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like1 casley; lhied, lhied's; myr: Like a man possessed - Myr dooinney baanrit. DF idiom; ayns cummey; gollrish: The roads are like glass - Ta ny raaidjyn gollrish gless. JJK idiom; (v.) baill; saittin lesh; s'laik lesh: It's the season I like the best - Te yn imbagh share s'laik lhiam. JJK idiom

like2 (suf.) -oil

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as like myrragh

I like s'aittin lhiam; s'mie lhiam; saillym; s'laik lhiam: It's the season I like the best - Te yn imbagh share s'laik lhiam. JJK idiom

just like cadjoor

like her gollr'ee

like him (emph.) gollrishyn

like mee gollrhym, gollrhym's; (emph.) gollrhym-pene

like them gollroo; goll roosyn: The portion of Jacob is not like them - Cha vel eiraght Yacob goll roosyn Bible

like us gollrooin

like you gollrhyt; (emph.) gollrhyt's; gollrhyt-hene; gollriu: Where shall I find a friend like you? - C'raad yio'm carrey goll-riu? JJK idiom; gollriu-hene

sandwich like braghtanagh

you like sailt; (emph.) sailts; (npl.) sailliu; saittin lhieu

in like manner er aght cosoylagh; myrchaagh, myr-chaagh; er yn aght cheddin: In like manner thou shalt deal with thy vineyard - Er yn aght cheddin nee oo rish dty gharey-feeyney Bible

I should like baillym: I should like them to sell their pears cheaper - Baillym ad dy chreck nyn beearyn ny s'neugheyrey. JJK idiom; b'laik lhiam: I should like to see yesterday's paper - B'laik lhiam fakin pabyr yn laa jea. JJK idiom

looking like gold (adj.) airhoil

looks like rain curthooillaghey; mooirjeenagh

of ointment ooiley: He maketh the deep to boil like a pot: he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment - Teh cur er y diunid dy vroie myr pot: as yn aarkey dy ve myr pot ooiley Bible

braghtanagh sandwich like

cadjoor just like

gollr'ee like her

gollrhym like mee

gollrhyt like you

gollriu like you

-oil (suf.) like

saittin lesh like

s'aittin lhiam I like

s'laik lesh like

baby-like (adv.) lhiannooagh, oikanagh

ball-like (adj.) bluckanagh; blugganagh

bell-like clagagh; clagganagh; kiaullaneagh

coal-like (adj.) geayllagh

cottage (n.) bwaag: The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage - Neen thalloo leaystey noon as noal myr dooinney meshtal, as bee eh er ny astyrt myr bwaag Bible; bwane: And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard - As ta inneen Zion treigit myr bwane ayns garey-feeyney Bible; bwaane; cott

fly-like quaillagagh

foal-like sharraghoil

needle-like snaidagh

parson-like saggyrtagh; saggyrtoil

pipe-like piobanagh

pouch-like pootchagh

priest-like (adj.) saggyrtoil

seal-like (adj.) raunagh

skull-like bollagagh; claiginagh

species (n.) dooghys, kynney, sorch; dooie: The bird is like his species if there's down on his head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vees clooie er e chione. DF idiom; keint: Two trees of like species - Daa villey jeh keint cosoylagh. DF idiom

stake-like staikagh; stobbagh

testicle-like magglagh

trap-like (adj.) ribbeydagh

veil-like (adj.) breidagh

wafer-like (adj.) oalanagh

whistle-like (adj.) feddanagh

bluckanagh ball-like, globular

blugganagh ball-like

bollagagh cranial, skull-like

breidagh veil-like

clagagh bell-like

clagganagh bell-like

geayllagh coal-like, coaly, whitewashing

magglagh testicle-like

oalanagh wafer-like

piobanagh pipe-like, tubular

quaillagagh fly-infested, fly-like

raunagh seal hunt, seal-like

ribbeydagh snaring, trap-like; wily

saggyrtagh parson-like, priestly, sacerdotal

sharraghoil foal-like

snaidagh needle-like

staikagh stake-like

stobbagh stake-like

airhoil auriferous, aurous, looking like gold

claiginagh capitate, cranial, scalp, skull-like

curthooillaghey becoming overcast, cloud, looks like rain

er aght cosoylagh in like manner

lhiannooagh baby-like, babyish, boyish, infantile, puerile

lhied like: s'maynrey vees e lhied Bible

saggyrtoil clerical, parson-like, priest-like, priestly, sacerdotal

chirp scoylgernee: chip like a bird - scolgarnee myr eean. JK

baillym I would wish: baillym shiu dy hoiggal Bible; I should like

casley (=Ir. cosúil) (rish) like, resembling: Quoi'n dooinney ta casley rish Job Bible

