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leak drigey; faarn: Stop a leak - Faarn y yingey. DF idiom; faarney; jannoo ushtey; lhiggey magh; lhiggey stiagh; towl: Stop a leak - Towl y yingey. DF idiom

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grid leak skeiy ghreilley

skeiy ghreilley (f.) grid leak

drigey distil, distillation, drip, drop, leak: Ta'n fyseid drigey. DF; dripping

faarn leak: trooid mee-rioose ny laueyn ta'n faarn shilley trooid y chlea. Bible

jannoo ushtey leak: Boalley ta jannoo ushtey. DF; (of boat) take in

faarney (f.) 1 drip, dripping, drop, get in; 2 leak, leakage a: Ec y traa cheddin va naight faarney mychione treiltys follit ec British Petroleum dy ghoaill toshiaght er tarrarey son ooill faggys da Ellan Barraie. Carn; 3 ferns

lhiggey magh (work) allocation; assignation, discharge, emit, leak, leakage, let out, pay out, rap out, utterance, veer, vent, venting: t'eh lhiggey magh ny tendreilyn lesh y fliaghey Bible

lhiggey stiagh admit, initiate, leak: Aer ghlen y lhiggey stiagh ayns shamyr. DF; admission, initiation, leakage; let in

towl 1 pl. tuill aperture, bore, boring, cavity, crater, eyehole, hole, hollow, leak, penetration, perforation, port, pothole, shaft, vent, vent-hole, water supply a: follee eh ayns shen ayns towl fo'n chreg Bible; 2 (of gun) bore; 3 (of fox) burrow, den, earth


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