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lhuingey of a ship: bee eh son purt lhuingey Bible; of a pool

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ard-obbree lhuingey naval architect

baatey lhuingey jolly boat, lifeboat, ship's boat

beishteig lhuingey (f.) copper worm, teredo

bieauid lhuingey (f.) sea speed

boalley lhuingey bulkhead

boayrd lhuingey shipboard: Nagh vel shiu er ve er boayrd lhuingey? JJK

bollagh lhuingey shipping lane

brein lhuingey (f.) hold

brishtag lhuingey (f.) ship's biscuit

buird lhuingey ship boards: T'ad er n'yannoo ooilley ny buird lhuingey ayd jeh biljyn-juys Senir Bible

caair lhuingey (f.) deck chair

cainleyder lhuingey ship's chandler

captan lhuingey captain, master mariner

cheu lhuingey broadside

clag lhuingey chronometer, ship's bell

coayl lhuingey shipwreck: tri kyyrtyn va mi er my ghuysky rish slattyn: yn ghiyrt va mi er my ghlaghy, dulli mi tri kiyrtyn kall luinie: yi as la ta mi er me ayns y ghien douyn. PB1610

combaase lhuingey ship's compass

coontey lhuingey manifest

coontyseyr lhuingey purser

cooyrt lhuingey (f.) boatyard

croan lhuingey ship's mast: as myr croan lhuingey va'n shleiy v'ayns e laue dy chooney lesh dy heet ny sniessey daue PC

cronnag lhuingey (f.) mast

crooag lhuingey (f.) ship worm

cullee lhuingey (f.) rigging

dhiane lhuingey marine woodborer

eaghtyr lhuingey upper works of ship

er lhuingey aboard, on shipboard

gialdeeaght lhuingey (f.) bottomry

gob lhuingey prow

guilley lhuingey cabin boy

jerrey lhuingey run

jeshaghteyr lhuingey marine engineer

jeshaghteyrys lhuingey marine engineering

kayt lhuingey ship's cat

kione lhuingey prow

laad lhuingey shipload

lhee lhuingey ship's doctor

lhiabbee lhuingey (f.) bunk, hammock

lioar lhuingey (f.) log, logbook

lught lhuingey shipload

maarliagh lhuingey pirate

mainshtyr lhuingey shipmaster

mean lhuingey midship

meoir lhuingey chief steward

meoirsynys lhuingey chief stewardship

onneryn lhuingey merchantmen: Marish y custom v'eh troggal jeh ny onneryn lhuingey va dellal Bible

purt lhuingey (f.) seaport: Nee Zebulun cummal ec purt ny marrey; as bee eh son purt lhuingey; as bee'n slyst echey roshtyn gys Zidon. Bible; haven of ships

rolley lhuingey muster roll

ronseyder lhuingey customs officer, tide-waiter

screeuyn lhuingey sea-letter

seyr lhuingey ship's carpenter, shipwright

shamyr lhuingey (f.) cabin

sooill lhuingey (f.) scuttle

Thie-Tashtee Lhuingey Nautical Museum

toshiaght lhuingey prow

towl lhuingey porthole

uinnag lhuingey (f.) porthole

urrysaght lhuingey (f.) marine insurance

ec jerrey ny lhuingey aft

greïnyn ny lhuingey tackling of the ship

gys jerrey ny lhuingey abaft, aft

kione toshee lhuingey prow

shleayst ny lhuingey after-quarter

prow (n.) bow, gob lhuingey, kione keyl lhuiney, kione lhuingey, kione toshee lhuingey, staim toshee, toshiaght lhuingey

porthole (n.) towl lhuingey, uinnag lhuingey

shipload (n.) laad lhuingey, lught lhuingey

aft (adj., adv.) ec jerrey ny lhuingey; ec y jerrey; gys jerrey ny lhuingey; gys y jerrey; gys y stiur; cooyl: Aft of the mast - Cooyl y chroan. DF idiom

after-quarter (n.) shleayst ny lhuingey

bottomry (n.) gialdeeaght lhuingey

broadside (n.) cheu lhuingey

bulkhead (n.) boalley lhuingey, bulcaid

chronometer (n.) clag lhuingey, cronommeyder

copper worm (n.) beishteig lhuingey

jolly boat (n.) baatey lhuingey

marine engineer (n.) jeshaghteyr lhuingey

marine woodborer (n.) dhiane lhuingey

midship mean lhuingey

muster roll (n.) rolley lhuingey

Nautical Museum (n.) Thie-Tashtee Lhuingey

naval architect (n.) ard-obbree lhuingey

of a pool (gen.) lhuingey

of a ship (gen.) lhuingey

on shipboard er lhuingey

purser (n.) coontyseyr lhuingey

sea-letter (n.) screeuyn lhuingey

sea speed (n.) bieauid lhuingey

shipboard (adj.) boayrd lhuingey

ship boards (npl.) buird lhuingey

shipmaster (n.) mainshtyr lhuingey

ship's bell (n.) clag lhuingey

ship's biscuit (n.) brishtag lhuingey

ship's carpenter (n.) seyr lhuingey

ship's cat (n.) kayt lhuingey

ship's chandler (n.) cainleyder lhuingey

ship's doctor (n.) lhee lhuingey

ship's mast (n.) croan lhuingey

ship worm (n.) crooag lhuingey

shipwright (n.) seyr lhuingey

teredo (n.) beishteig lhuingey

tide-waiter (n.) ronseyder lhuingey

bunk (n.) lhiabbee lhuingey, skelloo chadlee

calkers (npl.) seyir-lhuingey

chief steward (n.) ard-veoir, meoir lhuingey

chief stewardship (n.) ard-veoirsnys, meoirsynys lhuingey

hammock (n.) lhiabbee leaystey, lhiabbee lhuingey

haven of ships (n.) purt lhuingey

seamanship (n.) marraght; shiaulteyrys; schleï-lhuingey

schleï-lhuingey seamanship

seyir-lhuingey calkers: Dty verchys, as dty vargaghyn, dty varchantys, dty hiolteyryn, as dty philotyn, ny seyir-lhuingey, as adsyn va dellal ayns dty varchantys Bible

