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lift ardjaghey, buinn, geid, troggal; ardjee: The tide will lift the boat - Ardjee yn tidey y baatey. DF idiom; (impv) irree, trog; (n.) cummaght ardjee, markiaght, troggeyder; ardjeyder: The lift is stuck - Cha nel yn ardjeyder gobbragh. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

face lift aanoaghey eddin

cage in lift (n.) cabbane

I will lift troggym; trog-ym: I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills - Trog-ym seose my hooillyn gys ny croink Bible

shall lift up troggee

aanoaghey eddin face lift

cummaght ardjee (f.) lift

air-lift (n.) troggal aeragh

chair-lift (n.) troggeyder caair

fork-lift (n.) troggeyder gollagagh

troggal aeragh air-lift

troggeyder caair chair-lift

troggeyder gollagagh fork-lift

trog-ym I will lift; I will build

ardjee uplift: Ardjee yn tidey y baatey. DF; lift

ardjeyder lift, lifter: Cur y gleashtan er yn ardjeyder. DF

troggym I will lift: My laueyn neesht troggym seose gys dt'annaghyn Bible

idols (npl.) jalloonyn: and lift up your eyes toward your idols - as troggal seose nyn sooillyn gys ny jalloonyn eu Bible; jallooyn: Now as touching things offered unto idols - Nish mychione reddyn ter ny ouralley gys jallooyn Bible

ardjaghey1 (=Ir. ardú) change up, increase, lift, mount up, overbid, pitch, prefer, promote, ramp, steepen, uplift; (as fever) worsen; inflation, preferment, promotion, upheaval; put up: Yn railley y ardjaghey. DF; raise: Armyn y ardjaghey. DF; climb: Ta ny hetlanyn shoh mie dy ardjaghey. DF

buinn cut, cut down, harvest, lift, mow, mowing, reap, reaping, shear, shearing: as foast ta queig bleeaney, ayndoo, cha bee traaue ny buinn Bible

cabbane pl. cabbaneyn cabin, deck house, house, cab, saloon; cot; tabernacle: ayns cabbane y cheshaght, vees y chabbane Bible; tent: son veh er hoiaghey seose cabbane er e hon ec Jerusalem. Bible; cage in lift; flight deck; hut

geid kidnap, larceny, lift, pilfer, pinch, purloin, steal, thieve, thievery; stealing, thieving: raad ta maarlee brishey stiagh as geid Bible

markiaght (=Ir. marcacht) (f.) 1 drive, equitation, horsemanship, horse riding, lift, ride; 2 riding a (v.): t'eh imlee, as markiaght er assyl Bible; 3 rider a: tan Chiarn dy ghra, bwoaill-ym dy chooilley chabbyl lesh atchim as yn markiaght lesh keoïd Bible

trog (=Ir. tóg) (impv) lift, uplift: trog seose dty phadjer son y fooilliagh ta faagit Bible; pick

troggee constructional, constructive, elevating; (v.) will build, will arise, will raise: troggee ad thieyn, as cummee ad ayndoo Bible; shall mount up, shall carry; shall raise up, shall lift up, shall build, shall arise: shall take up

troggeyder booster, builder, building contractor, constructor, developer, lifter, rearer; lift, hoist: Hie ad seose 'sy troggeyder DF; breeder, fancier

heise elevator; hoist: Tra va shin shooyl er ash thie va "Kione Doo" shirrey "heise" y chur da Caesar tra v'eh drappal harrish cleigh ennagh LTQ; lift: Va Mnr Jumbo gee e chirbyl ec yn thie bee, fuirraghtyn er Noddee dy heet as cur heise da. Dhoor

irree1 (=Ir. éirí, éirigh) 1 accrue, arise, ascent, awake, climb, get off, get up, heave, lift, lilt, rise, stand up, step up, swarm, tip, turn out, upgrade, up-grade a: Va'n ghrian er n'irree er y thalloo tra hie Lot stiagh ayns Zoar. Bible; 2 (as plane) take off; 3 emotion, passion

troggal (=Ir. tógáil) arise, boost, building, elaborate, exalt, gather up, getting up, harvest, hoist, input, invoke, lift, lifting, pick off, pick up, pull in, raise, raise up, rally, rig up, set in rows, sing up, take, winch, wind; (f.) upbringing, uplift; (tax) charging; (as disease) contract; (of wind) freshen; (as shoulders) heave; (as child) bringing up, nurture, rear, train: Shegin da ve feer chronnal nish nagh vodmayd goaill yn nah chesmad er ash (troggal sheeloghe noa voish y chlean) ayns Mannin derrey ta mysh lieh-cheead dy leih ayn mysh yn eash hoght bleeaney jeig as Gaelg flaaoil oc. Carn; development, edifice, structure: cha nel troggal er-lheh oc as cha nel ad er phointeil fir-ynsee noa. Carn; breed, breeding, rearing: she eshyn van chenn-ayr ocsyn ta beaghey ayns cabbaneyn, as ta troggal ollagh. Bible; build, construct, elevate, put up: scuirr ad veih troggal yn ard-valley Bible; absorption, elaboration; hoist up


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