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lhiantyn da cleave: Ta'n eayst lhiantyn da'n choorse eck. DF

lhiantyn gys cleave: Ta dagh dooinney veih e aegid lhiantyn gys olk Apoc

lhiantyn hug attach, obsess

lhiantyn huggey take after: freayll e annaghyn, as ve biallagh da e choraa, as nee shiu shirveish eh, as lhiantyn huggey. Bible; cleave

lhiantyn rish cleave, persevere, pursue, stick to: Ny-yeih ren eh lhiantyn rish peccaghyn Yeroboam mac Nebat Bible; (of garment) cling

lhiantyn ry cheilley stick together

cleave (v.) giarrey, scaaney, traaue; lhiantyn; lhiantyn da: The Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee - Ver y Chiarn er y chramp dy lhiantyn dhyt B ible; lhiantyn gys: But ye that did cleave unto the Lord your God - Agh shiuish ren lhiantyn gys y Chiarn nyn Yee Bible; lhiantyn huggey: there shall no such cleave unto me - cha jean veg nyn lheid lhiantyn hym Bible; lhiantyn rish: and cleave unto the remnant of these nations - as lhiantyn rish fooilliagh ny ashoonyn shoh Bible; scoltey: And he shall cleave it with the wings thereof - As nee eh scoltey eh lesh e skianyn er Bible; taah

following (n.) mooinjer eiyrtyssee, sleih eiyrit; (v.) lhiantyn: Following close behind - Lhiantyn faggys ny yei. DF idiom

united cochianglt; unnaneysit, unnaneyssit; lhiantyn: be not thou united - ny bee uss er dty lhiantyn Bible

cling3 (v.) (of garment) lhiantyn rish

clinging lhiantagh; lhiantyn: The dress was clinging to her - Va'n gooyn lhiantyn r'ee. DF idiom; lhiantynagh; croghey rish: She was clinging to him - V'ee croghey rish. DF idiom

obsess (v.) lhiantyn hug

stick on festal; lhiantyn

stick to (v.) lhiantyn rish

take after (v.) lhiantyn huggey

attachable (adj.) so-lhiantyn

frequent2 (v.) (to); (dy) heer-lhiantyn

habitual (adj.) cliaghtagh, lhiantyn, oashagh, oayllagh

incline (n.) ard; (v.) cleayney, faaney; (impv) croym-jee: incline your ears unto the words of my mouth - croym-jee nyn gleayshyn gys goan my veeals Bible; croym: incline thine ear to me - croym dty chleaysh hym Bible; lhiantyn: incline your heart unto the Lord God of Israel - lhig da ny creeaghyn eu lhiantyn gys y Chiarn Jee Israel Bible; ginjillaghey: That he may incline our hearts unto him - Dy vod eh ginjillaghey nyn greeaghyn huggey Bible; croymmey: So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom - Myr shen dy jean oo croymmey dty chleaysh gys creenaght Bible

persevere (v.) lhiantyn rish; shassoo magh

stuck fest; festit; pohllit; lhiantyn: I have stuck unto thy testimonies - Ta mee er lhiantyn gys dty recortyssyn Bible; soit: they ran the ship aground; and the forepart stuck fast, and remained unmoveable - roie ad y lhong er grunt; as van toshiagh eck soit cha shickyr, nagh row ee scughey Bible

geyre-lhiantyn persecution

heer-lhiantyn (dy); (to) to frequent

ry-lhiantyn (to be) continued

so-lhiantyn attachable

attach (v.) greimmey; kiangley, kiangley rish; lhiantyn hug

continued2 (to be) ry-hannaghtyn, ry-lhiantyn, tooilley ry-heet

persecution (n.) dowilghreim; geyre-eiyrtys; geyre-lhiantyn; tranlaase

pursue (v.) eiyrt er, lhiantyn rish, lorgey

run on (v.) goll er; lhiantyn; tannaghtyn

stick together (v.) lhiantyn ry cheilley; polley

scoan scarce, scarcely: scoan nee my chraueyn lhiantyn gys m'eill Bible

shiartanse dy certain, some: Ny-yeih ren shiartanse dy gheiney lhiantyn huggey Bible

opinion (n.) barel: To cling to an opinion - Dy lhiantyn rish barel. DF idiom; coyrle; smooinaght: Common opinion - Smooinaght chadjin y phobble. DF idiom; tuarym: I respect his opinion - Ta mee cur geill da'n tuarym echey. DF idiom

sacraments (npl.) sacramentyn: To frequent the sacraments - Dy heer-lhiantyn ny sacramentyn. DF idiom

bolg (=Ir., Sc.G bolg) 1 pl. builg abdomen, belly, corporation, stomach, tummy a: tan bolg ain lhiantyn gys y thalloo Bible; 2 (of lamp) bowl; 3 bilge [O.Ir. bolg]

druntyn gums: Mannagh gooin-yms orts, lhig da my hengey lhiantyn gys druntyn my veeal Bible

freayll magh keep out: Va'n 'sleih dooie' geearree freayll magh lettyraght joarree as lhiantyn rish skeealyn ny cheerey as skeealyn yn theay. Carn

Greekyn Greeks: As ren paart jeu credjal, as lhiantyn gys Paul as Silas: myr ren earroo mooar jeh ny Greekyn crauee Bible

gyn pooar powerless: Chretoor millish, cha vel ayns shen agh scaa, dty scaa faase hene, nee kinjagh lhiantyn dhyt agh gyn pooar mie ny sie y yannoo rhyt. Bible

jarroodit forgotten: lhig dooin lhiantyn gys y Chiarn ayns conaant shickyr nagh bee jarroodit. Bible

liorish bree by virtue: Liorish bree trome my ghoghan ta my choamrey er ny chaghlaa: te lhiantyn hym cha chion as mwannal my chooat. Bible

naboo pl. naboonyn neighbour: bee yn laue echey er ny lhiantyn gys laue e naboo Bible

ymmodee dy leih multitude: As hie ymmodee dy leih elley ren lhiantyn huc seose myrgeddin mâroo Bible; much people


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