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lhoobey arching, bend, bow, coil, coiling, curl up, curve, double over, flex, hunch, incurvate, inflect, inflexion, loop, looping, meander, meandering, sag, squirm, stoop, stooping, twine, winding, wriggle, writhe: t'eh er lhoobey e vhow, as er n'yannoo eh aarloo. Bible

Inexact matches:

lhoobey gliooney curtsey

lhoobey neose bend down

lhoobey er ash bend back, clinch

arching lhoobagh; lhoobey

bend1 croymmey, croym, bendeil; kiangley; lhoob: Hairpin bend - Lhoob geyre. DF idiom; lhoobey: Better bend than break - Ny share lhoobey na brishey. DF idiom

bend down (v.) lhoobey neose

coiling caslaghey; cassee; lhoobey

curl up (v.) lhoobey

flex (v.) flecks; lhoobey

hunch cruitt; lhoobey

incurvate (v.) lhoobey

inflexion (n.) anchassey; lhoobey; yn-filley

loop cribbag; lhoobey; loob

looping lhoobey

sag lhoobey; tuittym

squirm cassey; lhoobey

stooping lhoobey

wriggle lhoobey

writhe (v.) lhoobey

bendable (adj.) so-chammey; so-lhoobey

bend back (v.) lhoobey er ash

flexible (adj.) so-lhoobey

genuflection (n.) croymmey gliooney, glioon-lhoobey

inflect (v.) aachassey; cammaghey; lhoobey; yn-filley

twine1 carral; lhoobey; snaie cast

yielding meeley; so-lhoobey

glioon-lhoobey genuflect, genuflection

so-lhoobey (=Ir. so-l├║btha) bendable, elastic, flexible, hard-and-fast, yielding

curtsey curtshee; jannoo curtshee; lhoobey gliooney

genuflect (v.) croymmey y ghlioon, glioon-lhoobey

hard-and-fast (adj.) soit dy chionn, so-lhoobey, reen

meander (n.) cass, lhoob; ammyr-chassee, strooan-chassee; (v.) lhoobey, cassey

meandering (adj.) cam-jeeragh, camjeeragh shliawinagh; (v.) cassey, lhoobey

clinch clamey; cur y farkyl er; goaill greim; lhoobey er ash

double over (v.) cassey er ash, croymmey, filley er ash, lhoobey

bow1 (n.) bow, bhow, builley toshee, imlaght, sock; (v.) cammey, croymmey, lhoobey, loobey, obbraghey y bow, sleaghtey

coil beishteig; caslag: Inductance coil - Caslag indughtysh. DF idiom; caslagh: Ignition coil - Caslagh lossee. DF idiom; feddan lhoobagh; lhoob; lhoobey

curve cruill: There is a curve on his back - Ta cruill er e ghreeym. DF idiom; lhoob; lhoobey

elastic (adj.) so-chaghlaa: I am very elastic - Ta mee so-chaghlaa. DF idiom; so-lhoobey; so-sheeyney

twisting cassee; jannoo lhoobagh; kessey; kestal; lhoobagh; cassey: Turning and twisting - Cassey as lhoobey. DF idiom

winding cassee: Winding stream - Strooan cassee. DF idiom; lhoobagh; lhoobey; togherys; toghrane; cammey: Winding streets - Straaidyn cammey. DF idiom

frogh dry-rotten, perished: Honnick mee y cassan lhoobey gys y thie mooar, as ny farchailyn er,-ny blah-hieyn liauyrey gyn tomatoeyn, gyn uinnagyn as fuygh frogh ayndoo-garey gyn gareyder. Coraa

jouyllagh demoniac, devilish, diabolical, satanic: va'n aigney jouyllagh greinnagh skianyn bieau, cur er y lossyr lhoobey roish e chleeau PC; hellish

lhaggagh depression, slack: Ny lhig dasyn ta lhoobey yn vhow lhaggagh e laue Bible

lossyr (f.) pl. lossyryn blaze, flame: va'n aigney jouyllagh greinnagh skianyn bieau, cur er y lossyr lhoobey roish e chleeau; PC; (of torches) fire

mark (=Ir. marc, marcan) brand; mark: T'eh er lhoobey e vhow, as er hoiaghey mish son mark da'n tide Bible; horse

stoop cleayney; croym-lhinganys; croymmey: He had to stoop to go through the doorway - Begin da croymmey dy gholl trooid yn dorrys. DF idiom; cruittys; lhoobey; imlaghey; injillaghey: I wouldn't stoop to that - Cha jinnin ginjillaghey mee hene da shen. DF idiom


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