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list (n.) coontey, earroo rolley; scoidey; (v.) cleayney, cur er rolley, lhie er un cheu, listal

list (f.) lean; strip

Inexact matches:

access list (n.) list-entreilys

black list (n.) claare doo

cause list claare cooishagh

jury list (n.) rolley bingey

obituary list (n.) rolley ny merriu

price list (n.) leagh-listey

prize list (n.) list aundyragh

sick list (n.) earroo ny haalayntee

stock list (n.) sthock-listey

wine list (n.) claare feeyney, kaart ny feeyney

list aundyragh prize list

list of events (npl.) list dy haghyrtyn

cur er list post

list dy haghyrtyn list of events

claare cooishagh cause list

claare doo black list

claare feeyney wine list

earroo rolley list

leagh-listey price list

list-entreilys access list

rolley bingey jury list

sthock-listey stock list

checklist (n.) list-shickyree

toast-list (n.) earroo slaynt

cur er rolley enrol, list

earroo ny haalayntee sick list

earroo slaynt toast-list

kaart ny feeyney wine list

lhie er un cheu list

list-farraneagh bibliography

list-shickyree checklist

rolley ny merriu obituary list

lean keyl, thanney; list; shang; shangey; scoidey; shassoo

bibliography (n.) claare lioaragh, lioar lioaragh, lioar-oayllys; list-farraneagh

scoidey cant, lean, leaning, list, obliqueness, slope: Ta scoidey er y voalley. DF

post cur er list, ynnyd; cur 'sy phost; currym; oik; post: Is it for the post? - Vel eh son y phost? JJK idiom; postal; staag; sthock; ynnyd post

starboard cheu yesh: On the starboard beam - Er y cheu yesh. DF idiom; jesh: She had a list to starboard - V'ee ny lhie er e jesh. DF idiom

strip cur yn eaddagh jeh; list; lommey; roostey; speeiney; (n.) scheim: Strip of land projecting into the sea - Scheim thallooin roie magh 'sy cheayn. DF idiom; scob; skilleig; straih

Arabish (f.) Arabic: Er y list shoh, ta Arabish, Bengali, Sheenish (Cantonish as Mandarin), Gujarati, Hewnish as Punjabi, marish chengaghyn "cadjin" goll rish Frangish. Carn

Britaanish (f.) (language) Breton: Cha nel Yernish ny Gailck er y list, as cha nel mee fakin Bretnish, Gailck Albinagh, Cornish ny Britaanish noadyr. Carn

cleayney attract, bank, circumvent, decoy, deviate, dispose, distort, divert, draw off, incline, induce, influence, inveigle, list, recede, seduce, stoop, veer: t'ad cleayney trooid sayntyn ny foalley Bible; (as garden) tend; distortion, diversion, penchant, mental twist, persuasion, perversion; allure; deviation

coontey (=Ir. cuntas) pl. coontaghyn account, bill, list, number, score: Ta dty harvaantyn er ghoaill coontey ny deiney-caggee Bible; (tax) assessment; description, portraiture; (v.) compute, reckon, count; telling, reckoning; sum

listal list, recruit; enlist, enrol, join up: Dy listal 'syn armee. DF; enlistment, enrolment, recruitment; leaning, tilting: Ta'n boalley listal. DF; appointing

quaaltys (f.) interview, meeting: Foddee dy bee yn kiartey jeh Turneyr Theayagh goll er soilsheeney as yeearreyderyn er list giare goaill ayrn ayns quaaltys liorish bing Vanninagh. BS

resoonaght (f.) debate, discussion, judiciousness, logistics, reasonableness: Lurg resoonaght feer foddey, ta ny deiney ard-vooaralagh ayns oikyn Lunnin er chur ry cheilley list dy hengaghyn joarree ta lowit. Carn; reasoning

rhenk category, rank, row: Shoh yn lane list dy chosneyderyn: ayns rhenk ny possanyn bunneydagh BS

Sheenish (f.) (language) Chinese: Er y list shoh, ta Arabish, Bengali, Sheenish (Cantonish as Mandarin), Gujarati, Hewnish as Punjabi, marish chengaghyn "cadjin" goll rish Frangish. Carn

troghyn troughs: As hoie eh ny slattyn v'eh er speeiney, kiongoyrt rish ny shioltaneyn ayns ny jeeigyn, liorish ny troghyn ushtey Bible; characteristics: freayll kianglaghyn beayn lesh y steat shen, as taishbyney troghyn kynneeagh, cultooroil, crauee, ny troghyn-chengey. Carn; properties; traits: T'eh jannoo list jeh ny troghyn Manninagh raad nagh vel yn Ghaelg goll rish Yernish ny Albinish. Dhoor


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