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Lhoob Gully

lhoob pl. lhoobyn See loob bend, coil, convolution, curve, flexion, gulf, hank, hoop, link, meander, rabbit snare, shackle, snare, staple clasp, stitch, twirl: Cha nel mee agh lhoob 'sy gheuley. DF; (of snake) twine

Inexact matches:

Lhoob Alaska (The) Alaskan Gulf

lhoob beayn infinite loop

Lhoob Birkin Birkin's Bend; Birkins Bend

Lhoob Doo Black Gulley

lhoob doo black pudding

lhoob dooblit s-bend, s curve

Lhoob Dowin Deep Winding Road

lhoob fastee casemate

lhoob follym slip stitch

lhoob geyre hairpin bend

lhoob giare hairpin bend

lhoob jeant clinker-built

lhoob roie running noose

Lhoob Veksico Gulf of Mexico

Lhoob Vexico (The) Gulf of Mexico

lhoob yiarn staple

çhellveeish lhoob jeighit closed circuit television

cur lhoob ayn belay

lhoob bun ry skyn purl stitch

Lhoob Geyre Rhumsaa Ramsey Hairpin

Lhoob ny Charn Cairn Loop

Lhoob Thie yn Scoill Schoolhouse Bend

lhoob yn yskid (of hip) hollow

Lhoob y Reeast Waste Gulley

Gulf of Mexico (n.) (The) Lhoob Vexico, Lhoob Veksico

hairpin bend (n.) lhoob geyre, lhoob giare

Alaskan Gulf (n.) (The) Lhoob Alaska

bend1 croymmey, croym, bendeil; kiangley; lhoob: Hairpin bend - Lhoob geyre. DF idiom; lhoobey: Better bend than break - Ny share lhoobey na brishey. DF idiom

Birkin's Bend (n.) Lhoob Birkin

Black Gulley (n.) Lhoob Doo

casemate (n.) lhoob fastee

clinker-built (adj.) lhoob jeant

convolution (n.) lhoob

flexion (n.) lhoob

Gully (n.) Lhoob; Gussad

hank (n.) hanck, lhoob, yarnaig

hollow3 (n.) (of hip) lhoob yn yskid

infinite loop (n.) lhoob beayn

rabbit snare (n.) lhoob

running noose (n.) lhoob roie

s-bend (n.) lhoob dooblit

slip stitch (n.) lhoob follym

snare (n.) lhoob: Set a snare - Lhoob y chuirrey. DF idiom; poaynt, ribbeh, sniem; ribbey: To fall into a snare - Tuittym ayns ribbey. JJK idiom; (v.) soiaghey ribbey er son, soie ribbey er son

staple clasp (n.) lhoob

twine2 (of snake) lhoob

Cairn Loop (n.) Lhoob ny Charn

Deep Winding Road (n.) Lhoob Dowin

gulf (n.) charvaal; diunid; gulf; lhoob

Ramsey Hairpin (n.) Lhoob Geyre Rhumsaa

Waste Gulley (n.) Lhoob y Reeast

belay (v.) cur lhoob ayn, lhie fo chlea; kiangley

black pudding (n.) lhoob doo, putage ghoo

closed circuit television (n.) çhellveeish lhoob jeighit

hoop (v.) cur figgan er, kiarkley; (n.) figgan, lhoob

meander (n.) cass, lhoob; ammyr-chassee, strooan-chassee; (v.) lhoobey, cassey

purl stitch (n., v.) lhoob bun ry skyn

Schoolhouse Bend (n.) Lhoob Thie yn Scoill

s curve (n.) cruill ghooblit, lhoob dooblit

shackle (v.) geulaghey; (n.) geuley; hopsag; kiangley; lhoob; slourin

twirl car; carral; chyndaa; cor; feogh; lhoob

staple cur stapyl er, kiangle lesh stapyl, staplley; (n.) lhoob yiarn; stapyl; steebyl; (adj.) undinagh

coil beishteig; caslag: Inductance coil - Caslag indughtysh. DF idiom; caslagh: Ignition coil - Caslagh lossee. DF idiom; feddan lhoobagh; lhoob; lhoobey

curve cruill: There is a curve on his back - Ta cruill er e ghreeym. DF idiom; lhoob; lhoobey

legs (npl.) lurgaghyn: His legs sank under him - Lhoob ny lurgaghyn echey fosyn. DF idiom

link boandey: There is a link between them - Ta boandey eddyr oc. DF idiom; kiangley: To link onto - Dy chiangley rish. DF idiom; lhoob, slat chianglee; draght; link

stitch fuailley; greim 'sy lhiattee; greimmey; guin; lhoob; staik; whaaley; greim: A stitch in time saves nine - Ta greim ayns traa cooie sauail nuy. JJK idiom


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