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lieen pl. lieenteenyn linen, lint; netting, net: skeayl-yms my lieen orroo lhieg-ym ad myr eeanlee yn aer Bible

Inexact matches:

aanrit lieen linen

cadee lieen lint

faastan lieen linen-press

lieen follican butterfly net

rass lieen linseed

snaie lieen linen thread, linen yarn: As va ec Solomon cabbil veih Egypt as snaie lieen Bible

'sy lieen netted; in the net: Hooar shin shiaght braddanyn 'sy lieen as ren shin creck ad gys y marchan son queig skillinyn as daeed - va shen leagh feer vie neesht. Coraa

ceau lieen er net

Cooil y Lieen Flax Nook

Croit y Lieen Flax Croft

laa buinn y lieen nevermass

Lhag y Lieen Flax Hollow

lieen ny ben shee purging flax

ooill rass lieen (f.) linseed oil

tayrtyn 'sy lieen net-backing

linen (n.) aanrit lieen; lieen: The linen trade - Dellal yn lieen. DF idiom

lint (n.) cadee lieen; lieen

my-yeish fruitful: As hie yn lieen as yn oarn naardey; son va'n oarn my-yeish, as y lieen my-rass. Bible

butterfly net (n.) lieen follican

linen-press (n.) faastan lieen

linen thread (n.) snaie lieen

linseed (n.) rass lieen

net (v.) ceau lieen er, cur 'syn ingagh, jannoo jeebin; (n.) ingagh: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom; jeebin; lieen: We fished up a dead body in the net - Hrog shin corp marroo 'sy lhieen. DF idiom; (adj.) moggyllagh

net-backing tayrtyn 'sy lieen

Flax Hollow (n.) Lhag y Lieen

Flax Nook (n.) Cooil y Lieen

in the net 'sy lieen

linseed oil (n.) ooill rass lieen

nevermass laa buinn y lieen

safety net (n.) lieen-sauchys

lieen-sauchys safety net

Flax Croft (n.) Croit y Lieen, Croit Lhieen

linen yarn (n.) snaie aanrit, snaie lieen

netted 'sy lieen; 'syn ingagh; tayrit

purging flax (n.) lieen ny ben shee, lus y ghew, meeshagh

gish stalks: as er vollaghey ad lesh gish dy lieen Bible

reamlagh reel: as reamlagh lieen ayns e laue Bible

I will spread skeayl-yms: I will spread my net upon them - skeayl- yms my lieen orroo Bible

netting cuirr ingagh, jannoo jeebin, tayrn eeast ayns ingagh; lieen; mogglys; snaie: Our netting is eaten by the dogfish - Ta'n snaie ain eeit ec y ghobbag. DF idiom

chrackan See crackan skin: My she 'sy ghloo ny 'syn innagh te, dy lieen, ny dy ollan; ny ayns crackan, ny ayns obbyr erbee jeant dy chrackan Bible

cuirt sown: tra te cuirt, te gaase seose Bible; cast: ta reeriaght niau goll-rish lieen va cuirt 'sy cheayn Bible

folmaghey blow out, clear out, deflate, deflation, deplenish, depletion, discharge, drain, drink up, empty, evacuation, hollow, unburden, unpack, unship, vacate, void: Jean ad er-y-fa shen folmaghey nyn lieen Bible

grih (f.) breeding stud; herd: Datt eh ayns moyrn dy akin lheid y grih dy ainleyn sollys chagglit gys e hie as fo e reill, goaill boggey sthie ayn hene dy row'n chied chrout er hayrn ad ayns y lieen. Bible

gyn lhaggaghey unabashed, unabated, unallayed, unappeasable, unassuaged, undamped, unmitigated, unrelaxing, unrelenting, unrelieved, unshrinking, untiring: Jean ad er-y-fa shen folmaghey nyn lieen, as gyn lhaggaghey dy stroie ny ashoonyn ? Bible

karraghey 1 cobbling, crown, darn, deck, doctor, fix, overhaul, patch, repair, revise, revision; 2 mending a: Jamys mac Zebedee as Ean e vraar, ayns lhong marish Zebedee nyn ayr, karraghey nyn lieen Bible

keyl 1 attenuated, drawn out, fine, gracile, hairline, lanky, lean, narrow, slender, slight, slim, small, spare, tapered, thin, willowy a: Adsyn myrgeddin ta gobbragh ayns lieen keyl Bible; 2 (of soup) watery; 3 (as solution) weak [O.Ir. cáel]

losht (=Ir. losadh) (f.) bakestone, baking stone; burned, burnt up, scorched: haink ny coyrdyn v'er e roihaghyn dy ve myr lieen losht lesh aile Bible

trappyn traps: Ta ny mooaralee er hoiaghey ribbey er my hon, as er skeayley magh lieen dy lhean lesh coyrdyn: dy jarroo t'ad er hoiaghey trappyn ayns my raad. Bible

ymmyrt oar, row, rowing; launch: Ymmyrt-jee magh gys y diunid, as cuir-jee yn lieen son tayrn. Bible

trade cochionnaghey; cochionnaght; cochionneeaght: Trade is on the mend - Ta cochionneeaght bishaghey. DF idiom; dellal: The linen trade - Dellal yn lieen. DF idiom; keird: Carry on a trade - Keird y chliaghtey. DF idiom; keirdey: The tricks of the trade - Ellyn ny keirdey. DF idiom; lught yn traght; margeeaght; mergeeys; traght; traghtal; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom; traghtey; truckal; aght-beaghee

blaze blaze: Ta co-chruinnaght ny mee-chrauee myr kionnan dy lieen-barree: dy ve stroit fy-yerrey ayns blaze dy aile. Apoc

cuir See cuirr 1 quench a: ta ny assyllyn feïe cuir nyn baa Bible; 2 invite: ny cuir dty chaarjyn, ny dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 cast: Cuir-jee magh yn lieen er y cheu-yesh jeh'n lhong Bible; 4 sow: Brish-jee seose yn thalloo banejagh eu, as ny cuir-jee mastey drineyn Bible

cuirr See cuirrey disseminate, dissemination: ayns y trass vleïn nee shiu cuirr as buinn Bible; (as nets) let down, shoot: Ymmyrt-jee magh gys y diunid, as cuir-jee yn lieen son tayrn Bible; invite; grow; implant, plant, set, sow: Eisht lhig dooys cuirr, as lhig da fer elley gee Bible; soweth

thummyd size: v'ad ooilley roit er yn un aght, jeh'n un towse, as yn un thummyd. Bible; fatness: t'ou uss er n'aase roauyr, as t'ou er n'ghoaill thummyd, t'ou coodit lesh saill Bible; multitude: Eisht chuir ad: as nish cha row dy niart oc yn lieen y ghoaill stiagh va lhied y thummyd eeast ayn. Bible


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