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lesser (adj.) (yn) chooid sloo; myn-: The lesser nobility - Yn Vyn-ooashlaght. DF idiom; (ny) sloo

Inexact matches:

celandine lesser (n.) lus ny mlainyn

Lesser Bear (n.) (Yn) Cheeaght Veg

lesser burdock (n.) boghan-doa, doa

Lesser Cuckoo (n.) Cooag veg

lesser duckweed (n.) mac-gyn-ayr

Lesser Flamingo (n.) Lossyrane beg

lesser forkbeard (n.) goayrag

lesser kestrel (n.) stannair ruy beg

lesser nobility (the); (yn) vyn-ooashlaght

lesser person (n.) fer sloo

lesser weaver (n.) caulgagh, colgagh, gibbin kialgerey

lesser whitethroat (n.) fynnag veg, scoarnagh vane veg

lesser yellowlegs (n.) goblan buigh beg

lesser black backed gull (n.) saggyrt

lesser crested tern (n.) sternag chereenagh veg

lesser grey shrike (n.) pieannad ghlass veg

lesser reed mace (n.) bossan

lesser sand eel (n.) gibbin

Lesser Sand Plover (n.) Feddag gheinnee veg

lesser short-toed lark (n.) ushag vair-ghiare veg

lesser spotted dogfish (n.) gobbag ghoal

Lesser Spotted Eagle (n.) Urley breck beg

lesser spotted woodpecker (n.) snoggeyder breck

lesser white-fronted goose (n.) guiy skead beg

Indigenous, minority and lesser-used languages (n.) Chengaghyn dooghyssagh, myn-chengaghyn as chengaghyn sloo-ymmydit

boghan-doa lesser burdock

Cheeaght Veg (f.) (Yn) Lesser Bear

Cooag veg Lesser Cuckoo

doa lesser burdock

fynnag veg (f.) lesser whitethroat

gibbin lesser sand eel

gibbin kialgerey lesser weaver

goayrag (f.) lesser forkbeard

Lossyrane beg Lesser Flamingo

mac-gyn-ayr lesser duckweed

vyn-ooashlaght (f.) (yn); (the) lesser nobility

lesser-used (adj.) sloo-ymmydit

gobbag ghoal (f.) lesser spotted dogfish

goblan buigh beg lesser yellowlegs

lus ny mlainyn (f.) celandine lesser

scoarnagh vane veg (f.) lesser whitethroat

sloo-ymmydit lesser-used

snoggeyder breck lesser spotted woodpecker

stannair ruy beg lesser kestrel

colgagh lesser weaver; peppery; prickly, spiky; petulant; wayward

Feddag gheinnee veg Lesser Sand Plover

guiy skead beg lesser white-fronted goose

pieannad ghlass veg (f.) lesser grey shrike

sternag chereenagh veg (f.) lesser crested tern

Urley breck beg Lesser Spotted Eagle

ushag vair-ghiare veg (f.) lesser short-toed lark

caulgagh (adj.) barbed, bearded, bristly, prickly, waspish; bad-tempered, exasperating, truculent; (f.) lesser weaver

spotted (adj.) breck: Lesser spotted woodpecker - Snoggeyder breck. DF idiom; brigginagh; spohttagh, spottagh; spohttit; brack

bossan lesser reed mace, wort: Yn boayl ta bossan, luss as blaa Nyn soaral millish skeaylley lhean. Coraa; penis; protrusion

Chengaghyn dooghyssagh, myn-chengaghyn as chengaghyn sloo-ymmydit Indigenous, minority and lesser-used languages

chooid sloo (yn) fewest, least, lesser, at the least: yn chooid sloo nyn lheid as nagh row cliaghtit er roïe Bible

fer sloo lesser person: Son veihn fer sloo eer gys y fer smoo jeu, ta dy chooilley unnane sondagh er cosney Bible

myn- (pref.) diminutive, lesser, little, minced, miniature, minor, minute, petty: T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel ny Sostnee as ny Yernee boirit mychione ceau argid er myn-chengaghyn (Yernish ayns Nerin!) Carn; filings; elaborate, exhaustive: Myn-choontey jeh'n skeeal. DF; niggling, trifling

saggyrt pl. saggartyn 1 (holy orders) clerk; 2 clergyman, churchman, padre, parson, priest, vicar a: nee'n saggyrt cooilleeney urree ooilley'n leigh shoh Bible; 3 grey gurnard; 4 lesser black backed gull [L. sacerdur]

sloo1 (=Ir. is ) (comp./sup.) least, minimal, shortest, smallest, less, lesser, littler, shorter, smaller: cha ren shin yn assee sloo da dty vochillyn Bible; fewer

sloo2 (ny) less, lesser, littler, shorter, smaller: cha dinsh ee veg da, ny sloo ny ny smoo, derrey'n voghrey. Bible


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