gollrishyn (emph.) like him: vod oo taarnaghey lesh dty choraa gollrishyn? Bible

myrragh as like, as not, as were, only for, were it not for

oikanagh (=Ir. oganach) babyish, babylike, infantile, nursery; baby-like; juvenile

sailt you like: gow dty chummal raad sailt Bible

saittin lhieu you like: Cre share saittin lhieu shen neem Bible

s'mie lhiam I like: S'mie lhiam yn ennaghtyn mygeayrt ayns shoh. DF

armoury (n.) armlann; thie armyn: Thy neck is like the tower of David builded for an armouryarmoury - Ta dty wannal goll-rish toor Ghavid troggit son thie armyn Bible; thie-tashtee ny greinyn-caggee

barrel1 (n.) barrel, barril; stoandey: Packed like herrings in a barrel - Cha jingit as skeddan ayns stoandey. DF idiom; (v.) cur ayns stoandaghyn

chicken (n.) feill chirkey; eean: The chicken is like its kind before there is down on its head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vel clooie er e chione. JJK idiom

comfort gerjagh; soccar; souyrid: I like comfort - S'mie lhiam souyrid. DF idiom; (v.) gerjaghey, gerjee

curd (n.) binjean; glub; grenooys; groo: Hast thou not poured me out as milk, and curdled me like cheese? - Nagh vel oo er my heeley myr bainney, as er my vinjaghey myr groo? Bible

curdled binjagh; binjit; clabbagh; binjaghey: and curdled me like cheese? - as er my vinjaghey myr groo? Bible

drunkard (n.) sheer-veshtallagh; meshtyllagh, meshteyllagh; meshtallagh: Confessed drunkard - Meshtallagh rere eh hene. DF idiom; meshteyr: A drunkard like you - Meshteyr jeh dty lhieds. DF idiom

drunken (adj.) meshtoil; meshtal: and he maketh them to stagger like a drunken man - as teh cur orroo dy leaystey myr dooinney meshtal bible; (v.) er-meshtey: How long wilt thou be drunken? - Caïd vees oo myr shoh er-meshtey? Bible

for me er-my-hon; (emph.) er-my-hons: As for me, I like winter as well as summer - Er my hons, s'laik lhiam yn geurey chammah's yn sourey. JJK idiom; my chour

hedgehog (n.) arkan sonney; graynoge: He curled up like a hedgehog - Ren eh graynoge jeh hene. DF idiom

jingle clink; clinkal; clinkeragh: clinkeragh myr feiyr-chlig. - Jingling like the sound of a bell JK; gliggin; gligginaght; glingal

lash cur da: I'd like to lash your cat but I dare not - By vie lhiam cur da'n chayt ayd agh cha bloys dou. DF idiom; custhey; scelp; scelpaghey; scuitch; scuitchal; scuitchey; slashal; slashey; yeeal; yeealley

late1 anmagh: It's beginning to grow late - Te g'aase anmagh. JJK idiom; dy anmagh: I don't like going to bed late - Cha laik lhiam goll dy lhie dy-anmagh. JJK idiom; (adj., adv.) jeianagh; roud

markets (npl.) margaghyn: It is like unto children sitting in the markets - Tad goll-rish cloan ta nyn soie ayns ny margaghyn Bible

merchant (n.) marchan: the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls - ta reeriaght niau dy ve soylit rish marchan va shirrey pearlyn costal Bible; traghtalagh

of dy: Will they have a glass of wine? - Bee gless dy feeyn oc? JJK idiom; jeh: I don't like any of these books - Cha laik lhiam veg jeh ny lioaryn shoh. JJK idiom; ny; voish

