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leoie (=Ir. luaith, Sc.G. luath) (f.) ash: ver-ym lhiam oo gys leoie y thalloo Bible; dross [O.Ir. dative lúaith]

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tayrneyraght phenn-leoie (n.) pencil illustration

kishtey leoie ashbox

Caillin ny Leoie Cinderella: Ta sym mooar ec scoillaryn neesht - cha nel y Ghaelg ain Caillin ny Leoie ny sodjey. Dhoor

jannoo leoie jeh incinerate

Jecrean ny Leoie (f.) Ash Wednesday: Jikreyn t'iyri, na yn gheid la dyn ghariis. PB1610

wallow ymmylt, ymmyltey; gymmylt: they shall wallow themselves in the ashes - nee ad gymmylt adhene sy leoie Bible; seiy: and wallow thyself in ashes - as seiy oo henesy leoie Bible; strepey

ash (n.) cray; leoie; potash; unjin

ashbox (n.) kishtey leoie, kishtey leoh

ashtray (n.) leoireydane; shlig-leoie

pencil illustration (f.) tayrneyraght phenn-leoie

shlig-leoie (f.) ashtray

Ash Wednesday (n.) Jecrean ny Leoie, Laa-Ynnyd

Cinderella (n.) Caillin ny Leoh; Caillin ny Leoie

incinerate (v.) doo-lostey, jannoo leoie jeh, lostey

gymmylt wallow: nee ad gymmylt adhene sy leoie

tayrneyraght (f.) illustration: Tayrneyraght phenn-leoie. DF

goaill arrys repent: ta mee goaill arrys ayns joan as leoie. Bible

pannaghyn pans: nee oo pannaghyn dy ghoaill y leoie Bible

illustration (n.) caslys, sollyssid; tayrneyraght: Pencil illustration - Tayrneyraght phenn-leoie. DF idiom

pans (npl.) pannaghyn: And thou shalt make his pans to receive his ashes - As nee oo pannaghyn dy ghoaill y leoie Bible; pannyn: and baked it in pans - as vroie ad eh ayns pannyn Bible

boayl glen 1 clearing in forest; 2 clean place a: ver eh lesh magh y leoie cheu-mooie jehn champ, gys boayl glen. Bible

foddey er-dy-henney lang syne, long ago, long since: veagh ad er ghoaill arrys foddey er-dy-henney ayns aanrit-sack as leoie Bible

gorrym jiarg purple: As gowee ad ersooyl yn leoie veihn altar, as skeaylee ad harrish eaddagh gorrym-jiarg. Bible

maylartys mutuality, reciprocity, transposition: Penn er ny chur ayns maylartys er son penn-leoie. DF

meliaghyn basons: As nee oo pannaghyn dy ghoaill y leoie, as ny sleaystyn, as ny meliaghyn, as ny aalyn, as ny censeryn echey Bible

ollan (f.) (pl -yn) wool: Teh tilgey sniaghtey myr ollan: as skeayley yn lheeah-rio myr leoie. Bible

dross (n.) dross: Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross - Vac y dooinney, ta thie Israel er jeet dy ve dross Bible; leoie, mergid, scoodin, saill, scroig; kesh: Thou puttest away all the ungodly of the earth like dross - Tou sheebey ersooyl ooilley mee-chrauee yn thallooin myr kesh Bible; trustyr: Thy silver is become dross - Ta dty argid er ny hyndaa gys trustyr Bible

gather up (v.) chymsee seose: Gather up thy wares out of the land - chymsee seose dty chooid ass y cheer Bible; chymsaghey: And a man that is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer - As nee dooinney glen chymsaghey leoie yn cholbagh Bible; troggal

given in return for (v.) coonrit: Pen given in return for a pencil - Penn er coonrit son penn-leoie. DF idiom

seiy agitate, bear down, churn, churning, foment, fomentation, knife, litter, lunge, mixing, mixture, prod, propel, propulsion, protrusion, push, pushing, shove, shoving, stick, stir, stir up, thrust, tilt, tilting, transfix; (of bull) gore; upstroke; dipped: varr ad mannan jeh ny goair, as seiy ad yn cooatsyn uill Bible; troubled: ny diunidyn myrgeddin vad er nyn seiy Bible; wallow, muddy: jean aanrit-sack y chryssey mood, as seiy oo henesy leoie Bible; mingle, mix up: nee ad seiy ad hene fud sluight deiney Bible; stab: Lesh y chied seiy dy chosney yn varriaght DF; trouble: ren oo seiy ny ushtaghyn lesh dty chassyn Bible; mingled

tashtey cache, deposit, dump, dumping, hoard, keep, lay up, put by, save, saving, stockpile, stock up, store, stow: Ga dy vel eh tashtey seose argid myr joan Bible; (n.) pl. tashtaghyn treasure, fund, stowage, lodgement: Ta carrey mie tashtey vooar. JJK; reserve price; gather up: As nee dooinney glen chymsaghey leoie yn cholbagh, s tashtey seose eh cheumooie Bible; damp, dew


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