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lheeys aigney (f.) psychiatry

lheeys medical, medicament, physic, treatment: Hug eh rish yn lheeys rish feed vlein. DF; cure

Inexact matches:

lheeys harrish lheeys sovereign remedy

blaa lheeys medicinal plant

boayrd lheeys medical board

cullee lheeys (f.) medical equipment

gyn lheeys irremediable: Ta'n chingys gyn lheeys. DF

jough lheeys (f.) dose, tonic; (of medicine) draught

laue-lheeys plastagh plastic surgery

lheeys aash rest cure

lheeys billagh tree surgery

lheeys cabbil farriery

lheeys cadlee opiate

lheeys coshey chiropody

lheeys credjue faith-healing

lheeys folliaghtagh nostrum

lheeys neughruggagh physiotherapy

lioar lheeys (f.) casebook

lus lheeys (f.) medicinal plant

oikagh lheeys medical officer

ooill lheeys (f.) liniment

saase lheeys medicine

scoill lheeys (f.) clinic, medical school

sthoo lheeys medicament

stoo lheeys drug, medicine

studeyr lheeys medical student

ynnyd lheeys ambulatory

bentyn da lheeys-ollee veterinary

cur jough lheeys da dose

cur lheeys da medicate; (ply) treat

erreish da laue-lheeys postoperative

jannoo lheeys er doctor, physic

thie lheeys cheerey cottage hospital

thie lheeys chiassaghey fever hospital

thie lheeys privaajagh nursing home

medicament (n.) lheeys, lheihys, sthoo lheeys

medicinal plant (n.) blaa lheeys, lus lheeys

physic (n.) jannoo lheeys er; lheeys

sovereign remedy (n.) lheeys harrish lheeys

dose (v.) cur jough lheeys da; (n.) dourin, jough lheeys, towse

chiropody (n.) lheeys coshey

clinic (n.) lheelann, scoill lheeys

draught2 (n.) (of medicine) jough lheeys

farriery (n.) crouderys, lheeys cabbil

liniment (n.) ooill lheeys, shelliu

medical lhee; lheeys

medical board (n.) boayrd lheeys

medical equipment (npl.) cullee lheeys

medical school (n.) scoill lheeys

medical student (n.) studeyr lheeys

medicine (n.) jough lheihys, saase lheeys, stoo lheeys; chesh; medshin: How bitter this medicine is! - Nagh sharroo yn vedshin shoh! JJK idiom

nostrum (n.) lheeys folliaghtagh

physiotherapy (n.) lheeys neughruggagh

psychiatry (n.) lheeys aigney

rest cure (n.) lheeys aash

treatment (n.) corrym, lheeys, lheiys

tree surgery (n.) lheeys billagh

casebook (n.) lioar chooishyn, lioar lheeys

cure castey: That will cure the pain - Nee shen castey y pian. DF idiom; chirmaghey; couyr; cur couyr da: They cannot cure it - Cha nod ad cur couyr da. DF idiom; kiarail anmey; lheihys: The doctors will never cure him - Cha jean ny fir-lhee dy-bragh lheihys eh. JJK idiom; lhiasaghey; sailley; lheeys: Cure for sickness - Lheeys noi chingys. DF idiom

cure-all (n.) ooilley-lheeys, ooilley-lheihys

electro-therapy (n.) lectro-lheeys

faith-healing lheeys credjue; slaaney credjue

fever hospital (n.) thie lheeys chiassaghey

malpractice (n.) drogh-lheeys, drogh-oash, drogh-yannoo

medical officer (n.) offishear-lhee, oikagh lheeys

medicate (v.) cur lheeys da, lheeysaghey

oral surgery (n.) laue-lheeys-beill

orthopaedy (n.) lhiannoo-lheeys, orthopeedee, ushylagh-oaylleeaght

osteopathy (n.) laue-lheeys

panacea (n.) ooilley-lheeys, ooilley-lheihys

plastic surgery (n.) laue-lheeys plastagh

postoperative (adj.) erreish da laue-lheeys

quackery (n.) far-lheeys

quack remedy (n.) far-lheeys

radiotherapy (n.) radio-lheihys, scell-lheeys

surgery (n.) laue-lheeys, shamyr choyrlee

carbyd-lheeys ambulance

drogh-lheeys malpractice

far-lheeys quackery, quack remedy

laue-lheeys osteopathy, surgery

laue-lheeys-beill oral surgery

lectro-lheeys (f.) electro-therapy

lhiannoo-lheeys orthopaedy

ooilley-lheeys cure-all, panacea

scell-lheeys radiotherapy

ambulatory (adj.) raghidagh, shooyl; (n.) cassan killagh, ynnyd lheeys

drug (v.) cur druggey da, druggey; (n.) stoo lheeys

irremediable (adj.) gyn couyr, gyn lheeys, gyn saase, neulheeysagh

opiate (n.) cadleenag, cur cadley er, druggey-cadlee, lheeys cadlee

treat3 (ply) cur lheeys da, goaill ayns laue

veterinary (adj.) baagh-lheeyssagh; bentyn da lheeys-ollee

ambulance1 (n.) carr surranse, carr-lheihys, gleashtan lheihys; carbyd-lheeys, carbyd-lheihys

cottage hospital (n.) thie-lheihys Ƨheerey, thie lheeys cheerey, thie-lheihys cott

nursing home (n.) thie boandyrys; thie cour shenn sleih; thie lheeys privaajagh

student (n.) studeyr: Medical student - Studeyr lheeys. DF idiom; ynseydagh; schoillar

tonic aaghleaysheyder; aavreeagh; jough laynt; jough lheeys; reenagh; reeneyder; thoannagh

doctor1 (v.) cur druggey da, foalsaghey, jannoo coontys foalsey, jannoo lheeys er, karraghey, trullaghey; (n.) doctor, olloo; lhee; fer lhee: He's a full-blown doctor now - T'eh ny fer lhee kiart nish. DF idiom

hospital (n.) spittal; thie lheihys: Rush him to hospital - Roie eh gys y thie lheeys. DF idiom

gerrym (f.) 1 crowing, outcry, shouting, whoop, whooping a: nee'n dooinney girree ec gerrym y chellee Bible; 2 (of bird) call; 3 (v.) (of cock) crow: ren y kellagh gerrym yn nah cheayrt Bible; 4 avocation, mission, profession, vocation: She lheeys yn gerrym echey DF


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