old people (npl.) shenn sleih: Old people are like that - Ta'n shenn shenn sleih myr shen. DF idiom

on his head er e chione: The chicken is like his kind if there is down on his head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vees clooie er e chione. DF idiom

packed jingit: Packed like herrings in a barrel - Cha jingit as skeddan ayns stoandey. DF idiom; lome lane: The train was packed - Va'n traen lome lane. DF idiom

palaces (npl.) plaaseyn; plaasyn: Princely palaces shining like so many suns - Plaasyn prinsoil glistral myr whilleen grian. DF idiom

politics (n.) politickaght: He doesn't like me to talk about politics - Cha laik lesh mish dy loayrt mychione politicaght. JJK idiom; politig

princely (adj.) flahoil; prinsoil: Princely palaces shining like so many suns - Plaasyn prinsoil glistral myr whilleen grian. DF idiom

quit (v.) faagail, scughey; ymmyrk: Quit you like men - Ymmyrk shiu hene myr deiney. DF idiom; feayshlit: then we will be quit of thine oath - eisht vees shinyn feayshlit veihn loo Bible

rumble buirroogh: Rumble like thunder - Buirroogh myr taarnagh. DF idiom; buirrooghey; rooit; tharmanaghey; tharmane

season blaastey, cur jeih-vlass er, faagail, lhiasaghey; (n.) earish; imbagh: It's the season I like the best - Te yn imbagh share s'laik lhiam. JJK idiom

sepulchres (npl.) lhiaghtyn; oaiaghyn: for ye are like unto whited sepulchres - son ta shiu goll-rish oaiaghyn ter nyn ghiallaghey Bible

Spring (n.) (Yn) Arragh: The weather is like spring - Ta'n earish goll-rish yn arragh. JJK idiom; arree

sticks (npl.) maidjyn, maidjaghyn; (for burning) brasnaggyn; (v.) greimmey: It sticks like a limpet - T'eh greimmey gollrish baarnagh. DF idiom

stories (npl.) loutyn; skeealyn: All stories end like that - Ta ooilley ny skeealyn cheet gy kione myr shen. DF idiom

such a thing e lheid: neither shall ye make any other like it, after the composition of it - chamoo nee oo veg jeh e lheid, lurg yn aght cheddin Bible; lhied y red

take1 (v.) goaill: I would not like to trouble you - Cha b'laik lhiam boirey shiu JJK idiom; troggal; gow: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom; trog-jee

vicar (n.) saggyrt; viggar: He had a big paunch like a vicar, man - Va kiouyl mooar echey gollrish saggyrt, wooinney. DF idiom

watered farraneagh; fliughit; ushtit: and thou shalt be like a watered garden - as bee oo goll-rish garey ushtit bible

wave1 (n.) tonn: For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea - son teshyn ta lheaystey [’sy chredjue] goll-rish tonn ny marrey Bible

weather (n.) earish: The weather is like spring - Ta'n earish goll-rish yn arragh. JJK idiom; emshir: It's bad weather - Ta emshir olk ayn. JJK idiom; emshyr; (v.) ceau, cur fo

which (pron) quoi: Which do you like best? - Quoi jeu share s'laik lhiu? JJK idiom

ayns cummey like, likeness: t'eh markal magh eh lesh line, t'eh kiartaghey eh lesh planeyn, as goaill towshan lesh y chombaase, as jannoo eh ayns cummey dooinney, cordail rish stoamid dooinney Bible

baill (f.) luck, prosperity; tone; wish, desire, like: As hug ree Solomon da ben-reïn Sheba ooilleyn yeearree eck, cre-erbee baill ee shirrey Bible

b'laik lhiam I should like: Ren mee cur booise da as dooyrt mee rish b'laik lhiam cheet er ash laa elley dy chlashtyn tooilley Gaelg. MB

er yn aght cheddin likewise: Eiyr ad er yn aght cheddin lesh dty ghoirrin Bible; in like manner

gollrhym-pene like mee: cre voish oddins geddyn argid dy liooar dy chionnaghey garran, jeelt as reddyn elley ass faill moal ec fer-obbree gollrhym-pene, my wooinney boght? Dhoor

gollrhym's like mee: ta mee goll gys y Raue dy chur shilley er y ree m'ayr, t'er choayl e stoylreeoil chiart gollrhym's as gollrish my haner CnyO

