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lhiettrimys 1 bafflement, ban, constriction, disqualification, drag, drawback, handicap, hang up, hazard, hindrance, hold up, impediment, injunction, jam, obstacle, prevention, sanction, victimization a: Hug ad lhiettrimys er y villey ayns Tinvaal. DF; 2 (hindrance) balk; 3 (obstruction) bar

Inexact matches:

gyn lhiettrimys abandon, freely, stintless, unconstrained, unconstrainedly, unhampered, unhindered, unimpeded, unobstructed, unrestrained, untrammelled, without reserve: Agh moddee ta lowit rouail gyn lhiettrimys, t'ee credjal dy vel ad boirey er dy chooilley pheiagh. BS

lhiettrimys chiass heat barrier

cur lhiettrimys er ban, block, circumscribe, disqualify: My vees ad cur lhiettrimys er giarrey fammanyn quallianyn sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, oddagh y red cheddin taghyrt ayns Mannin. BS; handicap; head off

fer fo lhiettrimys underdog

jannoo lhiettrimys er balk, discriminate, hamper, hinder, obstruct; (style) cramp

lhiettrimys er y thalloo grounding

handicap (n.) bac, lhiettrimys; (npl.) cur lhiettrimys er

ban (v.) cur fo sarey, cur lhiettrimys er; (n.) lhiettrimys, tarmestey

bafflement (n.) lhiettrimys; molley

balk2 (n.) (hindrance) lhiettrimys

bar2 (n.) (obstruction) lhiettrimys

block1 block, glack, glout, jeenysal, kiap; cur lhiettrimys er: They tried to block the bill in Tynwald - Hug ad lhiettrimys er y villey ayns Tinvaal. DF idiom; dooney; tarmestey

constriction (n.) keylaghey; lhiettalys; lhiettrimys

cramp2 (v.) (style) jannoo lhiettrimys er

discriminate (v.) jannoo lhiettrimys er

disqualification (n.) bac; jee-aarlaghey; lhiettrimys

drawback (n.) bac, lhiettrimys

hang up (n.) lhiettrimys

heat barrier (n.) lhiettrimys chiass

injunction (n.) anney; lhiettrimys; sarey

obstacle (n.) bac, clet, lhiettrimys

prevention (n.) lhiettal, lhiettalys, lhiettrimys

stintless (adj.) gyn lhiettrimys

unconstrained (adj.) gyn lhiettrimys

unconstrainedly gyn lhiettrimys

unhampered (adj.) gyn lhiettrimys

unimpeded (adj.) gyn lhiettrimys

without reserve gyn lhiettrimys

colour bar (n.) daah-scarrey, lhiettrimys-daah

learning disability (n.) lhiettrimys-ynsee

underdog (n.) eeghtyraneyn, fer fo lhiettrimys

unrestrained (adj.) gyn lhiettrimys, neusmaghtit, neustreeanit

untrammelled (adj.) gyn bac, gyn lhiettrimys

lhiettrimys-daah colour bar

lhiettrimys-ynsee learning disability

disqualify (v.) cur bac er; cur lhiettrimys er; jee-aarlaghey

freely (adv.) dy feoiltagh; dy seyr; gyn lhiettrimys

grounding bun-oayllys; gruntey; lhiettrimys er y thalloo

hamper (v.) jannoo lhiettrimys er, lhiebeidjaghey; (n.) murlhin

hazard (n.) builley barriaght, lhiettrimys, gaue; (v.) cur ayns gaue

head off (v.) cur lhiettrimys er; cur ry-lhiattee

impediment (n.) baccid, kiap snapperal, lhiettal, lhiettrim, lhiettrimys

obstruct cur bac er, jannoo lhiettrimys er, lhiettal

sanction (v.) cur chied da; (n.) kied, lhiettrimys, lowaltys, ughtarys

unhindered (adj.) gyn cumrail, gyn lhiettrimys, neuchumrit

unobstructed (adj.) foshlit, gyn lhiettalys, gyn lhiettrimys

victimization (n.) ansmaght; cass er bolg; lhiettrimys; ouralley; reih-cherraghey

abandon (v.) cur ergooyl, faagail, lhiggey lesh, treigeil; (adv.) gyn boirey, gyn lhiettrimys

balk1 (n.) bac, dreeym ingagh, immyr vane, ymmyr vane; (v.) jannoo lhiettrimys er

circumscribe cur cheorey er; cur lhiettrimys er; cur linney mygeayrt er; tayrn linney mygeart er

drag carriads kiare cabbil; gobbragh lhieen screebee; gobbragh sleayd varrey; goll dy dree; goll dy moal; lhiettrimys; sleayd screebee; sleaydey; sthroogey; tayrn: Drag it here - Tayrn eh dys shoh. DF idiom

hinder cumrail: I shall not hinder you from carrying out your project - Cha jeanym cumrail oo veih g'ymmyrkey magh dty yeearree. JJK idiom; feiyal; jannoo lhiettrimys er; lhiettal; lhiettrimagh; assee

hindrance (n.) cumrail: The more the haste the more hindrance - Myr smoo siyr smoo cumrail. JJK idiom; cur bac er, lhiettalys, lhiettrimys, lhiettrimmys

hold up cooyl-chlea; lhiettrimys; shassoo; tannaghtyn ny hassoo; troggal seose: when I hold up my hands towards the mercy-seat - when I hold up my hands towards the stoyl-y-vyghin Bible

jam1 gloo; greimmey; jingey; lhiettrimys; soo: She has some jam - Ta soo eck. JJK idiom; jingan

gagh ynnyd everywhere: S'cosoylagh dy bee yll jeant son lhiettrimys-smookal ayns gagh ynnyd- obbyr, goaill stiagh thieyn-lhionney, clubbyn, thieyn-bee, clubbyn- oie as barryn. BS


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