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lhuingys (f.) (pl -syn) fleet, shipping: As ver y Chiarn lesh oo reesht gy Egypt, lesh lhuingys Bible

Inexact matches:

cleragh lhuingys shipping clerk

goaill lhuingys board, embarkation: As chelleeragh hug Yeesey er e ostyllyn goaill lhuingys, as goll harrish gys y cheu elley roish, choud as v'eshyn lhiggey yn raad da'n pobble. Bible

jantagh lhuingys shipping agent

kiap lhuingys stock

lhuingys aer (f.) pl. lhuingyssyn-aer air-fleet, airline, airway; (air) armada

Lhuingys-aer Goaldagh British Airways

lhuingys chaggee (f.) navy, war fleet: B'lesh Lhuingys Chaggee Reeoil Norlann eh. GK

Lhuingys-coonee Reeoil (f.) Royal fleet Auxiliary

lhuingys dellal (f.) merchant shipping

lhuingys hraghtee (f.) merchant navy, merchant shipping

lhuingys slystagh (f.) coastwise shipping

lhuingys varchantagh (f.) merchant navy, merchant service

lhuingys vooar (f.) (naval) armada

oik lhuingys (f.) shipping office

Slattys Lhuingys-Ghellal (Lhiasaghey); (Amendment) Merchant Shipping Act

chiarn y lhuingys caggee sea lord

kione ard lhuingys commander

lhuingys chaggee Hostyn (f.) Royal Navy: She shiaulteyr ayns Lhuingys Chaggee Hostyn va'n dooinney eck as hooar eh, y moghrey shen, screeuyn eshyn y aagherrym dys e lhong. Dhoor

Lhuingys Ellan Vannin Ellan Vannin Line

purt lhuingys caggee (f.) naval port

merchant navy (n.) lhuingys hraghtee, lhuingys varchantagh

merchant shipping (npl.) lhongyn marchantagh, lhuingys dellal, lhuingys hraghtee

shipping (n.) lhuingys: Shipping line - Colught lhuingys. DF idiom

navy (n.) lhuingys chaggee: Train a man for the navy - Dooinney y aarlaghey da'n lhuingys chaggee. DF idiom

air-fleet (n.) aer-lhuingys; lhuingys aer

airline (n.) aer-lhuingys; lhuingys aer

armada1 (n.) (air) lhuingys aer

coastwise shipping (gen.) lhuingys slystagh

merchant service (n.) lhuingys varchantagh

shipping agent (n.) jantagh lhuingys

shipping clerk (n.) cleragh lhuingys

shipping office (n.) oik lhuingys

war fleet (n.) lhuingys chaggee

airway (n.) bollagh aeragh; lhuingys aer

armada2 (n.) (naval) lhuingys vooar, flod caggee

flotilla (n.) myn-lhuingys

naval port (n.) purt lhuingys caggee

Royal Navy (n.) lhuingys chaggee Hostyn

ship registry (n.) recortys-lhong; recortys-lhuingys

aer-lhuingys (f.) air-fleet, airline

myn-lhuingys (f.) flotilla

sauail-lhuingys salvage

British Airways Raaidyn-Aer Goaldagh; Lhuingys-aer Goaldagh

commander (n.) anneyder; kione ard lhuingys; sareyder

Ellan Vannin Line (n.) Lhuingys Ellan Vannin

embarkation goaill lhuingys, goll er boayrd

Merchant Shipping Act (n.) (Amendment); (Lhiasaghey) Slattys Lhuingys-Ghellal

Royal fleet Auxiliary (n.) Lhuingys-coonee Reeoil

salvage sauail-lhuingys; sauail; sauaillys; selvadje

sea lord (n.) chiarn y lhuingys caggee

flod pl. floddyn fleet: As hooar Solomon aarloo flod lhuingys ayns Ezion-geber Bible

hioill sailed: ghow eh lhuingys, as hioill eh harrish Bible

admiral (n.) ard-marragh: Admiral of the Herring Fleet - Ardmarragh ny Lhuingys Skeddan. DF idiom

fleet (n.) flod: The whole fleet is at sea - Ta'n slane flod er y cheayn. JJK idiom; lhuingys; (v.) roie dy tappee

stock1 crouw; kiap; kiap lhuingys; kynney; pink; sheelrey; stang; stoyr: Stock a house with coal - Stoyr geayil y chur ayns thie. DF idiom; (v.) cur bun er, cur sthock er, sthockal

train1 aarlaghey: Train a man for the navy - Dooinney y aarlaghey da'n lhuingys chaggee. DF idiom; (v.) cliaghtey, traenal, ynsaghey; (n.) traen: He travels by train - T'eh troailt er traen. DF idiom

baiaghyn bays: Agh ta mee er chlashtyn nagh vel ymmodee puirt 'sy cheer ayd, as dy vel yn oirr eck gyn baiaghyn as gaueagh son lhuingys. Coraa

kione jiarg redhead: Erreish da Kione Jiarg v'er loayrt rish ny Manninee, hyndaa eh gys y Fer oik Lhuingys as dooyrt eh 'sy Vaarle, ' Vainshtyr, ta mish as my chaarjyn coardail riu 'sy chooish Coraa; redstart; sea thrift

peacockyn peacocks: keayrt ayns three bleeaney haink lhuingys Tharshish, cur lhieu airh as argid, ivory, as apeyn, as peacockyn Bible

Pholynn (f.) (Yn) Poland: Hannah, ta kianglaghyn eddyr Mannin as y Pholynn ayns reirey-lhuingys as bancal. BS

puirt harbours: Agh ta mee er chlashtyn nagh vel ymmodee puirt 'sy cheer ayd, as dy vel yn oirr eck gyn baiaghyn as gaueagh son lhuingys. Coraa; ports

sur-virleeyn super-yachts: T'eh jerkit dy jean turrys ny Shirveishee gys Monaco, dy jean eh greinnaghey tooilley shellooderyn jeh 'sur-virleeyn as obbreyderyn dy ghoaill ymmyd jeh recortys- lhuingys Vannin. BS

board1 (n.) aaght, argid beaghee, cur aaght da, goaill aaght, jannoo oastys da, lhongee, oastys; boayrd: Place a board edgeways - Boayrd y chur er e oirr. DF idiom; claare; faill; (n.) oik; (v.) cur claare er, cur claare rish, cur laare ayns, goaill lhuingys, goll er boayrd

goaill cheer land: Ren yn Chiarn Robard, Ree ny hAlbey, goaill cheer lesh lhuingys-chaggee mooar ec Rhumsaa er y hoghtoo laa jeig jeh Mee ny Boaldyn. Chron

Jerdein Frastyl Ascension Day: Mysh irree ny greiney Jerdein Frastyl, ren Rigard le Mandeville as e vraaraghyn goaill cheer ec Runnysvie lesh deiney ooasle as spooilleyderyn elley as lhuingys-chaggee mooar voish Nerin. Chron

seiy er ash push back, riposte: hirr sheshaght-lhuingys feer vooar dy Loghlynee ass y Vritaan goll stiagh seose awin Severn dy ghoaill greim er y thalloo aynshen, agh v'ad er nyn seiy er ash liorish deiney Edard Ree Hostyn GB


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