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leaystey 1 bank, boggle, brandish, dangle, fluctuate, heel, hesitate, loll, oscillate, rock, roll, see-saw, sway, swerve, swing, swing back, vacillate, waddle a: Caid ta shiu leaystey eddyr daa chredjue? Bible; 2 balancing, fluctuating, hesitating, lolling, reeling, rocking, swinging, swaying, vacillating, waddling, wavering; 3 (of hand) wave; 4 (of fixture) waver; 5 fluctuation, hesitation, oscillation, vacillation; 6 decline: cha jean oo leaystey veihn vriwnys oc, gys y laue yesh ny gys y laue chiare Bible; 7 reel, stagger: teh cur orroo dy leaystey myr dooinney meshtal. Bible; 8 tossed: fardalys leaystey noon as noal mâroosyn ta geiyrt er toyrt-mow Bible; 9 stumble: tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible; 10 jumping: sheean freaney ny queeylyn, as lheimyraght ny cabbil, as leaystey ny fainee. Bible; 11 unstable

Inexact matches:

clagh leaystey (f.) (stone) logan

gienneyder co-leaystey convulsant

gyn leaystey unhesitating, unwavering

leaystey sooilley nystagmus

lhiabbee leaystey (f.) hammock

maidjey leaystey trapeze

shooyl leaystey waddle

cur er leaystey oscillate

leaystey er ash swing back

thummey as leaystey (as ship) toss

oscillate (v.) cur er leaystey; leaystey

swing back cooyl leaystagh; leaystey; leaystey er ash

waddle leaystey; shooyl gollrish thunnag; shooyl leaystey; sprangagh; sprangaghey

hesitation (n.) leaystey: Without the slightest hesitation - Gyn leaystey erbee. DF idiom; thittys

see-saw (n.) laair vaidjey, maidjey corragh; (v.) leaystey: With a see-saw motion - Leaystey seose as neose. DF idiom

balancing (v.) leaystey

boggle (v.) leaystey

brandish (v.) craa; leaystey

dangle (v.) leaystey

decline failleil; goll sheese; jee-chleaney; obbal; parail; shymley; shymlid; tuittym; leaystey: thou shalt not decline from the sentence which they shall shew thee - cha jean oo leaystey veihn vriwnys oc Bible

fluctuate (v.) kirkinagh; leaystey

fluctuation (n.) kirkinys, leaystey

hesitate (v.) leaystey

hesitating (v.) leaystey; thittagh

jumping1 lheim; lheimyragh; leaystey: and of the pransing horses, and of the jumping chariots - as lheimyraght ny cabbil, as leaystey ny fainee Bible

logan (n.) (stone) clagh leaystey

loll (v.) leaystey

lolling (v.) leaystey; sheeley magh

nystagmus (n.) leaystey sooilley

oscillation (n.) leaystey

reeling leaystagh; leaystey

sway leaystey; lunjeaney; mooireerey

swaying (v.) leaystey, lunjeaney, mooireerey

swerve leaystey; slew; slewal

swing (v.) cassey, croghey, dooney, lunjeaney; leaystey: To swing to and fro - Dy leaystey noon as noal. DF idiom; (n.) leayst-chiaull; leaystane, lunjean, builley geaylin

toss6 (v.) (as ship) thummey as leaystey

tossed surlit; leaystey

vacillation (n.) leaystey

waddling leaystagh; sprangagh; leaystey

waver3 (v.) (of fixture) leaystey

convulsant (n.) gienneyder co-leaystey

convulse (v.) co-leaystey

convulsion (n.) co-leaystey

hammock (n.) lhiabbee leaystey, lhiabbee lhuingey

heavy swell (n.) trome-leaystey

rocking leaystagh; leaystey; lheshagh; loaganagh

stumble (v.) snapperal: and thy foot shall not stumble - as dty chass cha jean snapperal Bible; skyrraghtyn: when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble - tra tou roie, cha jean oo skyrraghtyn Bible; leaystey: they err in vision, they stumble in judgment - tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible

swinging leaystagh; leaystey; lunjeanagh; lunjeaney

trapeze (n.) leaystane etlagh, maidjey leaystey

co-leaystey convulse, convulsion

do-leaystey unshakeable

trome-leaystey heavy swell

unhesitating (adj.) gyn faitys, gyn leaystey, gyn neuhickyrys

unshakeable (adj.) do-chraa, do-heiy, do-leaystey, do-voirey, neuchorragh

unwavering (adj.) beayn, gyn leaystey, kinjagh, neuchaghlaaee, shickyr

vacillate (v.) dy ve eddyr daa choyrle, leaystey

vacillating eddyr daa choyrle; leaystey; lunjeanagh

fluctuating eddyr daa choyrle; goll neese sheese; kirkinagh; leaystey; lheaystagh

stagger (v.) cur loagan er, loaganey, scarrey veih my cheilley, loagan; bunjernagh; leaystey

tossing tilgey: Pitching and tossing - - Thummey as leaystey. DF idiom

unstable (adj.) anshickyr, corragh, frittagh, neuchinjagh, neufondagh, neuhassooagh, neuhickyr, rouaillagh, teaymagh; leaystey, loaganagh, lhagchredjuagh

lheimyraght (f.) leaping: lheimyraght ny cabbil, as leaystey ny fainee. Bible; pransing, prancing

cradle (n.) clean: There's a man or two rocking a cradle of another's child - Ta dooinney ny ghaa leaystey clean nagh vel bentyn da hene. DF idiom; (v.) cur ayns clean

drunken (adj.) meshtoil; meshtal: and he maketh them to stagger like a drunken man - as teh cur orroo dy leaystey myr dooinney meshtal bible; (v.) er-meshtey: How long wilt thou be drunken? - Caïd vees oo myr shoh er-meshtey? Bible

heel (n.); boyn: The heel of the foot - Boyn ny coshey. DF idiom; saayl; (v.) cur lhong er e cheu, leaystey

reel clowan; cron-toghrish; crossey; leaystey; loaganey; pern; reel: Foursome reel - Reel da kiare. DF idiom; rollian; togherys; reamlagh

rock1 (n.) carrick; creg: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom; craa-chiaull; goayl; (v.) leaystey, loaganey

roll leaystey; queeyllaghey; rollag; roll, rolley: Call the roll - Yllee yn rolley. DF idiom; rowlal; rowley; hyndaa; arran bainney: I'll take a roll - Go'ym arran-bainney. JJK idiom

wave3 (of hand) craa: And he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord - As nee eshyn craa noon as noal yn vunney fenish y Chiarn Bible; leaystey

wavering anshickyrys, craagh; anshickyr, kirkinagh, leaystagh, loaganagh, teaymagh; (v.) jannoo kirkinys, leaystey, tuittym; lheaystey: But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering - Agh lhig da geearree ayns credjue, fegooish lheaystey Bible

meshtal (=Ir. misgeamhuil) tipsy, vinous: T'ad criht noon as noal, as leaystey myr dooinney meshtal Bible

bank1 (n.) broogh: The river's bank - Broogh ny hawin. DF idiom; banc: We had a communication from the bank - Hooar shin screeuyn voish y vanc. DF idiom; thie-argid, thie argid; boghlane, brooghane, claddagh; (v.) carnane y yannoo, dellal rish y vanc; cleayney, leaystey

cottage (n.) bwaag: The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage - Neen thalloo leaystey noon as noal myr dooinney meshtal, as bee eh er ny astyrt myr bwaag Bible; bwane: And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard - As ta inneen Zion treigit myr bwane ayns garey-feeyney Bible; bwaane; cott

bwaag (f.) pl. bwaagyn booth: T'eh dy hroggal e hie myr lhemeen, as myr y bwaag ta'n bochilley dy yannoo. Bible; bower, cabin, lodge, hut, pavilion, shed; small shop; cot, cottage: Nee'n thalloo leaystey noon as noal myr dooinney meshtal, as bee eh er ny astyrt myr bwaag Bible; tent: Ta my eash er n'gholl shaghey, as te scughit voym myr bwaag bochilley Bible; round stone, cobble


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