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lhome (=Ir. lom) arid, bald, bare, fleshless, leafless, meagre, naked, nude, scraggy, severe, spare, unset, unvarnished: faag-ee ad oo rooisht as lhome Bible; (as ground) open; neat [O.Ir. lom]

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asney lhome (f.) spare rib

baarit lhome close-cropped

billey lhome naked tree

ceaut lhome threadbare

eddin lhome (f.) hairless face

firrinys lhome unadorned truth: She firrinys lhome eh. DF

grine lhome bare grain: As shen tou dy chuirr, cha vel oo cuirr yn corp shen vees, agh grine lhome Bible

irriney lhome blunt fact, plain truth

jannoo lhome scuff

lhome coshagh barefoot

litcheraght lhome extreme idleness, laziness: Cur-my-ner, shoh va loght dty huyr Sodom, moyrn, sonnys arran, as litcheraght lhome va aynjee, as ayns ny inneenyn eck, chamoo ren ee laueyn yn voght as yn ymmyrchagh y niartaghey. Bible

lostey lhome conflagration, hell-fire

peitshag lhome (f.) nectarine

skeab lhome besom of destruction: as skeab-ym eh lesh y skeab lhome, ta Chiarn ny flaunyssee dy ghra. Bible

skeeabey lhome annihilation

buinnt dy lhome close-cropped

lhome er y gheay close hauled

close-cropped (adj.) baarit lhome, buinnt dy lhome, lhomit

lhome-lauee empty-handed: cha jig unnane erbee kiongoyrt rhym's lhome-lauee Bible

bare grain (n.) grine lhome

blunt fact (n.) irriney lhome

conflagration (n.) lostey lhome

distance1 foddeeaght, feayrid; foddey: Distance lends enchantment to the view - Cronk glass foddey jeh; lhome, lhome, tra roshym eh. JJK idiom; foddid; fojeeaght; join

extreme idleness (n.) litcheraght lhome

fleshless (adj.) lhome

hairless face (n.) eddin lhome

hell-fire lostey lhome

naked tree (n.) billey lhome

nectarine (n.) naghtyreen, peitshag lhome

nude lhome; rooisht; (n.) roosteen

open3 (as ground) lhome

plain truth (n.) irriney lhome

spare rib (n.) asney lhome

threadbare (adj.) ceaut lhome

unadorned truth (n.) firrinys lhome

unvarnished (adj.) gyn follid; lhome

lhoam See lhome depilous

bareboned (adj.) lhome-craueagh

barelegged (adj.) lhome-lurgagh

beardless (adj.) gyn faasaag; lhome-gheayshagh

besom of destruction (n.) skeab lhome

chock-a-block (adj., adv.) lhome-lane; lung-lane

clean bare (adj.) glen-lhome

close-shaven lhome-vaarit

complete destruction (n.) glen-hraartys, lhome-hraartys

cram-full lhome-lane; lung-lane

crop-eared (adj.) lhome-vaarit, meayll

devouring2 (with fire) jiooghaltagh; lhome-loshtee

discaled lhome-choshagh

empty-handed (adj.) follym, lhome-lauee

lantern-jawed (adj.) lhome-lheicknagh

leafless (adj.) gyn duillag, lhome, neughuillagagh

rawboned (adj.) lhome-craueagh

rigour2 (n.) (of the law) creoiys, geyrid, lhome-leigh

sharp-featured lhome-ghrooishagh

sparely built lhome-craueagh; thanney

stark naked (adj.) jiarg-rooisht; lhome-rooisht

utilitarian lhome-ymmydoil; lhome-ymmydoilagh; vondeishagh

utilitarianism (n.) lhome-ymmydoilys, vondeishaght, vondeishaghys

glen-lhome naked, clean bare: T'eh er choyrt mow my villey-feeyney, as er roostey my villey-figgagh: t'eh er n'yannoo eh glen-lhome, as er yiarey sheese eh, ta ny banglaneyn echey bane-fiojit. Bible