gollrhyt-hene like you: she Breeshey ta cheet, agh t'ee shooyl ny raaidyn gollrhyt-hene as bee oo kiart dy liooar lhie er y lhiabbee derrey vees yn fliaghey ersooyl. Coraa

gollrhyt's like you: son cha jeanmayd dy bragh surranse dooinney gollrhyt's dy laccal argid CnyO

gollrish like, resemble, resembling: ta my chree er vailleil as fioghit gollrish faiyr Bible

gollriu-hene like you: Mysh shiaght er y chlag hie Wil huggey, as dooyrt Wil, "John Jones, cha nel shiu jeeaghyn gollriu-hene jiu, vel pian 'sy chione eu? Coraa

gollroo like them: Uss ynrycan oddys ad 'chionnagh reesht, gow'n eill oc ort hene, as nyn nooghys neesht, dy bee-oo gollroo dty ghooinney ayns dagh nhee cheu-mooie jeh peccah, nagh vod ve ayns Jee. PC

gollrooin like us: V'eh er ny chroo 'sy jalloo ain, gollrooin ayns cairys, creenaght, tushtey as resoon PC

goll roosyn like them: Ny bee-jee shiuish er-y fa shen goll roosyn: son ta fys ec nyn Ayr cre ta nyn ymmyrch, roish my jean shiu aghin huggey Bible

kiaullaneagh bell-like, blatant, clamorous, hectoring, loud, loud-mouthed, randy, robustious, roistering, squealing, stormy, strident, uproarious, vociferous; roisterer; orchestral

lhied's like: dy vod oo toiggal nagh vel my lhied's ayns ooilley yn seihll Bible

mooirjeenagh 1 cloud, cloudy, going to be wet, looks like rain, murky, overcast, threaten; 2 dark a (as weather); 3 (as day) dull; 4 (of sky) watery

myr (conj.) as, as though, like, such, though: Cha vel dooinney agh myr red gyn veg Bible

myrchaagh also, in like manner, likewise, moreover, withal: as eisht tayrn er-gerrey myrchaagh mastey yn pobble. Bible

myr-chaagh also: as hooar Uriah yn Hittite e vaase myr-chaagh Bible; in like manner; likewise

sailliu you like, you please, you will, you wish: jean-jee roo myr sailliu Bible

saillym 1 I will a: Nagh vel eh lowal dou dy yannoo cre cre saillym rish my chooid hene Bible; 2 I like

sailts you like: agh my sailts goll stiagh ayns bea, freill ny annaghyn Bible

s'laik lhiam I like: Er my hons, s'laik lhiam yn geurey chammah's yn sourey. JJK

atmosphere (n.) aer; aeraght: Up in the atmosphere - Heose 'syn aeraght. DF idiom; cummey: There is an atmosphere of evil about it - Ta cummey olkys ayn. DF idiom; ennaghtyn: I like the atmosphere of this place - S'mie lhiam yn ennaghtyn mygeayrt ayns shoh. DF idiom

bet bett, cheb; (v.) bettal, chebbal, cur giall er; gioal; cur gioal er: I'll bet you anything you like - Verym gioal er ooilley ny t'ayn. DF idiom; giall: I don't bet on horses - Cha nel mee cur giallyn er cabbil. DF idiom

broken down ass ymmyd; brisht sheese: the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down - ta voalley Yerusalem myrgeddin brisht sheese Bible; lhoobit neose; tholtanagh; traartagh: like a city that is broken down - myr ard-valley traartagh Bible; lhieggit sheese: and all the cities thereof were broken down - as va ooilley ny ard-valjyn echey lhieggit sheese Bible

down (n.) clooie: The chicken is like its kind before there is down on its head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vel clooie er e chione. JJK idiom; branchlooie, clooie chayt, fynney; cloonagh; dreeym; dooagh; (adj.) neose: Down to recent times - Neose gys y traa t'ayn jiu. DF idiom; sheese: Down the river - Sheese yn awin. DF idiom; (static) heese: Her hair is down - Ta'n folt eck heese. DF idiom

