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leodaghey (morally) cheap; decrease, degrade, depreciate, derogate, detract, detractor, diminution, dislike, disparage, disparagement, disrespect, drop, dull, impair, impairment, minimize, mitigate, mitigation, offset, reduce, reduction, remission, subtract, undervalue; diminish: shen-y-fa neem's uss myrgeddin y leodaghey Bible; impoverished

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leodaghey jaagh smoke abatement

impoverished (adj.) kercheenagh; (v.) leodaghey: We are impoverished - Ta shin er nyn leodaghey Bible

cheap2 (adj.) (morally) injillaghey; leodaghey

degrade (v.) injillaghey, leodaghey

derogate (v.) leodaghey; leod

detract (v.) leodaghey; leod

detractor (n.) cooyl-caayntagh; leodaghey

diminution (n.) leodaghey, parail

dislike (v.) leodaghey; (n.) meehaitnys; leod

disrespect (v.) leodaghey; (n.) meearrym; mee-ooashley

impair (v.) leodaghey, milley

impairment (n.) leodaghey, milley

minimize (v.) jannoo sloo, leodaghey

mitigate (v.) leodaghey, lhaggaghey

mitigation (n.) leodaghey, leshtal, lhaggaghey

smoke abatement leodaghey jaagh

subtract (v.) goaill veih, leodaghey

reducible (adj.) yn-leodaghey

yn-leodaghey reducible

diminish (v.) jannoo ny sloo; leodaghey; traih

disparagement (n.) jannoo beg jeh, jee-voylley, leodaghey

offset ashchlou; buinnag; jalloo-phrental; leodaghey; sprangan; toshiagh

reduction (n.) injillaghey, leodaghey, leodys, lhaggaghey, thannaghey

depreciate (v.) coontey beggan jeh, injillaghey, jannoo beg jeh, leodaghey, tuittym

disparage (v.) jannoo beg jeh, leodaghey, tayrn drogh ghoo er, tayrn jee-voylley er

remission (n.) leih, leihys, leodaghey, lhiggey, lhiggey lesh, maih, maihys, pardoon, pardoonys

undervalue (v.) coontey beggan jeh, coontey fo'n 'eeuid, leodaghey, meephrioseil, soiaghey beg jeh; leod

ocsygien oxygen: Ta'n emshyr heh er leodaghey yn ocsygien syn ushtey. BS

decrease (v.) leodaghey; paarail; parail: He must increase, but I must decrease - Shegin dasyn bishaghey, agh shegin dooys parail Bible; goll ergooyl

dull1 dree; dromm; jannoo moandagh; leodaghey; moal: The dull season - Yn traa moal. DF idiom; mooghey; neughloassey

ordinary cadjin; gagh-laa: and have diminished thine ordinary food - as er leodaghey dty veaghey gagh-laa Bible

reduce (v.) cur fo chosh, goaill, injillaghey, jee-ocsaidaghey, leodaghey, lhaggaghey, thannaghey; shangaghey: Do you wish to reduce? - By vie lhiat shangaghey? DF idiom

boghtinys poverty: Dooyrt ee dy nhegin jannoo red ennagh dy leodaghey yn boghtinys ayns cheeraghyn ta goll er lhiasaghey. BS

carboan carbon, carbon deposit: Ragh shen marish jeeanid dy chummal ayns seihll glass, yinnagh Bretyn roshtyn liorish leodaghey as geddyn rey rish croghey er connaghyn-carboan as shaleeyn glassey elley. Carn

cochruinnaght multitude: Son bee ny plaaseyn treigit ; bee cochruinnaght yn ard-valley er ny leodaghey Bible

colught gas gas company: Ta'n colught Gas Vannin er chur sheear leodaghey prios-brash, myr v'ad kiarail jannoo roish shoh. BS

gassyn gases: Ta sleih yn phossan fockley nyn imnea as Ynnyd y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit cour Faaishnys-Emshyr cur faaue dy nod sleih leodaghey ny gassyn thieyn-gless ta goll er livrey syn aer. BS

Gas Vannin Manx Gas: Ta'n colught Gas Vannin er chur sheear leodaghey prios-brash, myr v'ad kiarail jannoo roish shoh. BS

Gow kiarail2 (impv) Watch your step: Gow kiarail nagh bee oo mollit, as er dy leodaghey liorish lheid y rouanys costal. Apoc; Take care; Take heed

kiare feed as jeih ninety: scrutaghey yn aght va slattyssyn-keesh dellal rish leodaghey keesh-turrysid er ny lhiasaghey ec y toshiaght jeh ny bleeantyn kiare feed as jeih BS

prios-brash surcharge: Ta'n colught Gas Vannin er chur sheear leodaghey prios-brash, myr v'ad kiarail jannoo roish shoh. BS

sornaigys sewage, sewerage: Dooyrt Mainshtyr Harrison dy vel obbyr yn çheshaght echey foast lane ymmyrçhagh, ga dy jean y skeym-sornaigys feiy yn Ellan leodaghey sollaghey dy mooar. BS

drop bine: Until the drink was drunk down to the last drop - Derrey va'n jough iuit da'n vine s'jerree. DF idiom; shilley; brey; cliejeen; cooylley; cur stiagh; drig; drigey; drishlagh; faarney; jeeigane; jolt; leodaghey; lhiargagh; lhieggey, lhiggey neose; skyrraghtyn fockle; tuittym; strig

jannoo ny sloo diminish, lessen: agh she foays kiart y briwnys jeant ec Cormeyder y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit dy leodaghey liorish lieh-cheead sy cheead y cheesh ta goll er eeck ocsyn ta jannoo ny sloo na tree meeilley stoandey sy vlein. BS


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