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lectragh (=Ir. leictrach) electric, electrical: v'ad jannoo ymmyd jeh dagh schlei noa ayns ny jallooghyn, soilshaghyn chentyn as y lhied, as greienyn kiaullee noa-emshyragh lectragh. Carn; electro-

Inexact matches:

astan lectragh (f.) electric eel

baareyder lectragh electric razor

baase lectragh electrocution

bolgan lectragh lamp bulb

builley lectragh electric shock

caabyl lectragh electric cable

chymshal lectragh electric circuit

coair lectragh electric wire

coigee lectragh (f.) power loom

corrag lectragh electric wall switch

dy lectragh electrically

ingagh lectragh (yn); (the) grid

lhaggin lectragh electric socket

lughteyder lectragh charger

lught lectragh charge, electric charge

magnaid lectragh (f.) electro-magnet

niart ushtey-lectragh hydroelectric power

pioban lectragh cable conduit, electric conduit

plug lectragh electric plug

pooar ushtey-lectragh hydroelectric power

rasoor lectragh electric razor

scarrag lectragh (f.) electric ray

scarrey lectragh electrolysis

soilshey lectragh electric light, electric torch

sollys lectragh electric light

sorn lectragh electric cooker

streng lectragh (f.) electric wire

stroo lectragh current, juice

toor lectragh pylon

trimmid lectragh charge

Cooid Lectragh, Thie as Gaihaghyn Electrical, Home and Toys

Raad-yiarn Lectragh Vannin Manx Electric Railway

recortys lectragh y chree (f.) electro-cardiogram

electric light (n.) soilshey lectragh, sollys lectragh

electric razor (n.) baareyder lectragh, rasoor lectragh

electric wire (n.) coair lectragh, streng lectragh

hydroelectric power (n.) niart ny glionteenyn, niart ushtey-lectragh, pooar ushtey-lectragh

charge1 currym: I take charge of him - Ta e churrym orrym. DF idiom; lught lectragh, trimmid lectragh; orraghey; sarey

cable conduit (n.) pioban lectragh

electrical (adj.) electragh, lectragh

electrically (adv.) dy lectragh

electric cable (n.) caabyl lectragh

electric charge (n.) lught lectragh

electric circuit (n.) chymshal lectragh

electric conduit (n.) pioban lectragh

electric cooker (n.) sorn lectragh

electric eel (n.) astan lectragh

electric plug (n.) plug lectragh

electric ray (n.) scarrag lectragh

electric shock (n.) builley lectragh

electric socket (n.) lhaggin lectragh

electro- lectragh

electrolysis (n.) scarrey lectragh

electro-magnet (n.) magnaid lectragh

grid2 (n.) (the); (yn) ingagh lectragh

lamp bulb (n.) bolgan lectragh

power loom (n.) coigee lectragh

pylon (n.) pylon, toor lectragh

diesel electric deesyl-lectragh

dynamo-electric (n.) dynamo-lectragh

electric wall switch (n.) corrag lectragh

electro-cardiogram (n.) recortys lectragh y chree

hydroelectric (adj.) ushtey-lectragh

thermoelectric (adj.) chiass-lectragh, chiassmeadragh

thermoelectrical (adj.) chiassmeadragh, chiass-lectragh

chiass-lectragh thermoelectric, thermoelectrical

deesyl-lectragh diesel electric

dynamo-lectragh dynamo-electric

ushtey-lectragh hydroelectric

electric torch (n.) londeyr poagey, soilshey lectragh

electrocution (n.) baase lectragh, marroo lesh lectraghys

Manx Electric Railway (n.) Raad-yiarn Lectragh Vannin

Electrical, Home and Toys (n.) Cooid Lectragh, Thie as Gaihaghyn

charger (n.) cabbyl caggee; lughteyder lectragh; claare: Give me here John Baptist's head in a charger - Cur dou ayns shoh kione Ean Bashtey er claare Bible

current1 (n.) stroo, immeeaght; stroo lectragh; troa: The current is against us - Ta'n troa nyn oi. DF idiom

electric (adj.) electragh: We have electric light - Ta soilshey electragh ain. JJK idiom; lectragh

juice (n.) pedryl; soo: I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate - yinnins dhyt jough feeyney spiceit lesh soo my phomegranate Bible; soolagh; stroo lectragh

laareagh (f.) floored, flooring: Ta Barrantee Rhumsaa geearree lhiasaghey ynnyd Raad-Yiarn Lectragh Vannin ayns y valley myr pairk-ghleashtan yl-laareagh. BS

noa-emshyragh latter-day, modern, modernistic, new-style: v'ad jannoo ymmyd jeh dagh schlei noa ayns ny jallooghyn, soilshaghyn chentyn as y lhied, as greienyn kiaullee noa-emshyragh lectragh. Carn

tram tram: Raink mee Rhumsaa mysh lieh lurg tree 'syn astyr, ghow mee cappan dy chaffee ayns shen as haink mee er ash dys Doolish er y tram lectragh. Dhoor


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