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leeideilagh 1 conductor, leader, principle, ringleader a: ta Jee hene marin son nyn leeideilagh Bible; 2 conductive, directional; 3 directive

Inexact matches:

feysht leeideilagh leading question

greie leeideilagh direction finder

gyn leeideilagh leaderless

leeideilagh ersooyl abductor

leeideilagh kiaullee precentor

leeideilagh purtey pilot

leeideilagh soiag usher

leeideilagh tendreil lightning conductor

stob leeideilagh direction post

streng leeideilagh (f.) lead in

gyn leeideilagh purtey unpiloted

abductor (n.) leeideilagh ersooyl

conductive (adj.) leeideilagh; ymmyrkee

directional (adj.) leeideilagh

direction finder (n.) greie leeideilagh

direction post (n.) stob leeideilagh

leaderless (adj.) gyn leeideilagh

leading question (n.) feysht leeideilagh

lightning conductor (n.) leeideilagh tendreil

precentor (n.) leeideilagh kiaullee

principle (n.) bun, co-oyr, reill; leeideilagh: The governing principle - Yn ard leeideilagh. DF idiom; prinsabyl: He did it on principle - Ren eh er prinsabyl eh. DF idiom

ringleader (n.) ard-veereiltagh, kione, leeideilagh

ard-leeideilagh captain, governing principle: Myrgeddin roish nish, tra va Saul ny ree harrin, uss va ard-leeideilagh Israel Bible

conductor1 (n.) condughteyr; fer-reill; leeideilagh; stiureyder

directive anney, sarey; leeideilagh, oardagh

governing principle (n.) ard-leeideilagh, banglane

non-conducting (adj.) neu-leeideilagh

non-conductor (n.) neu-leeideilagh

transducer (n.) tessen-leeideilagh

usher (n.) dorryser; guilley; leeideilagh soiag

drogh-leeideilagh misleading

neu-leeideilagh non-conducting, non-conductor

tessen-leeideilagh transducer

lead in leeid stiagh; streng leeideilagh; streng neose

misleading drogh-leeideil; drogh-leeideilagh; meestiuragh; shaghrynagh

unpiloted gyn leeideilagh purtey; gyn stiureyder; neustiurit

leader ard-art; ard-reiltagh; fer toshee: He was leader in deed though not in name - V'eh yn fer toshee dy feer, ga nagh row yn ennym er. DF idiom; kione toshee; kione-fenee; leadeilagh, leeideilagh; leeideiltagh; oayllagh; toshiagh

pilot (n.) leeideilagh purtey, pilot; stiureyder: Drop the pilot - Yn stiureyder y chur er cheer. DF idiom; (v.) stiurey

oaseir pl. oaseiryn 1 overseer a: Ish ta fegooish leeideilagh, oaseir, ny fir-reill Bible; 2 superintendent, supervisor, warden; 3 guardian

raaidey of the road, of the way: dy vel oo er hreigeil yn Chiarn dty Yee, va dty leeideilagh raaidey? Bible

captain1 (n.) ard-leeideilagh, captan glass, captan lhuingey, captan marrey, kiannoort; captan: Ship under command of Captain Watterson - Lhong fo kioneys Captan Kodhere. DF idiom

shaghrynys credjue heresy; sect: Ta shin er gheddyn yn dooinney shoh fer erskyn towse boiragh, as doostey anvea mastey ooilley ny Hewnyn er feaï-ny-cruinney, as ny ard-leeideilagh ayns shaghrynys credjue ny Nazarenee Bible


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