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life (n.) bea: It was the happiest day of my life - Ve yn laa s'maynrey ayns my vea. JJK idiom; bioys: The death of one dog is the life of another - Baase y derrey voddey bioys y voddey elley. JJK idiom; seihll

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animal life (n.) bea chretooragh

assure life (v.) cur fo urrysaght

eternal life (n.) bea veayn

everlasting life (n.) bea dy bragh farraghtyn: but have everlasting life - agh yn vea ta dy bragh farraghtyn y chosney Bible; bea veayn

life assurance (n.) urryssaght seihill

life belt (n.) cryss hauaillagh

life blood (n.) fuill chree

life estate (n.) shellooderys seihll

life expectancy (n.) jerkallys-vea

life form (n.) bea-chroo

life insurance (n.) urrysaght heihill

life interest paart seihill

life member (n.) beayn-oltey, oltey bea

life sentence (n.) briwnys vea: He got a life sentence - Hooar eh briwnys vea. DF idiom; briwnys vioys, deyrey seihill, pryssoon seihill

long life (n.) bea veayn

of life (gen.) baghee: Manner of life - Aght baghee. DF idiom

plant life (n.) glassyraght

pond life (npl.) bea loghan

private life (n.) bea phreevaadjagh

sex life (n.) bea cheintyssagh

Short life (intj) Giare dy heill

spiritual life (n.) bea ny hanmey

uneventful life (n.) bea kiune

wild life (npl.) beiyn feie

bad manner of life drogh vea

cares of this life (npl.) kiarailyn y vea shoh

kiss of life (n.) paag vea, sheidey vea

Long Life Fruit Juice (n.) Soo Mess Beayn

long life milk (n.) bainney beayn

manner of life aght baghee; ymmyrkey bea

marine life preserve (n.) kemmyrk bea-varrey

necessaries of life (npl.) cooid yn vea

pleasures of life (npl.) eunyssyn y vea

power of life and death (n.) pooar er baase as bea

quality of life (n.) quallid-vea

quality of life survey (n.) creearey stayd-bea

seamy side of life granid yn theihill

sunset of life (n.) famman y theihill

thread of life (n.) snaie resh, snaie yn vea

Trees for Life (npl.) Biljyn son Bea

vicissitudes of life (npl.) caghlaaghyn y theihill, carryn creoi y theihll, neuhickyrys y theihll

way of life ymmyrkey bea; aght baghee

wild life park (n.) pairk cretooryn feie, pairk ny beiyn feie

Isle of Man Quality of Life Survey (n.) Creearey Stayd-bea Ellan Vannin

Life in the UK and Islands (n.) Bea ayns y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit as ny h-Ellanyn

bea veayn (f.) eternal life, long life: Er-yn-oyr dy vel oo er yeearree shoh, as nagh vel oo er hirrey dhyt hene bea veayn Bible; everlasting life

aght baghee manner of life; way of life, way of living; occupation

bea cheintyssagh (f.) sex life

bea chretooragh (f.) animal life

bea-chroo (f.) life form

bea kiune uneventful life

bea loghan (f.) pond life

bea phreevaadjagh (f.) private life

beayn-oltey life member

briwnys vioys (f.) life sentence

cryss hauaillagh (f.) life belt

deyrey seihill life sentence

fuill chree (f.) life blood

jerkallys-vea life expectancy

oltey bea life member

paart seihill life interest

pryssoon seihill life sentence

quallid-vea quality of life

shellooderys seihll life estate

urrysaght heihill (f.) life insurance

urryssaght seihill (f.) life assurance

ymmyrkey bea manner of life: as ayns shen ta ynsagh dy liooar ayd, my ta agh fys ayd cre'n aght nee oo ymmyd jeh ayns dt'ymmyrkey bea CS; way of life

life-jacket (n.) jaggad sauchys

life-membership (n.) olteynys bea

life-preserver (n.) cuirtlagh trome

life-saver (n.) fer bioys

life-saving bioys; sauail bea

life-size (adj.) er towse dooghyssagh

life-sized (adj.) lane-vooadys

preserve coadey: Mercy and truth preserve the king - Ta myghin as firrinys coadey yn ree Bible; cosney, freayll, freaylley, lhiassaghey; jannoo soo jeh; freill: preserve my life from fear of the enemy - freill my vioys veih aggle y noid Bible; sauail: for God did send me before you to preserve life - son Jee hug mish reue, dy hauail bioys Bible; (n.) soo; cummal seose: that we may preserve seed of our father - dy vod mayd cummal seose sluight nyn ayrey Bible; (n.) thalloo er lheh

