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lieh (=Ir. leath) (f.) moiety, part; half, one of two things, mezzo: mâroosyn hie Hoshaiah, as lieh jeh princeyn Yudah Bible; behalf; makeshift; (dy) of people

Inexact matches:

lieh er lieh evens

lieh my lieh even, proportional, share and share alike

lieh myr lieh fifty-fifty, part one part another: Rheynn ad lieh myr lieh. DF; mediocrity

bainney lieh-scarrit semi-skimmed milk

cloie lieh-yerrinagh semifinal

cur lieh er lieh lay evens

derrey lieh (yn) half, latter half: bee eh eer er ny choyrt dhyt, gys derrey lieh yn reeriaght. Bible

ec lieh-chroan half-mast

er lieh-chummaght at half power

essylys lieh-vooar semi-major axis

feddag lieh-vassagh (f.) semipalmated plover

gagh lieh-oor half-hourly

gagh lieh-vee half-monthly

leayrane lieh-vassagh semipalmated sandpiper

lieh anmagh latish

Lieh Bog Soft Half

lieh cheead fifty: keead as lieh-cheead ayns roa. Bible

lieh-chooylee cleebyrt scrum half

lieh-chooylee meanagh centre half

lieh-chooylee mooie fly half

lieh-chooyllee skianagh wing halves

lieh-chrackan screeuee foolscap

lieh chyagh half-blind

lieh er-meshtey half-seas-over, maudlin

lieh feagh mezzo-piano, mezzo piano

lieh feiyragh mezzo-forte, mezzo forte

lieh fuinnit half-baked

lieh geuree winter half

lieh ghussan half a dozen, half-dozen

lieh henn middle aged

lieh heose half-mast

lieh hunney half a ton

lieh jeant partly done

lieh jerree breech, croup, stern

Lieh Kerroo Half Quarter, Half Quarterland

lieh-lhie er lean on

lieh mooie outwards

lieh oshlit half-open

Lieh Raad Half Way

lieh skew slopewise

lieh toshee forehand

lieh veeoil half-monthly

lieh villish sweetish

lieh yeinagh latish

moddey lieh-ghooghys mongrel

pian lieh-eddinagh (f.) megrim

rheynn lieh my lieh halve

sheeley lieh-yerrinagh penultimate

skeddan lieh-yaaghit bloater

ass my lieh on my behalf: Hug ad yn loght ass my lieh. DF

bootsyn lieh ard bluchers

cur ass lieh incriminate

cur ass my lieh fasten on

cur dy lieh earmark; lay aside

cur gy lieh palm off

cur gys lieh ascribe, ascription, attribute, attribution, impute: hug ad reddyn gys my lieh nagh row mee kyndagh jeu Bible

cur my lieh fasten on

cur ny lieh allege; accuse: cha vel mee er gheddyn foill erbee ayns y dooinney shoh, mychione ny reddyn ta shiuish cur ny lieh Bible

fer loayrt ass lieh intercessor

gagh lieh vlein half-yearly

goaill lieh-chassey ass caracole

jannoo daa lieh jeh bisect

laa lieh yn arree equinox

laa lieh yn ouyir equinox

laa lieh yn touree midsummer day

Lieh Cherroo ny Gronk Hill Half Quarter

lieh laa seyr half-holiday

lieh lane marrey half-tide

loayr ass y lieh intercede: Shen-y-fa ny jean uss aghin son y pobble shoh, chamoo trog seose eam ny padjer er nyn son, chamoo loayr ass y lieh oc hym's ; son cha der-ym clashtyn dhyt. Bible

lus lieh yn touree (f.) sweet William

oirr lieh runt beaded edge

queig dy lieh stundayrtyn pole

shassoo ass lieh defend

so-chur ass lieh attributable

thie lieh scarrit semi-detached

twoaie gys y sheear lieh north by west half west

Coarys Cur gys Lieh son Persoonyn (n.) Attribution Regime for Individuals

half lieh: I'm ten years and a half old - Ta mee jeih bleeaney as lieh d'eash. JJK idiom; liehid; liehd; (yn) derrey lieh

