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lhiaght (=Ir. leacht.) pl. lhiaghtyn bed, couch, lie, lying place: Nee my lhiabbee my gherjaghey, nee my lhiaght my accan y veeinaghey Bible; cairn, carn, standing stone; cave, sepulchre, tomb: doanluck ad eh ayns lhiaght. Bible; lodging place, house, lair: dy chooilley ghooinney ayns e lhiaght hene Bible

Inexact matches:

lhiaght cooinaght cenotaph

lhiaght cooinaghtyn monument

Lhiaght Fail Stone of Scone

cur lhiaght fo bed

Lhiaght y Kinry Kinry's Tomb

monument (n.) clagh cooinaghtyn, cowrey cooinaghtyn, leac cooinaghtyn, lhiaght cooinaghtyn; lhiaght: This monument was erected one thousand and twenty-five years ago - Va'n lhiaght shoh er ny hroggal thousane blein queig as feed er dy henney. JJK idiom

bed1 (n.) behrtragh, immyr, lhiabbagh, lhiaght, shoal; lhiabbee: Is my bed made? - Vel my lhiabbee kiartit? JJK idiom; (v.) cur lhiaght fo, cur coonlagh fo

cairn (n.) carn, carnane, lhiaght

cenotaph (n.) lhiaght cooinaght

couch (n.) aashag; bainc, baink; lhiabbee: he went up to my couch - hie eh seose gys my lhiabbee Bible; lhiaght: my couch shall ease my complaints - nee my lhiaght my accan y veeinaghey Bible; soiag

lair (n.) lhiaght

lodging place (n.) lhiaght

lying place (n.) lhiaght

sepulchre (n.) lhiaght, oaie

tomb (n.) lhiaght, tomman

Kinry's Tomb (n.) Lhiaght y Kinry

Stone of Scone (n.) Lhiaght Fail

cave (n.) guag; lhiaght; oghe, ooig; oaie

standing stone (n.) clagh hoit; lhiaght; liagh

carn (n.) carn: A large heap is made from little stones - Ta carn mooar jeant jeh claghyn beggey. DF idiom; carnane: Sand bank - Carnane geinnee. DF idiom; lhiaght

lie1 breag, breg: He said that I told a lie - Hug eh y vreag orrym. DF idiom; flip; lhiaght, lhiaghtey

fluighey water: ta mee gushtaghey my lhiabbee: as fluighey my lhiabbee: as fluighey my lhiaght lesh my yeïr. Bible; rainfall

rouailtagh itinerant, nomad, ranger, roamer, rover, stroller, wanderer: As hooar yn chenn rouailtagh, ny-cheayrtyn, oaie ny s'cooie: Cha nee ayns lhiaght fo-halloo ve, agh heese 'syn aarkey mooie. Coraa; roaming, wandering, roving; nomadic

shenn dy mie good old age: As hooar Gideon mac Yoash baase tra v'eh shenn dy mie, as v'eh er ny oanluckey ayns lhiaght Yoash e ayr Bible

house (n.) chaagh, teagh; (n.) cabbane, lhiaght; thie: and the woman was taken into Pharaoh's house - as van ven goit stiagh gys thie Pharoah Bible; (v.) cur aaght da, cur stiagh; (n.) lught eishtagh; lught eaishtagh; lugh-thie: and now when shall I provide for mine own house also? - as nish, nagh vel eh traa dou kiarail y ghoaill son my lught-thie myrgeddin? Bible; (nyn) dhie


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