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lhiat (=Ir. leat) thine; with you: hig y varriaght lhiat Bible

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bannaght lhiat adieu, cheerio, farewell: Bannaght lhiat as aigh-vie ort. Coraa

Ersooyl lhiat (impv) Clear off, Go away: Ersooyl lhiat, ass my hilley, bleb myr t'ou. Coraa

Magh lhiat (intj) Go out, Shove off

Mish lhiat (intj) (the) same here

Seose lhiat (impv) Get up, Rise up: Seose lhiat noi yn cheer shoh, as stroie eh. Bible

Slane lhiat (intj) Adieu: Agh nish ta'n skeeal ain jeant, er-lhien te traa dy scarrey. Agh higmayd reesht nyn guaiyl, Slane Lhiat, Ven-rein ny Marrey! Coraa

slane lhiat (=Ir. slán leat) bye-bye, cheerio, chin-chin; farewell, goodbye: Agh nish ta'n skeeal ain jeant, er-lhien te traa dy scarrey. Agh higmayd reesht nyn guaiyl, Slane Lhiat, Ven-rein ny Marrey! Coraa

chengey lhiam lhiat (f.) 1 double-tongued, time-serving a: Myrgeddin shegin da ny shirveishee ve soccaragh, cha nee chengey lhiam as lhiat Bible; 2 tergiversation

Cre er lhiat (interrog.) What do you think: Cre er lhiat dy vel mee? DF

dy gooidsave lhiat that it may please you: dy gooidsave lhiat dy vannaghey thie dty harvaant Bible

lhiat hym eh fetch him to me: cur fys er, as lhiat hym eh, son bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy-baase Bible

seose lhiat nish (intj) ups-a-daisy

ta mish lhiat I am with thee: As hoilshee'n Chiarn eh-hene da 'syn oie cheddin, as dooyrt eh, Mish Jee Abraham dty ayrey: ny gow aggle, son ta mish lhiat, as nee'm oo y vannaghey Bible

cheerio (n.) bannaght ayd, bannaght lhiat, slane ayd, slane lhiat

farewell (n.) aigh vie; bannaght lhiat; slane ayd; slane eu; slane lhiat: to say before thee what they had against him. Farewell - dy chur stiagh kiongoyrt rhyts cre-erbee voc dy lhiassaghey n. Slane lhiat Bible; slane lhieu, slane lhiu; my vannaght mêriu: Finally, brethren, farewell - Er-jerrey, vraaraghyn, my vannaght mêriu: Bible

double-tongued chengey lhiam lhiat

Go out (intj) Magh lhiat

Rise up (impv) Seose lhiat

same here (the) Mish lhiat

Shove off (intj) Magh lhiat

time-serving chengey lhiam lhiat

ups-a-daisy (intj) seose lhiat nish

doagh feeyney wine vat, winepress: Mannagh gooin y Chiarn lhiat, kys oddyms cooney lhiat? nee veih laare y thoalt, ny ass y doagh-feeyney? Bible

taittin (=Ir. taitin) (f.) satisfaction: My s'taittin lhiat goll marym gys Babylon, tar royd, as bee'm dooie rhyt ; agh mannagh by-haittin lhiat goll mârym gys Babylon, jean dty aigney hene Bible

Adieu (intj) Slane lhiat; (npl.) Slane eu

bye-bye (n.) slane ayd, slane lhiat

chin-chin (intj) bannaghtyn; slane; slane lhiat

fickle person (n.) lhiam-lhiat

help cooinee; cooney lesh: He is only too glad to help you - Cha nel eh laccal ny smoo na dy chooney lhiat. DF idiom; couyr: He came to my help - Haink eh dy my chouyr. DF idiom; cooin: Help yourself - Cooin lhiat hene. DF idiom; (n.) cooney: He bawled for help - Dyllee eh son cooney. DF idiom; (n.) cooneyder

