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letter (v.) cur lettyryn er; screeuyn: I received a letter from my cousin the day before yesterday - Hooar mee screeuyn voish my ven-vooinjerey arroo y jea. JJK idiom; letter, lettyr: We've had no letter from him for a long time - Cha nel shin er n'gheddyn lettyryn erbee voish roish foddey. JJK idiom

letter letter: ayns spyrryd noa, as cha nee ayns y chenn letter Bible

Inexact matches:

autographical letter (n.) screeuyn ayns laue hene

black letter (n.) clou doo

block letter (n.) block-lettyr, kione-lettyr

capital letter (n.) lettyr mooar

code letter (n.) coad-lettyr

covering letter (n.) screeuyn soilshee

dominical letter (n.) lettyr yn Doonee

express letter (n.) screeuyn tappee

French letter (n.) fine Frangagh

initial letter (n.) kione-lettyr

letter balance (n.) meighaghan screeunyn

letter card (n.) caart lettyragh

letter case (n.) kishteen screeunyn

letter file (n.) coadan screeunyn

letter paper (n.) pabyr screeuyn

letter perfect (adj.) fockle er fockle

letter press (n.) clou-woailley; tecks

letter writer (n.) screeuder screeunyn

love letter (n.) screeuyn sooree

red letter (n.) jiarg-lettyragh

registered letter (n.) screeuyn recortit

small letter (n.) lettyr beg

correspond by letter (v.) co-screeu

letter of credit (n.) screeuyn daayl

letter of recommendation (n.) screeuyn moyllee

kione-lettyr (f.) block letter, capital, initial letter

block-lettyr block letter

caart lettyragh letter card

clou-woailley letter press

coadan screeunyn letter file

coad-lettyr code letter

cur lettyryn er letter

jiarg-lettyragh red letter

kishteen screeunyn letter case

lettyr beg small letter

meighaghan screeunyn letter balance

screeuder screeunyn letter writer

screeuyn recortit registered letter

screeuyn soilshee covering letter

screeuyn sooree love letter

screeuyn tappee express letter

tecks letter press

blood-letter lhiggeyder folley

letter-opener (n.) skynn screeunyn

sea-letter (n.) screeuyn lhuingey

fine Frangagh condom, French letter

lettyr mooar capital, capital letter

lettyr yn Doonee dominical letter

screeuyn daayl letter of credit

screeuyn lhuingey sea-letter

skynn screeunyn (f.) letter-opener

clou doo black letter, bold type

lhiggeyder folley blood-letter, phlebotomist; bloodletter

pabyr screeuyn letter paper, note paper

screeuyn ayns laue hene autographical letter

fockle er fockle letter perfect, literal, verbally: Chyndaait fockle er fockle. DF

herein (adv.) ayns shoh, 'sy chooish shoh, 'sy lioar shoh, 'sy screeuin shoh; sthie: The letter enclosed herein - Y screeuyn ta sthie lesh shoh. DF idiom

proceeds (n.) cosnaghyn, goailltys, troar; (v.) goll er: The letter proceeds thus - Shoh myr ta'n screeuyn goll er. DF idiom

properly (adv.) dy cairagh, dy cooie; dy kiart: I can't word the letter properly - Cha noddym fockley y screeuyn dy kiart. DF idiom

put1 (v.) chur; cur-jee; cur: Put a few shavings on top - Cur paart dy lockerskeeagh er. JJK idiom; hug: Where did you put my letter? - C'raad hug shiu my lettyr? JJK idiom

received hooar: I received a letter from my cousin the day before yesterday - Hooar mee screeuyn voish my ven-vooinjerey arroo y jea. JJK idiom; vuinn

seal (n.) raun: Lobster, mackerel and seal - Gimmagh, breck as raun. DF idiom; sail, cowrey; seal: Break the seal of a letter - Seal screeuyn y vrishey. DF idiom; (v.) sealal, cowraghey

yesterday (n., adv.) jea: The lady from whom I received a letter yesterday has been taken ill - Yn ven- seyr, voishyn hooar mee lettyr jea, ta chingys er jeet urree. JJK idiom

lettyr (=Ir. litir) pl. lettyryn character, letter: Hug ad ennym Najavo er dagh lettyr jeh'n abbyrlhit yn aght nagh bee yn chied lettyr jeh'n fockle noa yn lettyr cheddin er'n ennym Baarlagh. Carn

screeuyn (=Ir. scríbhín) pl. screeunyn brief, chitty, document, epistle, inscription, legend, letter, lettering, missive, note, notes, script: ghow Hezekiah yn screeuyn veih laue ny chaghteryn Bible

screeuyn moyllee letter of recommendation, reference: ny vel shin, myr feallagh elley, feme screeuyn moyllee hiuish, ny screeuyn moyllee veue? Bible

April (n.) Averil: Your letter is dated April the twenty-second, nineteen thirty-eight - Ta'n laa jeh'n vee er y screeuyn eu yn ghaaoo laa as feed jeh Averil, nuy keead jeig as hoght jeig as feed JJK idiom; Jerrey Arree; Mee s'jerree yn arree

stamped as clouag er: This letter is insufficiently stamped - Cha nel clouag dy liooar er y screeuyn shoh. DF idiom; cowrit, ingnit; (v.) stamp: he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him - lhieg eh er y thalloo eh, as stamp eh er. Bible; vroo

co-screeu context, countersign; correspond by letter: Eer 'sy cheer foddey shen, cha jagh y Ghailck er jarrood lesh, son rish y daa vlein yeig shoh chaie, t'eh er ve co-screeu rish earroo dy studeyryn ayns Mannin, as er-lheh rish Mainstyr Juan y Geill. Coraa


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