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lhune jinshar ginger ale

lhune (=Ir. lionn) (pl -yn) ale, beer: Caart dy lhune vie DF

Inexact matches:

jough lhune (=Ir. deoch-leonn) ale

lhune buigh pale ale

lhune cheh ale berry

lhune doo Guinness, porter, stout

lhune eddrym small beer

lhune freillagh lager

lhune gear alegar

lhune gial light ale

Lhune Lager Lager

lhune lajer strong ale

lhune losserey herb beer

lhune millish mild beer

lhune millit swipes

lhune ooyl cider: Cheau ad Fiesta de sidra asturiana, my ta shin gra feailley ny lhune ooyl dy Asturias rish, dagh blein sy thie oast shen, neesht. Dhoor

lhune peear perry

lhune Prushagh spruce beer

lhune roie draught ale

lhune sharroo bitter ale, bitter beer: Lhune sharroo ass y vullag. DF

lhune thie home-brewed ale

lhune ullymar purl

caart dy lhune vie quart of good ale

lhune keyl jinshar ginger beer

lhune ooyl miljit cider cup

lhune sharroo ass mullag keg bitter

lhune 'sy toandey draught ale

lhune veih'n varril beer from the wood

meddyr dy lhune (f.) mug of ale

ale (n.) lhionney; lhune, jough lhune: He doled out the ale - Ren eh teaumey magh y lhune. DF idiom; soo ny hoarn

draught ale (n.) lhune roie, lhune 'sy toandey

ale berry (n.) lhune cheh

alegar (n.) lhune gear

beer (n.) beer; jough cheyl: It flattened the beer - Ren eh eig y jough-cheyl. DF idiom; lhune: This beer has an unpleasant taste - Ta blass olk er y lhune shoh. JJK idiom

bitter ale (n.) lhune sharroo

bitter beer (n.) lhune sharroo

ginger ale (n.) lhune jinshar

herb beer (n.) lhune losserey

home-brewed ale (n.) lhune thie

Lager (n.) Lhune Lager

lager (n.) lhune freillagh

light ale (n.) lhune gial

mild beer (n.) lhune millish

pale ale (n.) lhune buigh

perry (n.) lhune peear

purl lhune ullymar

small beer (n.) lhune eddrym

spruce beer (n.) lhune Prushagh

strong ale (n.) lhune lajer

swipes (n.) lhune millit

cider (n.) lhune ooyl; feeyn-ny-hooyl, soo-ny-hooyl

cider cup (n.) lhune ooyl miljit

ginger beer (n.) lhune keyl jinshar

beer from the wood (n.) lhune veih'n varril

Guinness (n.) bainney ny baa doo, lhune doo

keg bitter (n.) lhune sharroo ass mullag

mug of ale (n.) meddyr dy lhune

quart of good ale caart dy lhune vie

porter bainney ny baa doo, lhune doo; dorrysser, dorryseyr: Leave it with the porter - Faag ec yn dorryser eh. DF idiom; portar, portyr, porter; portarey; ymmyrkagh; erreyder, fer laadee, guilley scudlee; gard

stout (n.) bainney ny baa doo, lhune doo; (adj.) chiu, lajer, loor, poinnee, stuitt, tramylt, trean; stuittey; roauyr: Was he very stout? - Row eh feer roauyr? JJK idiom

taste blass: This beer has an unpleasant taste - Ta blass olk er y lhune shoh. JJK idiom; blasstyn, blastyn, blashtyn; blayst; blayster; blaystyn; blasht; rah

caart (pl -yn) card, playing card; quart: Caart dy lhune vie. DF; cart: cha row saase erbee dy chur ersooyl cement agh er y raad yiarn ayns kishtey vooar queeylagh, as er ny choyrt lesh cabbyl as caart gys y stashoon. JG

gollish exudation, perspire, sweat, sweating: ayns traa cooie va shin goaill bine dy lhune losserey cheu mooie thie-thooit 'sy valley beg Cregneash son va chiass mie ayn as va shin gollish lurg yn laboraght ain. MB

iut drunk: Lurg lieh oor dy hraa foddee, va'n lhune iut ain as v'eh foin goll dy valley. Dhoor

liggar liquor, spirit, spirits: Hug shin lhien nyn greieyn-kiaullee, ny lioaryn arrane as palchey lhune as liggar, as dagh oie va shin kiaulleeaght, pynteraght as cooisheraght. Carn

smuggleyr contrabandist: Ta ram jeu cosney palchey argid ass smuggleyr, as baarail ooilley er lhune as liggar, gyn smooinaght er gerjagh as foays nyn mraane as cloan Dhoor

troarey crop, cultivate, production: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta Mannin troarey feill, flooyr, arran, oohyn, caashey, key riojit, lhune as stoo elley jee hene. Carn

stale (adj.) gart, gort: Stale milk - Bainney gort. DF idiom; gear; loau; eig: This ale is stale - Ta'n lhune shoh eig. DF idiom; goll eig; roit ass; shenn: This bread is stale - Ta shenn vlass er yn arran shoh. DF idiom


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