turncoat (n.) lhiam-lhiat

two-faced (adj.) foalsey, lhiam-lhiat

unreliable person (n.) kirkin, lhiam-lhiat

Vicar of Bray (n.) lhiam-lhiat

lhiam-lhiat (m., f.) fickle person, inconsistent, turncoat, two-faced, unreliable person, Vicar of Bray

fetch him to me lhiat hym eh

Get up (impv) Irree; Seose lhiat; Trog ort

Go away (impv) Ersooyl lhiat; Fow royd

inconsistent (adj.) lhiam-lhiat, neuhassooagh; neureggyragh, contrartagh

tergiversation (n.) goll ergooyl, treigeilys, chengey lhiam lhiat

that it may please you dy gooidsave lhiat

Clear off1 (impv) Ass my hilley; Ersooyl lhiat; Fow royd

thee1 (pron) oo: To thee as thou deservest - Lhiat myr hoilliu. JJK idiom

What do you think (interrog.) Cre er lhiat; Cre heilys oo

arg ark: Cur lhiat back arg Yee stiagh 'syn ard-valley Bible

cheet noal come across, come over: By vie lhiat cheet noal? DF

dy tappee apace, quickly: Lhiat ayns shoh dy tappee Bible

gys shoh hitherto; hereto, hither: Cur lhiat gys shoh arg Yee Bible

troop (pl -yn) troop: tra ver oo lhiat troop-caggee doaltattym orroo Bible

Ven ooasle (voc.) Missis: C'red by vie lhiat ven ooasle? DF

adieu (n.) bannaght ayd; bannaght eu; bannaght lhiat; bannaghtyn ort; dy row mie erriu; shee dy row mayrt; slane ayd: To bid someone 'adieu' - Dy 'aagail 'slane ayd' ec fer ennagh. DF idiom

bleat (n.) maa; eamagh ny goair: Thou wouldst fain be numbered with the flock but thy bleat is the bleat of the goats - S'laik lhiat ve marish y chioltane agh ta'n eamagh ayd eamagh ny goair. JJK idiom; (v.) maaley

can I (interrog.) noddym: Can I be of any use to you? - Noddym cooney lhiat? DF idiom

carry away (v.) cur lesh ersooyl: to carry away silver and gold - dy chur lhiat ersooyl argid as airh Bible; ymmyrk ersooyl

carry back (v.) cur lesh er ash, ymmyrk er ash; cur lesh back: Carry back the ark of God into the city - Cur lhiat back arg Yee stiaghsyn ard-valley Bible

goats (npl.) goair: Thou wouldst fain be numbered with the flock but thy bleat is the bleat of the goats - S'laik lhiat ve marish y chioltane agh ta'n eamagh ayd eamagh ny goair. JJK idiom

goodbye (n.) slane: I bade him goodbye - Daag mee slane lesh. DF idiom; slane ayd, slane lhiat

good luck (n.) aigh mie: Good luck have thou with thine honour - Aigh mie dy row lhiat lesh dty ooashley; aigh vie; raah; rah; sonnys; slane imraa

prosper (v.) aigh, bishaghey, cheet er y hoshiaght, cur er y hoshiaght, cur rah er, goll er y hoshiaght, rahghey, speeideil, bishee; cheet lesh: That won't prosper for you - Cha jig shen lhiat. DF idiom

reduce (v.) cur fo chosh, goaill, injillaghey, jee-ocsaidaghey, leodaghey, lhaggaghey, thannaghey; shangaghey: Do you wish to reduce? - By vie lhiat shangaghey? DF idiom

remember (v.) cooinaghtyn: As near as I can remember - Cha mie as ta cooinaghtyn aym. DF idiom; cooinnee; aachooinaghtyn; cooinee: Remember her - Cooinnee urree. DF idiom; (interrog.) gooin: Do you remember? - Gooin lhiat? DF idiom

thine (pron) ayd; ayds; dt'; dty; lhiat; (emph.) lhiats: For thine is the kingdom - Son lhiats y reeriaght. DF idiom