evens lieh er lieh

fifty-fifty (adj.) lieh myr lieh

latish (adj.) gour yn anmys, lieh anmagh, lieh yeinagh

lay evens (v.) cur lieh er lieh

mediocrity (n.) castrid, cossyllid, lieh myr lieh

part one part another lieh myr lieh

share and share alike lieh my lieh

equinox (n.) laa lieh yn arree, laa lieh yn ouyir

fasten on (v.) cur ass my lieh, cur my lieh

halve (v.) co-rheynnit, liehaghey, rheynn ayns jees, rheynn lieh my lieh

penultimate (n., adj.) lieh-yerrinagh; sheeley lieh-yerrinagh

semifinal (n.) cloie lieh-yerrinagh; lieh-yerrinagh

lieh-farling mite: Lieh-farling ny bentreoghe. DF

lieh-hraa halftime: Dy ve gobbragh lieh-hraa. DF

lieh-tribe half tribe: ny Gaditeyn, as lieh-tribe Vanasseh Bible

caracole (v.) cassey ry-lhiattee, goaill lieh-chassey ass, greeish chassee, greeish vishagh, lieh-chassey

incriminate (v.) cur ass lieh: It will incriminate you - Ver eh ass dty lieh eh. DF idiom; kyndaghey

Laa'l Moirrey ny Gainle Candlemas, Feast of Purification: Laal Moirrey ny gianle, Lieh foddyr, lieh aile. EF

attribution (n.) cur gys lieh

behalf (n.) lieh

bluchers (n.) bootsyn lieh ard

croup (n.) lieh jerree, toghtane

even cormal; corrym; doaieagh; eer: He didn't even look at me - Cha ren eh eer jeeaghyn orrym. JJK idiom; foast; gob ry ghib; hene; jannoo corrym; lieh my lieh; rea; towshit; jarroo; kiart; myr y cheilley

forehand (n.) lieh toshee

half-baked (adj.) lieh fuinnit

half-blind lieh chyagh; lieh-ghoal

half-dozen (adj.) lieh ghussan

half-holiday (n.) lieh laa seyr

half-open lieh oshlit

Half Quarter (n.) Lieh Kerroo

Half Quarterland (n.) Lieh Kerroo

half-seas-over (adj.) lieh er-meshtey, lieh-scooyrit

Half Way (n.) Lieh Raad

impute (v.) aggyrt, cur sheese da, gaggyrts; cur ny lhie; cur gys lieh: let not the king impute any thing unto his servant - Ny lhig dan ree cur nhee erbee gys lieh e harvaant Bible

latter half (yn) derrey lieh

mezzo (n.) lieh

mezzo forte (adj., adv.) lieh feiyragh

mezzo-forte lieh feiyragh

mezzo piano (adj., adv.) lieh feagh

mezzo-piano lieh feagh

moiety (n.) lieh, paart

outwards (adv.) magh; lieh mooie

proportional (n., adj.) coreiragh, lieh my lieh; freggyrtagh: A is proportional to B - Ta A freggyrtagh rish B. DF idiom; coreir: Inversely proportional - Ayns coreir contraartagh rish. DF idiom

semi (house) lieh-hie: He lives in a semi - T'eh cummal ayns lieh-hie. DF idiom

slopewise (adv.) cleaynagh, lieh skew

Soft Half (n.) Lieh Bog

sweetish (adj.) lieh villish, milljagh

winter half lieh geuree

er yrjid high: As va ny kiare buird dy chlaghyn cummit cour yn oural-losht, cubit dy lieh er lhiurid, as cubit dy lieh er lheead, as un chubit er yrjid Bible

har 1 across, beyond, former a: yn derrey lieh jeu gys y cheayn har, as y lieh elley jeu gys y cheayn heear Bible; 2 snot

jeh'n uill (of animal) well-bred; of the blood: As ghow Moses yn derrey lieh jeh'n uill, as hug eh eh ayns siyn; as spreih eh lieh jeh'n uill er yn altar. Bible

lieh-lhie leaning, recline, reclining: dirree eh dy lieh Dy dree, lesh guin, lieh-lhie er e roih Dhoor

