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lhoobagh arching, bending, bowing, convoluted, curved, curvilinear, faltering, inflexional, limber, plastic, pliable, sinuous, snakiness, supple, twisting, vermiculate, willowy, winding: Ta'n slane coorse jeant er aght lhoobagh dy ve cooie da sleih aasit chammah as ynseydee-scoill. Dhoor; (morally) crooked; shifty

Inexact matches:

barroose lhoobagh bendy bus

clea lhoobagh (f.) pent roof

eilley lhoobagh (f.) chain armour

feddan lhoobagh coil, coiled tube

jannoo lhoobagh twisting

jysk lhoobagh floppy disc

logh lhoobagh (f.) mortlake

shellagh lhoobagh (f.) weeping willow

slattag lhoobagh (f.) circumflex accent

thie lhoobagh penthouse

twisting cassee; jannoo lhoobagh; kessey; kestal; lhoobagh; cassey: Turning and twisting - Cassey as lhoobey. DF idiom

arching lhoobagh; lhoobey

bendy bus (n.) barroose lhoobagh

bowing croym; croymmid; lhoobagh

chain armour (n.) eilley lhoobagh

circumflex accent (n.) slattag lhoobagh

coiled tube (n.) feddan lhoobagh

convoluted (adj.) lhoobagh

crooked2 (adj.) (morally) lhoobagh

curvilinear (adj.) lhing-chassee; lhoobagh

faltering lhag; lhoobagh

floppy disc (n.) jysk lhoobagh

mortlake (n.) logh lhoobagh

penthouse (n.) thie lhoobagh

pent roof (n.) clea lhoobagh

plastic (n., v.) lhoobagh, plastagh

shifty (adj.) lhoobagh

sinuous (adj.) lhoobagh

snakiness (n.) aarnieuaght, lhoobagh, nieunaght

supple (adj.) lhoobagh, skybbylt

weeping willow (n.) shellagh lhoobagh

adaptable (adj.) so-lhoobagh

anfractuosity (n.) so-lhoobagh

anfractuous (adj.) so-lhoobagh

curved cast; crottagh; cruillagh; lhoobagh

inflexional aachasseydagh; lhoobagh; yn-filleydagh; yn-fillit

vermiculate (adj.) eeit ec braddagyn; lhoobagh

cass-lhoobagh curled

so-lhoobagh adaptable, anfractuosity, anfractuous, malleable, pliable

limber (v.) cur limbyr fo, jannoo feiosagh; (n.) limbyr; lhoobagh

malleable (adj.) caardoil, keirdoil, so-chummeydagh, so-ghleayshagh, so-lhoobagh

pliable (adj.) lhoobagh, so-lhoobagh; beasagh, cummeydagh, croymeydagh, filleydagh

willowy (adj.) goll rish shellagh, keyl, lhoobagh, shang

bending croymm; crommey: Bending over his work - Croymmey er yn obbyr echey. DF idiom; lhoobagh

coil beishteig; caslag: Inductance coil - Caslag indughtysh. DF idiom; caslagh: Ignition coil - Caslagh lossee. DF idiom; feddan lhoobagh; lhoob; lhoobey

curled cass-lhoobagh; trooaragh: Her hair is thickly curled - Ta'n folt eck trooaragh. DF idiom

winding cassee: Winding stream - Strooan cassee. DF idiom; lhoobagh; lhoobey; togherys; toghrane; cammey: Winding streets - Straaidyn cammey. DF idiom


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