Which one (interrog.) Quoi jeu: Which one do you prefer? - Quoi j'eu share lhiat? DF idiom

aigh (=Ir. ádh) (m., f.) 1 luck: Aigh mie dy row lhiat lesh dty ooashley Bible; 2 prosper a: bee aïgh vie lesh 'sy chooish shen ta foym's dy chooilleeney Bible

almoraght (f.) ignorance, nescience: Dy gooidsave lhiat dy choyrt dooin arrys firrinagh, dy leih dooin ooilley nyn beccaghyn, almoraght, as mee-hushtey PB1765

cabbaag See caabaig cake, cheese: cur lhiat ny jeih cabbaagyn shoh gys captan y thousane oc Bible

cabbaagyn cheeses: As cur lhiat ny jeih cabbaagyn shoh gys captan y thousane oc Bible

cleiyt digged; cut out: Er-lhiat dy row clagh cleiyt fegooish laueyn Bible; quarried

cooidsave vouchsafe: myr shen ta dty phooar jeh'n irree-magh dy ghoaill cooilleen dy liooar, agh dooys t'ou cur y phooar 's [y] ghloyr shen neesht, as tra [s']cooidsave lhiat, verym dhyt ad reesht PC

creoi (=Ir. crochadh) 1 adamant, difficult, distressing, hardy, heartless, obdurate, severe, stubborn; 2 dry, hard, hard-boiled, hard-set, neat, solid, steely, stiff, tough a: Hug oo lhiat farraneyn, as ushtaghyn magh ass ny creggyn creoi Bible; 3 (of frost) bitter; 4 (as language) blistering; 5 (with money) near

cur fys er contact, send for: shen-y-fa, cur fys er, as lhiat hym eh Bible

der (interrog.) shall give: der oo lhiat mee reesht gys y joan? Bible; will give; shall put

doogh bad, baleful, ill, melancholic: cur lhiat orroo yn laa doogh, as stroie ad lesh toyrt-mow ghooble Bible

dy gerjoil joyfully: Jean beaghey dy gerjoil marish y ven shynney lhiat, ooilley laghyn dty vea varvaanagh Bible

eamagh1 1 call, cry, lowing of cattle, shout a: Slaik lhiat ve marish y chioltane agh tan eamagh ayd eamagh ny goair JJK; 2 crier, shouter

er ny son ocsyn for them: Ta mee guee ort er nyn son: cha vel mee guee son theihll, agh er ny son ocsyn t'ou er choyrt dou, son she lhiat hene ad. Bible

giu ushtey (drink) water: Cur lhiat eh back mayrt gys dty hie, dy vod eh gee arran as giu ushtey. Bible; drink water

Gow uss kiarail (impv) Beware: Gow uss kiarail, nagh der oo lhiat my vac gys y cheer shen reesht. Bible

gyn fastee exposed, unscreened, unsheltered: Nagh nee dy rheynn dty arran er ny accryssee, as dy der oo lhiat ny ymmyrchee ta gyn fastee gys dty hie? Bible

lhiggin's (emph.) I would allow: Ny lhig eh Jee, dy lhiggin's lhiat eiraght my ayraghyn. Bible

mar slay: Cur lhiat ny deiney shoh thie as mar-jee, as jean jee gaarlaghey Bible [O.Ir. marba]

mooarane (=Ir. mórán) great deal, lot, many, more numerous, much, multitude: Ver oo lhiat mooarane rass magh gys y vagher Bible; considerable; great many [O.Ir. mór]

Ny Do not: Ny lhig eh Jee, dy lhiggins lhiat eiraght my ayraghyn! Bible

saittin seems best: My staittin lhiat goll marym gys Babylon, tar royd, as beem dooie rhyt; Bible

soddag (f.) bannock, thick cake: jean dooys hoshiaght soddag berreen, as cur lhiat hym eh Bible