lhome-choshagh discaled

lhome-chraueaght (f.) spareness

lhome-craueagh bareboned, sparely built, rawboned

lhome-gheayshagh beardless

lhome-ghrooishagh sharp-featured

lhome-hraartys complete destruction, devastation

lhome-lane See lung-lane chock-a-block, chock-full, cram-full

lhome-leigh (f.) (of the law) rigour

lhome-lheicknagh lantern-jawed

lhome-lomarcan solitary

lhome-loshtee (with fire) devouring

lhome-lurgagh barelegged

lhome-rooisht naked, stark naked

lhome-vaarit close-shaven, crop-eared

lhome-ymmydoil utilitarian

lhome-ymmydoilagh utilitarian

lhome-ymmydoilys utilitarianism

annihilation (n.) neunheeaghey, neunheeys, skeeabey lhome, toyrt-mow

arid (adj.) chirrym, lhome; dree; sponkit; spongit

barefoot (adj., adv.) cass rooisht; lhome coshagh; cosheyrooisht

close hauled lhome er y gheay

devastation (n.) cragh, craght, lhome-hraartys, traartys

scraggy (adj.) craueagh, garroo, lhome, moal, neurea, thanney

scuff (v.) jannoo lhome; tayrn ny yei

solitary fadaneagh; lhome-lomarcan; lomarcan; neuheshaghtagh

chock-full (adj.) lane da ny feeacklyn, lane da'n chrossag, lhome-lane

laziness (n.) aacheoid Vanninagh, drollaneys, lhiastid, litcheraght, litcheraght lhome, litcherys; (yn) shenn red

spareness (n.) gennid, thannid; neuriurid, boghtynid, shangid, keylid; lhome-chraueaght

skeab (=Ir. scuab) (f.) besom, broom: skeab-ym eh lesh y skeab lhome Bible

bald lhome: He is getting bald - T'eh lhomey. DF idiom; meayl; meayllaghey; speeint

bare1 (v.) baarey, loamey, lommey, meayllaghey, roostey, rooishtey; (impv) baare; (adj.) lhome; lhomey: Running under bare poles - Shiaulley fo cruin lhomey DF idiom

crop1 baair, baar: Give me a close crop - Jean baarey lhome orrym. DF idiom; pollal, troarey; (n.) scrobbag, sproghan; troar, troayr

loath (adj.) lhiastagh; (v.) lhiastey: She is extremely loath to go there - T'ee lhome lhiastey goll gys shen. DF idiom; lhiastid: Nothing loath - Gyn lhiastid erbee. DF idiom

meagre (adj.) goan, gortagh, lhome, melley, moal, moaldey, thanney; beggan: There was only a meagre attendance at the meeting - Cha row agh beggan sleih ec y chaglym. DF idiom

naked (adj.) glen-lhome, gyn eaddagh; (n., adj.) roosteenagh; rooisht: With the naked eye - Lesh yn tooill rooisht. DF idiom; lhome, lhome-rooisht; (npl.) roosteeyn

neat (adj.) 1 lhome, creoi, skeoigh; 2 jesh: To be as neat as a pin - Ve cha jesh as freeney. JJK idiom a jeshey; 3 stuittey; 4 ollagh, stuitt

reluctant (adj.) neuarryltagh, neuwooiagh, noi-freihagh; lhiastey: He is very reluctant - T'eh lhome lhiastey. DF idiom

severe (adj.) barbagh, dewil, lhome, loghtal, trome; creoi: Do you remember the year we had the severe winter? - Gooin lhiu yn vlein va'n geurey creoi ain? JJK idiom

spare brash; ford; fordrail; goan; keyl; lhiggey lesh; lhome; spaarail, sparail: You've no time to spare, for it's very late - Cha nel traa erbee eu dy spaarail, son te feer anmagh. JJK idiom; tayrnit

unset (adj.) gyn eddal, gyn goll dy lhie, gyn taah, lhome, neuchuirrit, neuhaahit, neuhoit, neulhejit, neusettit

eayney (=Ir. uaine) green, verdure: va ee roie corp rooisht eajee lhome as quaagh, screbbagh meayl jiarg, ayns shilley feer neu-waagh, agh nish e eddin ooilley choodee'n faiyr eayney gloyroil PC

rassey 1 demolish, rend, rending, rip, rip up, scratch, seed, tear, tearing, undoing, unknit, unravel, unravelling, unstitch a: liorish rassey yn undin gys y chreg lhome Bible; 2 (as knitting) undo; 3 cancellation

lhie sheeynt (ny) procumbent, recumbent: As va Judith faagit ny lomarcan 'sy chabbane, as va Holofernes ny lhie sheeynt er e lhiabbee: son v'eh lhome-lane dy feeyn. Apoc


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