible; habitation; bide

cummal cooidjagh cohabit, cohabitation, live together: My ta braaraghyn cummal cooidjagh, as fer jeu dy gheddyn baase gyn cloan, cha jean ben y varroo poosey, ass e kynney, rish joarree: te kainlt er braar y dooinney dy ghoaill ee son ben Bible

jiarg (=Ir. dearg) COMPARE ruy bloodshot, florid, glowing, gules, live, red, rouge, ruddy, sanguine, stark: As hrog ad veih'n aarkey jiarg: as ren ad campal ayns faasagh Sin. Bible; burning: As hie eh magh veih Pharaoh ayns jiarg chorree. Bible; (intensive) fair; (as land) turned; abandoned [O.Ir. derg]


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