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lheimmey1 hop, leap, spring: Cleigh y lheimmey. DF; long jump; embrace; serve, mate

lheimmey2 serving

Inexact matches:

barr lheimmey jumping bar

lheimmey ergooyl recoil, spring back

lheimmey seose shoot up; jump up: Eisht ren y kayt lheimmey seose er e glioon as ren eh mooar jee, as va fys oc dy nee Peddyr v'ayn dy jarroo. CL

lorg lheimmey jumping pole

meihaghan lheimmey spring balance

cleigh y lheimmey (to) take a fence

lheimmey y laair serving the mare

jumping bar (n.) barr lheimmey

jumping pole (n.) lorg lheimmey

jump up (v.) lheimmey seose

serving shirveish: Serving soldier - Sidoor er shirveish. DF idiom; shirveishagh; (v.) tendeil; lheim er: Stallion serving the mare - Collagh lheim er y laair. DF idiom; lheimmey: Stallion serving the mare - Collagh lheimmey y laair. DF idiom

spring balance (n.) meihaghan lheimmey

long jump (n.) lheim foddey, lheim liauyr, lheimmey, lheimyragh

recoil aavuilley; lheim ergooyl; lheimmey ergooyl; lheimyragh ergooyl

spring back (v.) lheimmey ergooyl; lheimyraght er ash

take a fence (v.) (to) cleigh y lheimmey

embrace clamey; cur stiagh; cur 'syn earroo; lheim; lheimmey; nuiddraghys

serving the mare (v.) lheim er y laair; lheimmey y laair

shoot up (v.) ardjaghey dy tappee, lheimmey seose, lheimyragh seose, lhiggey

collagh 1 boar, he, male, stallion a: Collagh lheimmey y laair DF; 2 joint

hop1 corlheim; corlheimyraght; daunse beg; lheim; lheimmey; lheimyragh; lus y ghargid, lus y lhionney; ob

leap flipperaght; lheim, lheïm: Leap year - Blein lheim. JJK idiom; lheimmey; lheimyragh; soutaghey

mate (n.) aavainshter, commyr, cumraag; sheshey: As black as the raven is he'll find a mate - Myr s'doo yn feeagh yiow eh sheshey. JJK idiom; (v.) cubblaghey, cur cooidjagh, jannoo colleeys, lheimmey

serve reirey; shirveish: Serve in the army - Shirveish yn armee y yannoo. DF idiom; shirveishagh; tendeil: To serve at table - Dy hendeil. DF idiom; lheimmey

spring arree; chibbyr, chibbyragh, chibbyrt, farane, farrane, farraneagh, geill, moir ny hawin; clishtey; clist, clistal, clistey; croghey er lheimaghanyn; lheim; lheimaghan; lheimmey; lheimyragh; ribbey; skeaylley

stallion (n.) collagh: Stallion serving the mare - Collagh lheimmey y laair. DF idiom; greaie; grihder

lossanyn flames: my reih ad berreen meinn-ghone v'eh orroo lheimmey three keayrtyn erskyn ny lossanyn, ny roie trooid ny lossanyn three keayrtyn dy ve shickyr jeh troar mie. Dhoor

birragyn fangs: Eisht y slane assag buinnaght foawragh, cho gial as sniaghtey er y clieau, lesh sooillyn jiargey as birragyn oarlagh er lhiurid, ren ee lheimmey magh grinderagh er yn inneen, ren corlheimyraght ergooyl voish. CL; points, spikes: she reih v'ayn eddyr baase ec birragyn yn assag buinnaght, ny baase ec birragyn ny creggyn geyre foee. CL


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