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litcheragh dronish, idle, idling, lazy, sluggish, workshy: As marish shoh t'ad gynsaghey dy ve litcheragh Bible; inactive

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cabbyl litçheragh jade

shellan litcheragh drone

dronish (adj.) litcheragh; drollaneagh

lazy (adj.) drollaneagh; lhiastey: You were somewhat lazy - Va shiu paart beg liastey. JJK idiom; litcheragh: You're rather lazy - T'ou paart litcheragh. JJK idiom

sluggish (adj.) lhiastagh, litcheragh

workshy (adj.) lhiastey, litcheragh

idling flusternee; litcheragh; neuharroogh; soailchaghey

drone (n.) cronnane, doss, drollane, litcher, shellan firryn, shellan litcheragh; (v.) cronnaney

inactive (adj.) gyn lheihll, lhiastagh, lhiastey, neughastey, neuharroogh, neuvioyr, neuvioyral; litçheragh, meerioosagh

jade (n.) beeataig, stridlag; clagh ghlass, jaid; cabbyl litçheragh; trussyl; buddee

broutyn brutes: Va ny Cretianee rieau nyn mreageryn, broutyn, beishtagh, gluttyryn litcheragh Bible

Cretianee Cretians: Va ny Cretianee rieau nyn mreageryn, broutyn, beishtagh, gluttyryn litcheragh Bible

gluttyryn bellies: Va ny Cretianee rieau nyn mreageryn, broutyn, beishtagh, gluttyryn litcheragh. Bible

brynt (as person) blunt: Ec y thie ain v'ee rieau brynt as litcheragh agglagh; v'ee gaccan dy kinjagh mychione yn Whallag Dhoor; outspoken; saucy

peeikeyryn prying: cha nee ynrycan litcheragh, agh tutleryn neesht, as peeikeyryn ayns cooishyn sleih elley Bible; busybodies

idle jannoo veg; lag-lauee; lhiastagh; liastey, lhiastey: These boys are not idle - Cha nel ny guillyn shoh liastey. JJK idiom; litcheragh; naggyr; rea-chassey; soailchaghey; speilleigagh; (nyn) daaue: They are idle - T'ad nyn daaue. DF idiom; (ny) haaue: An idle hand will get nothing - Cha vow laue ny taaue veg. DF idiom; (ny) taaue: She is idle - T'ee ny taaue. DF idiom


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