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lhott (=Ir. lot) pl. lhottyn gash, injury, lesion, trauma, wound: Lhott as scammylt nee eh geddyn Bible

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gyn lhott unscathed, unscratched, untouched, unwounded

lhott baaish death wound

lhott bio raw wound

lhott foalley flesh wound

lus y lhott (f.) hedge woundwort

wound (n.) lhot, lott; lhott: He received a dangerous wound - Hooar eh lhott danjeyragh. JJK idiom; (v.) guinney, lhottey; (y) chraghey

builley son builley stripe for stripe: Lostey son lostey, lhott, son lhott, builley son builley Bible

death wound (n.) lhott baaish

flesh wound (n.) lhott foalley

lesion (n.) lhott

raw wound (n.) lhott bio

trauma (n.) lhott, skeilley

lott (f.) job lot, portion: hilg ad lottyn chammah son beg as mooar Bible; wound: Lostey son lostey, lhott, son lhott, builley son builley Bible

hedge woundwort (n.) lus y lhott

unwounded (adj.) gyn lhott, neulhottit, slane

unscathed gyn lhott; gyn skielley; slane sauchey

untouched gyn lhott; neuchreoighit; neuloaghtit; neureenit; neuvennit; neuventit

angaishagh agonising: ta my lhott angaishagh Bible

unscratched (adj.) gyn lhott, gyn scrabey, gyn screeb, neuscrabit, neuscreebit

loghtal severe: Ta'n lhott loghtal. DF; stern; (as wind) strong; (as storm) violent

noidey of an enemy: ta mee er dty lhottey lesh lhott noidey Bible

gash (n.) beam; lhott; loggyr: This stuff is gash - Ta'n stoo shoh loggyr. DF idiom; (v.) giarrey

injury (n.) aggair, assee, gortey, jeeyl, lhott, olk, uail, anlyi; skielley: Insult added to injury - Faghid er skielley. JJK idiom

of an enemy (gen.) noidey: I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy - ta mee er dty lhottey lesh lhott noidey Bible

plug1 (n.) dhull; plug; stoppane: Plug a wound - Stoppane y chur ayns lhott. DF idiom; (v.) stoppal: Plug up a hole - Towl y stoppal seose. DF idiom

brahder betrayer, detector, informer, traitor: Foddee lhott ver ny lheihys lesh shelliu, as lurg trodjey hig coardail: agh ta brahder folliaghtyn faagit mooie. Apoc

gyn couyr aidless, irremediable, unrelieved; incurable: Son ta'n lhott eck gyn couyr; son te er roshtyn eer er Judah: t'eh er jeet gys giat my phobble, dy jarroo gys Jerusalem. Bible

gyn lheihys beyond recovery, incurable, terminal, uncured: Ny lhig dou ve breagagh noi'n irriney: ta my lhott gyn lheihys, as shen gyn oyr. Bible

scryssey cancel, cancellation, elimination, erase, forage, grin, growl, pare down, rub out, scrap, scrape, scrape away, scraping, scratch, shave, sneer, strike out, wipe out, write off: Son s'coan t'ad er scryssey harrish lhott inneen my phobble Bible

Shee, shee (impv) Pax, Peace, peace: Son s'coan t'ad er scryssey harrish lhott inneen my phobble, gra, Shee, shee ; tra nagh vel shee nyn gour. Bible

incurable (adj.) neuchouyralagh, neulheihysagh, neuslayntoil; gyn couyr: For her wound is incurable - Son tan lhott eck gyn couyr Bible; gyn lheihys: the Lord smote him in his bowels with an incurable disease - woaill y Chiarn ehsy volg lesh doghan gyn-lheihys Bible


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