shellooder-lhuingey ship owner

boatyard (n.) cooyrt lhuingey; cooyrt vaatey; lhong-chaardee

cabin (n.) bwaag, bwaane, cabbane, carbyd, shamyr lhuingey

cabin boy (n.) guilley cabbane, guilley lhuingey

customs officer (n.) meoir custym, ronseyder lhuingey

deck chair (n.) caair hraie, caair lhuingey; caayr-hraie

logbook (n.) lioar chooishyn; lioar hurrys; lioar lhuingey

marine engineering (n.) jeshaghteyrys lhuingey, jeshaghteyrys marrey

marine insurance (n.) urrysaght lhuingey, urryssaght varrey

mast (n.) croan, cronnag lhuingey; (v.) cur croan ayn

master mariner (n.) captan lhuingey, captan marrey

pirate craghey; maarliagh lhuingey, roosteyr marrey, spooilleyder marrey

seaport (n.) balley keayin; lhong-phurt; purt; purt lhuingey

ship owner (n.) shellooder lhong; shellooder-lhuingey

shipping lane (n.) bollagh lhuingey, bollagh marrey

ship's boat (n.) baatey lhuingey, baatey sauchys

ship's compass (n.) combaase lhuingey; combaase marrinagh

tackling of the ship (npl.) greïnyn ny lhuingey

upper works of ship (n.) eaghtyr lhuingey

abaft (adv.) gys jerrey ny lhuingey, gys y stiur; (prep.) (ny) yei; cooyl

log (n.) block, darrag, gleash-veih, kiap, log; (v.) cowraghey; (n.) lioar lhuingey

rigging (n.) cullee lhuingey; riggin: The main rigging - Yn riggin mooar. DF idiom

scuttle (n.) sooill lhuingey, cruick gheayil; towl cooylley; (v.) cur fo; snaue

clooisag (f.) pillow: v'eshyn ayns jerrey ny lhuingey ny chadley er clooisag Bible

aboard (adv., adj.) er lhuingey; er-boayrd: There is a clergyman aboard - Ta jed er board urree. DF idiom

captain1 (n.) ard-leeideilagh, captan glass, captan lhuingey, captan marrey, kiannoort; captan: Ship under command of Captain Watterson - Lhong fo kioneys Captan Kodhere. DF idiom

lifeboat (n.) baatey lhuingey, baatey sauchys; baatey sauaillagh: Port St Mary lifeboat was out last night - Va baatey sauaillagh Phurt le Moirrey mooie riyr. DF idiom

manifest coontey lhuingey; feanishagh; fysserit; jannoo cronnal; jeeaghyn; soilshaghey, soilshaghey dy foshlit; taishbyney; (adj.) farsyn

merchantmen (npl.) onneryn lhuingey; marchanyn: Then there passed by Midianites merchantmen - Eisht va Midianiteyn goll shaghey, marchanyn Bible

run (n.) aber; straih; turrys; jerrey lhuingey; (v.) cur er e hoshiaght; cur ny roie; goll seose; ratch; roie; roit; sheeley; shelg

shipwreck coayl lhuingey; cur jerrey rish; lhongvrishey: To survive a shipwreck - Dy heet magh slane ass lhong-vrishey. DF idiom; mooirchoor; mooirchooir

cronnag (f.) cross-tree, crow's nest, masthead, tidal rock: bee oo myr fer ta baiht ayns grunt ny marrey, ny goll-rishyn ta ny chadley er cronnag lhuingey. Bible; desk

grunt ny marrey sea bed, sea floor: Dy feer, bee oo myr fer ta baiht ayns grunt ny marrey, ny goll-rishyn ta ny chadley er cronnag lhuingey. Bible

jystyn dishes: Mysh tree cluig lurg munlaa, ta shen dy ghra, lieh oor lurg 'nane er y chlag, ghow mee yn ushtey va ny jystyn er ve strullit ayn as cheau mee eh harrish cheu ny lhuingey JC

marchannyn-spice spice merchants: Marish y custom v'eh troggal jeh ny onneryn lhuingey va dellal, as jeh cooid ny marchannyn-spice, as jeh ooilley reeaghyn Arabia Bible

myr yien pretence, show; as though, as if: lhiggey yn baatey sheese er yn ushtey, myr yien dy chur magh akeryn veih toshiaght ny lhuingey. Bible; pretendedly, shamming

pilot pilot: hug yn centurion geill smoo da mainshter as pilot ny lhuingey na da goan Phaul. Bible

purt (=Ir. port) (f.) pl. puirt, purtyn harbour, jig, port, seaport, station: Nee Zebulun cummal ec purt ny marrey; as bee eh son purt lhuingey Bible; creek; (in street) island

hold (n.) brein lhuingey; holt: but they had not hold in the wall of the house - agh cha row veg y holt oc ayns voalley yn chiamble Bible; greim: He had a hold of me - Va greim echey orrym. DF idiom; (v.) cummal; greimmey; shassoo; greme; cumm, cum: Hold it away from me - Cum magh eh voym. DF idiom; holt; shass: Hold out against it! - Shass noi echey! DF idiom

three See tree three: Three keayrtyn va mee custit lesh slattyn, un cheayrt va mee er my chlaghey, three keayrtyn duillee mee coayl-lhuingey oie Bible


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