bainney beayn long life milk

bea ny hanmey (f.) spiritual life

cuirtlagh trome (f.) life-preserver

cur fo urrysaght assure life

er towse dooghyssagh life-size

fer bioys life-saver

Giare dy heill (intj) Short life

jaggad sauchys (f.) life-jacket

kemmyrk bea-varrey marine life preserve

lane-vooadys life-sized

olteynys bea life-membership

paag vea (f.) kiss of life

sauail bea life-saving

sheidey vea (f.) kiss of life

baghee of life: Yn aght baghee ain. DF

Biljyn son Bea Trees for Life

caghlaaghyn y theihill vicissitudes of life

carryn creoi y theihll vicissitudes of life

cooid yn vea (f.) necessaries of life

creearey stayd-bea quality of life survey

famman y theihill sunset of life

granid yn theihill seamy side of life

neuhickyrys y theihll (f.) vicissitudes of life

pairk cretooryn feie wild life park

snaie resh thread of life, vital thread

snaie yn vea thread of life

Soo Mess Beayn Long Life Fruit Juice

civil1 shivoil; theayagh: In civil life - 'Sy theihll theayagh. DF idiom

expectancy (n.) doghys; jerkallys: Life expectancy - Jerkallys-vea. DF idiom

beiyn feie wild life: v'eh marish ny beiyn feie Bible

briwnys vea (f.) life sentence: Hooar eh briwnys vea. DF

Creearey Stayd-bea Ellan Vannin Isle of Man Quality of Life Survey

glassyraght plant, plant life: myr glassyraght er mullagh ny thieyn Bible

pooar er baase as bea power of life and death

another (adj.) elley: The death of one dog is the life of another - Baase y derrey voddey bioys y voddey elley. JJK idiom

assurance1 (n.) raane, urrysaght; shickyrys: and shalt have none assurance of thy life - as cha bee shickyrys erbee ayd jeh dty vioys Bible

attack (v.) soiaghey er: He made an attack on my life - Ren eh soiaghey er my vioys. DF idiom; (n.) teaym: Fresh attack of sickness - Teaym noa dy hingys. DF idiom; soiagh: Frontal attack - Soiagh baaisagh. DF idiom

cares (npl.) imneaghyn; kiarailyn: and cares of this life - as kiarailyn y vea shoh Bible

creature (n.) cretoor: Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life - Lhig da ny ushtaghyn gymmyrkey magh dy palchey yn cretoor snauee ayn ta bioys Bible

death (n.) baase: The death of one dog is the life of another - Baase y derrey voddey bioys y voddey elley. JJK idiom

honesty (n.) jeerid, onnerid; lus luna; ynrickys: a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty - bea feagh as sheeoil ayns dy chooilley chraueeaght as ynrickys Bible

spared fordrit; lhiggit lesh: He spared my life - Lhig eh my voiys lhiam. DF idiom; shaghnit; spaarit

spiritual (adj.) (ny) hanmey; anmey: Spiritual life - Bea ny hanmey. DF idiom; spyrrydoil: Our spiritual state - Nyn stayd spyrrydoil. DF idiom

way1 coorse; fannane; immeeaght; raad: to keep the way of the tree of life - dy lhiettal y raad gys billey yn vea Bible; reamys; ash, aght

way of death (n.) raad y vaaish: I set before you the way of life, and the way of death - ta mee soiaghey kiongoyrt riu raad y vea, as raad y vaaish Bible

wherein (adv.) ayn: to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life - dy stroie dy-chooilley eill, ayn tan ennal y vea Bible; raad: the land wherein thou art a stranger - yn cheer raad tou dty yoarree Bible

bea (=Ir. beatha; lat. vita; gr. bios,biote,) (f.) 1 animation, disquietude, life, lifespan a: Bea as slaynt dauesyn ta reill harrishdiu Bible; 2 (as statistics) vital

Bea ayns y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit as ny h-Ellanyn Life in the UK and Islands

bea dy bragh farraghtyn everlasting life: agh tra tou marroo, cha vown reih shen ny smoo, agh bea dy bragh farraghtyn, ny baase dy bragh farraghtyn vees dty chronney. CS

bioys being, existence, life-saving, lifetime; life: Ta baase as bioys ayns pooar y chengey, as nee dooinney farrail rere myr t'eh jannoo ymmyd jeh. Bible

drogh vea bad manner of life: nish brah-ym yn drogh-vea eck fenish e maarderee Bible

kiarailyn y vea shoh cares of this life: As cur-jee twoaie diu hene, er-aggle ec traa erbee dy bee ny creeaghyn eu rouyr laadit lesh jooid as meshtyrys, as kiarailyn y vea shoh Bible

pairk ny beiyn feie wild life park: T'ad er heelraghey trutlagyn-Bali dy speeideilagh ec Pairk ny Beiyn Feie ec y Churragh er y gherrid. BS

seihll (=Ir. saol) pl. seihill pl. seihllyn age, existence, life, lifetime, span; public, world: ta mee nish goll raad ooilley'n seihll Bible