drink iu: Finish your drink - Iu dty yough. DF idiom; giu: Will you have a drink? - Jean oo giu jough? DF idiom; (v.) oyl; (n.) bine: Would you like a little drink? - By vie lhiat bine beg? DF idiom; jough: Drink tells upon you in time - Faagee yn jough e cowrey ort lurg tammylt. DF idiom

dross (n.) dross: Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross - Vac y dooinney, ta thie Israel er jeet dy ve dross Bible; leoie, mergid, scoodin, saill, scroig; kesh: Thou puttest away all the ungodly of the earth like dross - Tou sheebey ersooyl ooilley mee-chrauee yn thallooin myr kesh Bible; trustyr: Thy silver is become dross - Ta dty argid er ny hyndaa gys trustyr Bible

fall away (v.) goll sheese, treigeil; tuittym ersooyl: Let them fall away like water that runneth apace - lhig daue tuittym ersooyl myr ushtey ta roie dy tappee Bible; failleil: and in time of temptation fall away - agh ayns earish miolagh ta nyn gredjue failleil

hairy (adj.) foltagh, fynnagh, garroo, gruagagh; geayshteenagh; geyshteenagh: And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment - As haink y chied er magh ruy ooilley harrish, myr garmad geyshteenagh B ible; renaigagh: and the hairy scalp of such a one as goeth on still in his wickedness - as claigin renaigaghlheid y fer as ta goll kinjagh er e hoshiaght ayns e vee-chraueeaght Bible

lost sheep (n.) keyrrey chailjey: I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost - Ta mee er ngholl er-shaghryn myr keyrrey chailjey Bible; (npl.) kirree cailjey: My people hath been lost sheep - Ta my phobble er ve kirree cailjey Bible

overthrow (v.) cleddal; coyrt mow, cur mow; cur haart; taartys; toyrt-mow: like the overthrow of Sodom - casley rish toyrt-mow Sodom Bible; tilgey sheese; stroie: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them - agh nee oo stroie ad dy bollagh Bible; lhieggal: And ye shall overthrow their altars - As nee shiu lhieggal ny altaryn oc Bible; tilgey harrish, tilgey bun-ry-skyn

shall mount up etlee: they shall mount up with wings as eagles - etlee ad seose myr er skianyn urley Bible; troggee: they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke. - troggee ad seose myr y jaagh-chassee neealloo yn aer Bible

shall stir gleayshee: through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia - trooid e verchys, gleayshee eh seose ooilley noi reeriaght Ghrecia Bible; greinnee: he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war - greinnee eh seose e ghunnallys myr dooinney-caggee Bible

that (pron) shen: That's a good one - Ta shen fer mie. JJK idiom; shid: I don't like that child; therefore I shall not allow him to play with my son - Cha laik lhiam y lhiannoo shid; shen y fa cha lhigym da cloie rish my vac. JJK idiom; dy: I quite admit that he is cleverer than I am - Ta mee dy-slane goaill-rish dy vel eh ny s'aghtaley na mish. JJK idiom

therefore (adv., conj.) er y fa shen; myr shen; shen y fa: I don't like that child, therefore I shall not allow him to play with my son - Cha laik lhiam y lhiannoo shid, shen y fa cha lhigym da cloie rish my vac. JJK idiom

wild1 faasagh; fadane: though man be born like a wild ass's colt - ga dy vel eh er ny ruggey myr lhiy yn assyl fadane Bible; feaynid; jeh chash; reeastane; feie; feïee: And he will be a wild man - Bee eh ny ghooinney feïee Bible; feïe: I will also send wild beasts among you - Neem marish shoh cur beishtyn feïe ny-vud eu Bible

feddanagh 1 blow, fluty, play, tubular, vascular, vasiform, whistle, whistle-like a: va shin gennal dy liooar loayrt ry cheilley, cloie gammanyn, feddanagh as goaill arrane. Carn; 2 (person) boatswain, pipe player, piper, whistler

pootchagh (=Ir. pusach) pouch-like, pouter, poutish: Ta ymmodee sleih, dy mennick voish Sostyn Twoaie, Nerin ny Nalbin gaccan mychione cummaltee Lunnin as gra dy vel ad ooilley pootchagh, groamagh, as graihagh er argid. Dhoor


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