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lhieen tilgee casting net

lhieen (=Irlíon) 1 flax, flaxen; 2 filled a: lhieen ad y daa lhong Bible; 3 fishing net; 4 quotient; 5 toils; 6 fill; 7 complete

Inexact matches:

brelleeinyn lhieen (f.) linen sheets

Croit Lhieen Flax Croft

eggey lhieen web of linen

keeak rass-lhieen oil-linseed cake

lhieen braddan salmon net

lhieen burdoge shrimp net

lhieen coptyragh heliscoop

lhieen doo-oallee cobweb

lhieen fammanagh tail net

lhieen folican butter net

lhieen frangagh toad flax

lhieen maidjey stick net

lhieen screebee drag net, dredge net

lhieen screebey trail net; (for mines) trawl

lhieen shelgeyragh hunter's net

lhieen torpaid torpedo net

lhieen troa drift net

mwyllin lhieen flax mill

cur lhieen er y thoar grass

gobbragh lhieen screebee drag

jannoo lhieen jeh reticulate

lhieen ny benshee fairy flax

lhieen ny ferrishyn greater stitchwort, great starwort

lhieen ny hawin ivy-leafed crowfoot

ushag y lhieen (f.) linnet

butter net (n.) lhieen folican

casting net (n.) lhieen tilgee

drag net (n.) lhieen screebee

dredge net (n.) lhieen screebee

drift net (n.) lhieen troa

fishing net (n.) jeebin, lhieen

flax (n.) lhieen

flaxen (adj.) buigh-vane, lhieen

flax mill (n.) mwyllin lhieen

heliscoop lhieen coptyragh

hunter's net (n.) lhieen shelgeyragh

linen sheets (npl.) brelleeinyn lhieen

quotient (n.) co-rheynn; lhieen

salmon net (n.) lhieen braddan

stick net lhieen maidjey

tail net (n.) lhieen fammanagh

toad flax (n.) lhieen frangagh

toils lhieen

torpedo net (n.) lhieen torpaid

trail net (n.) lhieen screebey

trawl2 (for mines) lhieen screebey

complete creaghnaghey; creaghnit; jeant; slane; slane jeant; soogh; (v.) cur baare er: To complete the misfortune - Dy cur baare er y donnys. DF idiom; lhieen: Complete this form and send it to me - Lhieen y form shoh as cur hym eh. DF idiom

fill (v.) bolgey; jannoo; lhieeney: Why don't you fill the tumblers? - Cre'n oyr nagh vel shiu lhieeney ny glessyn? JJK idiom; lughtaghey; pronney; saie; lhieen: There are the tumblers, fill them - Er hen ny glessyn, lhieen ad. JJK idiom; lhieen-jee

flax seed (n.) rass-lhieen

greater stitchwort (n.) lhieen ny ferrishyn

great starwort (n.) lhieen ny ferrishyn

ivy-leafed crowfoot (n.) lhieen ny hawin

reticulation (n.) jannoo moggylagh; lhieen-obbyr

web of linen (n.) eggey lhieen

aa-lhieen (impv) replenish

lhieen-obbyr (f.) reticulation

rass-lhieen flax seed

cobweb1 (n.) lhieen doo-oallee, sneeuane; feegan y doo-oallee

fairy flax (n.) lhieen ny benshee, meeshagh

filled bolgit, lhieen; freggyrit; lhieent; lughtit; pronnit

Flax Croft (n.) Croit y Lieen, Croit Lhieen

linnet (n.) bytermyn; Phillip ny kennipey; ushag y lhieen

oil-linseed cake (n.) keeak ooill; keeak rass-lhieen

shrimp net (n.) ingagh veein, lhieen burdoge

reticulate (v.) jannoo ingagh jeh; jannoo lhieen jeh; rheynn ayns moggylyn

barrellyn barrels: Lhieen-jee kiare barrellyn lesh ushtey Bible

boteil (=Ir. buideal) (f.) pl. boteilyn bottle: lhieen ee yn boteil lesh ushtey Bible

form (admin.) form: Lhieen y form shoh as cur hym eh. DF

saic sacks: Lhieen saick ny deiney lesh beaghey Bible

sponge sponge: ghow eh sponge as lhieen eh eh lesh vinegar Bible

spunge sponge: lhieen ad spunge lesh y vinegar Bible

drag carriads kiare cabbil; gobbragh lhieen screebee; gobbragh sleayd varrey; goll dy dree; goll dy moal; lhiettrimys; sleayd screebee; sleaydey; sthroogey; tayrn: Drag it here - Tayrn eh dys shoh. DF idiom

grass (v.) cur lhieen er y thoar, cur thalloo fo faiyr; (n.) faiyr: The grass is growing - Ta'n faiyr g'aase. JJK idiom; glassyragh [L. foenum]

net (v.) ceau lieen er, cur 'syn ingagh, jannoo jeebin; (n.) ingagh: Shoot the net - Cuirr yn ingagh. DF idiom; jeebin; lieen: We fished up a dead body in the net - Hrog shin corp marroo 'sy lhieen. DF idiom; (adj.) moggyllagh

convayrtyn ravin: lhieen eh yn chagh echey lesh cragh, as ny ooigyn echey lesh convayrtyn. Bible

jough (=Ir. deoch) (f.) drink: as lhieen ee yn boteil lesh ushtey, as hug ee jough dan ghuilley Bible; beverage; booze, tipple; potation, potion; water

saick sacks: Lhieen saick ny deiney lesh beaghey, wheesh as oddys ad lhieu, as cur argid dy chooilley ghooinney, ayns beeal e hack. Bible

shassoo son stand for: Eisht lhig da shassoo son tammylt; eisht lhieen seose y claare lesh vroit gys t'eh thanney dy liooar dy ve shirveishit magh ayns plateyn er y voayrd. Dhoor

ymmyrk bear: Ymmyrk-jee erraghyn y cheilley, as myr shoh lhieen-jee yn leigh Bible; quit

replenish (v.) aalhieeney, aa-lheeiney: Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth - jean-jee bishaghey, as jean-jee yn seihll y aa-lheeiney Bible; lhiasaghey; (impv) aa-lhieen

wheesh elley as much more: cur-jee dooble jee cordail rish ny obbraghyn eck; ayns y chappan t'ee er lhieeney, lhieen-jee wheesh elley j'ee. Bible


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