abiding (v.) farraghtyn: ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him - ta fys eu nagh vel ec dunver erbee yn vea dy bragh farraghtyn tannaghtyn ayn Bible; tannaghtyn: our days on the earth are as a shadow, and there is none abiding - ta nyn laghyn er y thalloo myr scadoo, as cha vel tannaghtyn ayn Bible; shassooagh

are t': They are living a cat and dog life - T'ad beaghey bwoalley er kayt as bwoalley er moddey. JJK idiom; ta: These boys are accusing one another - Ta ny guillyn shoh cassid er e cheilley. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Are there any coals in the scuttle? - Vel geayll erbee ayns y chruick? JJK idiom

bloodthirsty (adj.) fuilltagh: depart from me, ye bloodthirsty - immee-jee ass menish, shiuish gheiney fuilltagh. Bible; fuillaghtagh; (npl.) deiney folley: The bloodthirsty hate the upright - Ta deiney folley as dwoaie oc er sleih ynrick Bible; mooinjer folley: nor my life with the bloodthirsty - ny my vioys marish y vooinjer folley Bible; (v.) paagh lurg fuill: and save me from the bloodthirsty - as saue mee veih ny deiney ta paagh lurg fuill Bible; jioogh son fuill

dainty (n.) bee naightee; (adj.) dendeays, dendeaysagh, naightee; blaystal: So that his life abhorreth bread, and his soul dainty meat - Myr shen dy vel e vea jiooldey rish arran, as e annym rish bee blaystal Bible; mettey; millish: and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee - as dy chooilley nhee va millish as mie, er nimmeeaght voïd Bible

easy1 (adj., adv.) bog, dy aashagh, sasdagh; aashagh: The Manx language is not so easy to learn as some people imagine - Cha nel y Ghaelg cha aashagh dy ynsagh myr ta sleih ennagh smooinaghtyn. JJK idiom; soccoil: Easy life - Bea soccoil. DF idiom; (pref.) so-: That's easy done - Ta shen so-yannoo DF idiom

living1 beaoil; mayrnagh: He is still living - T'eh mayrnagh. DF idiom; beaghey: They are living a cat and dog life - T'ad beaghey bwoalley er kayt as bwoalley er moddey. JJK idiom; er mayrn: He is still living - T'eh er mayrn foast. DF idiom

lose (v.) caill; coayl: if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the widerness - as coayl unnane jeu nagh vel eh faagail yn chiare-feed as yn nuy jeig ayns yn aasagh Bible; (to); (dy) choayl: or have caused the owners thereof to lose their life - ny er chur orroosyn by-liesh ve dy choayl nyn mioys Bible; (to); (dy) choayll: A time to get, and a time to lose - Traa dy chosney, as traa dy choayll Bible

precious (adj.) braew, ennoil, leagh mooar, leaghar, leagharagh; costal: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things - hug eh myrgeddin dan vraar as y voir eck cowraghyn costal Bible; goaun: And the word of the Lord was precious in those days - As va goon Chiarn goaun ayns ny laghyn shen Bible; deyr: because my soul was precious in thine eyes this day - er-yn-oyr dy row my vioys deyr ayns dty hilley er y laa shoh Bible; costalagh, costallagh: with the precious stones - marish ny claghyn costalagh Bible; mooar-leagh: and the adultress will hunt for the precious life - as nee ben adultrinagh shelg son y vioys mooar-leagh Bible

shall take1 gowee: God shall take away his part out of the book of life - gow-ee Jee ersooyl yn ayrn echeysyn ass lioar y vea Bible; ghoys: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy - As my ghoys dooinney erbee veg ersooyl veih goan lioar y phadeyrys shoh Bible

unto me dou: where thou anointedst the pillar, and where thou vowedst a vow unto me - raad ren oo ooillaghey yn phillar, as raad ren oo breearrey dou: Bible; dooys: thy mercy, which thou hast shewed unto me in saving my life - dty vyghin tou er hoilshaghey dooys ayns sauail my vioys Bible; hyms: the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground - ta coraa fuill dty vraarey geamagh hyms veihn ooir Bible; rhym: What is this that thou hast done unto me? - Cre shoh tou er nyannoo rhym? Bible; rhym pene

we neemayd: we shall catch them alive - nee mayd goaill ad bio Bible; veesmayd: much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life - foddey smoo, myr ta shin nish goit stiagh gys shee, vees mayd er nyn sauail liorish e vioys Bible

eunyssyn y vea pleasures of life: As shen huitt mastey drineyn, yn vooinjer, tra t'ad er chlashtyn, ta goll magh as ta plooghit lesh kiarail as berchys, as eunyssyn y vea shoh, as cha vel ad gymmyrkey magh mess gys lhieeney vie. Bible


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