lieh-oor (=Ir. leath uair) half-hour: Gowee ad toshiaght feanish y chlashyn ec lieh-oor lurg jeih sy voghrey. BS

accuse (v.) cassid; jannoo cassid er: Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely - Ny jean-jee tranlaase er dooinney erbee, ny jean-jee cassid vreagagh er dooinney erbee Bible; cur ny lieh: touching those things whereof ye accuse him - mychione ny reddyn ta shiuish cur ny lieh Bible; cur stiagh plaiynt: go down with me, and accuse this man - goll sheese mâryms, as plaiynt y chur stiagh noi yn dooinney shoh Bible

ajar (adj.) beggan-foshlit; foshlit; lieh-foshlit

arm2 (n.) (of balance) lieh-whing

askance (adj., adv.) lieh-scaa

aslant (adj., adv.) lieh-scaa

attribute (n.) cowrey; (v.) cur gys lieh

bas-relief lieh-chummey

bloater (n.) skeddan lieh-yaaghit

by myself lhiam pene; liorym pene: By myself have I sworn - Liorym pene ta mee er vreearrey Bible; rhym pene: I pour out my heart by myself - ta mee deayrtey magh my chree rhym pene Bible; mish mee hene: that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself - mish mee hene ta sheeyney magh yn thalloo Bible; my lieh hene: For I know nothing by myself - Son ga nagh voddym coyrt nhee erbee gys my lieh hene Bible

canting beeal-chrauee; lieh-scoidey; taagraph

cant phrase (n.) lieh-ockle

cartilage (n.) lieh-chraue, lungane

centre half (n.) lieh-chooylee meanagh

charred daahjit; lieh-lostit

chromatic (adj.) lane-daahagh, cromaidagh, lieh-hoanagh

chucklehead (n.) lieh-chione

cob2 (n.) (horse) lieh-chabbyl

couplet (n.) lieh-ronney

demi- (pref.) lieh-

demi-circle (n.) lieh-chiarkyl

demigod (n.) lieh-yee

demilune lieh-eayst; lieh-lune

dim-sighted (adj.) lhag-hooillagh, lieh-ghoal

distich (n.) lieh-ronney

fly half (n.) lieh-chooylee mooie

foolscap (n.) lieh-chrackan screeuee

good-sized (adj.) lieh-vooar

greenstick (n.) lieh-vrishey

greyish (adj.) breck-lheeah; glass-lheeah; lieh-lheeah

gristle (n.) lieh-chraue

gristly (adj.) lieh-chraueagh

groggy (adj.) lieh-scooyrit

half- lieh-

half a dozen (n.) lieh ghussan

half a ton (n.) lieh hunney

half back (n.) lieh-chooyllee

half-belt (n.) lieh-chryss

half-binding (n.) lieh-chiangle

half bleached lieh-yiallit

half board (n.) lieh-veaghey

half-bottle lieh-voteil

half-brother (n.) lieh-vraar

half-closed lieh-ghoont

half-cock (n.) lieh-chockit, lieh-hroggit

half crown (n.) lieh-chrooin

half-day (n.) lieh-laa

half-dead (adj.) lieh-varroo

half-door (n.) cooylley veg; lieh-ghorrys

half-dressed lieh-choamrit

half ebb tide (n.) lieh-hraie

half-empty (adj.) lieh-follym

half-fare (n.) lieh-leagh

half-hour (n.) lieh-oor

half-hourly (adj., adv.) gagh lieh-oor

half-length (n., adj.) lieh-liauyr

half-mast (n.) ec lieh-chroan, lieh heose

half measure (n.) lieh-howse

half-monthly gagh lieh-vee; lieh veeoil

half moon (n.) lieh-eayst

half-mourning lieh-eddagh-dobberan

half-naked lieh-rooisht

half-page (n.) lieh-heu

half pay (n.) lieh-faill

half-price (adv.) lieh-leagh

half-set (n.) lieh-hett

half sets (npl.) lieh-hettyn

half-shut (adj.) lieh-ghoont

half-sister (n.) lhiass-huyr, lieh-huyr


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