'sy jerrey 1 astern; 2 in the end a: Dy firrinagh hig eh dy mie lhiatsy jerrey Bible

te it is: veih dty laue te cheet, as te ooilley lhiat hene Bible; it's

yindyssyn wonders: tou er choyrt lhiat magh dty phobble Israel ass cheer Egypt, lesh cowraghyn, as yindyssyn Bible

ynrican 1 absolute, particular, unique; 2 only, sole, single a: Gow nish dty vac, eer dty ynrican vac Isaac, eh shynney lhiat Bible; b: v'ee e ynrican lhiannoo Bible; 3 alone; 4 singular

cut out (v.) giarrey magh; giarit ass: but the froward tongue shall be cut out - agh bee yn chengey vee-reiltagh giarit ass Bible; cleiyt: Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands - Er-lhiat dy row clagh cleiyt fegooish laueyn Bible; (n.) scarreyder

drink iu: Finish your drink - Iu dty yough. DF idiom; giu: Will you have a drink? - Jean oo giu jough? DF idiom; (v.) oyl; (n.) bine: Would you like a little drink? - By vie lhiat bine beg? DF idiom; jough: Drink tells upon you in time - Faagee yn jough e cowrey ort lurg tammylt. DF idiom

I am with thee ta mish lhiat; ta mish mayrt: I am with thee according to thy heart - ta mish mayrt cordail rish dty aigney Bible; ta mee mayrt: Fear not: for I am with thee - Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

love1 (v.) cur graih da, graihaghey; ennoilid, ennoilys; goall, kynn; shynney: Whom do you love most? - Quoi smoo shynney lhiat? JJK idiom; graihagh: I love him with all my heart - Ta mee graihagh er lesh ooilley my chree. JJK idiom; graih: My love to your children - My ghraih da ny lhiennoo eu. JJK idiom; shynney lesh: I love my father - Shynney lhiam m'ayr. JJK idiom

slay (v.) cur gy baase, marroo; marr: Slay my two sons, if I bring him not to thee - Marr my ghaa vac, mannagh derym Bible; mar: Bring these men home, and slay - Cur lhiat ny deiney shoh thie as mar-jee Bible; stroie; (n.) sling fidderagh

troop1 (v.) cruinnaghey; (n.) troop: And Leah said, A troop cometh - As dooyrt Leah, Ta troop jeu cheet Bible; sheshaght-chaggee: a troop shall overcome him - nee sheshaghtchaggee Bible; sheshaght dy gheiney-caggee; sheshaght: and the troop of the Philistines pitched in the valley of Rephaim - as ren sheshaght ny Philistinee campal ayns coan Rephaim Bible; troop-caggee: when thou shalt bring a troop suddenly upon them - tra ver oo lhiat troop-caggee doaltattym orroo Bible

with you lhiat; lieriu, lhiu; (emph.) lieriuish, lhiuish; mayrt: Will you stay here, till I can go out with you? - Jean oo tannaghtyn aynshoh, dys oddym goll magh mayrt? JJK idiom; meriu, mêriu: I shall be with you in a minute - Bee'm meriu ayns minnid. JJK idiom; (emph.) mayrts, mayrt's; (emph.) meriuish; er nyn son eu: I do not use any ceremony with you - Cha nel mee shassoo er cliaghtey er nyn son eu. JJK idiom

credjit believed: Ny jean uss craid moom son dy vel mee screeu jeh red ve credjit er-lhiat nagh vel feeu PC

sheeynt at full stretch, dilated, drawn out, extended, flat out, laid out, low-pitched, outstretched, procumbent, prolonged, prostrate, prostrated, rakish, sprained, sprawling, spread-eagled, strained, stretched, stretched out, tense, widespread, spreadeagled: hug oo lhiat magh liorish dty phooar niartal, as lesh dty roih sheeynt magh Bible

teaym (f.) attack, bout, fit, paroxysm, seizure, spasm, swoon: Teaym noa dy hingys. DF; caprice, fad, mood, notion, vagary, whim: va fys mie aym dy row Thom ny ghooinney breagagh, as v'eh meshtalagh neesht, as ny "lhiam-lhiat" myr ta sleih ennagh tra ta teaym ocsyn er red erbee JC


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