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liargagh (=Ir. learg) (f.) slope: t'ad cheet seose raad liargagh Ziz Bible

Inexact matches:

liargagh gheyre steep slope

Shenn Liargagh Old Slope

Curragh ny Liargagh Marsh of the Slope

Dreeym ny Liargagh Hill Slope Ridge

Old Slope (n.) Shenn Liargagh

Hill Slope Ridge (n.) Dreeym ny Liargagh

Marsh of the Slope (n.) Curragh ny Liargagh

steep slope (n.) liargagh gheyre, ughtagh gheyre

slope bai; battyrail; cammey; lhargagh: They descended the slope - Hie ad sheese y lhargagh. DF idiom; liargagh; scoidey; ughtagh: Steep slope - Ughtagh gheyre. DF idiom

Skyal Sky Hill: haink eh syn oie gys y phurt enmyssit Rhumsaa, as dollee eh tree cheead deiney ayns keyll er liargagh y clieau ta enmyssit Skyal. Chron [Scand]

Spaainish (=Ir. Spáinnis) (f.) (language) Spanish: Cosoyllit rish Catalonish, ta niart erskyn towse ec Spaainish, agh ny yeih shen as ooilley, ta paart dy 'leih feer voirit dy jed Spaainish sheese y liargagh. Carn


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