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leah (=Ir. luath) See s'leaie early, prompt, swift, soon, betimes: As scrieu Moses ooilley goan y Chiarn, as dirree eh leahsy voghrey Bible

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cha leah so quickly: Kys dy vel oo er gheddyn eh cha leah my vac? Bible

dy leah quickly, soon, betimes, hastily: ghow ad dy leah greme er yn ockle Bible

lossreeyn leah early vegetables

cha leah as as soon as: cha leah as haink ad dy cheilley Bible

Cre cha leah (interrog.) How soon: As tra honnick e ostyllyn shoh, ghow ad yindys, gra, Cre cha leah as ta'n billey figgagh er chreenagh roish? Bible

Skeym Eeckys Leah Early Payment Scheme

Skeym Eeckyssyn Leah Early Payments Scheme

soon (adv.) dy gerrid: She'll be coming soon - Bee ee cheet dy-gerrid. JJK idiom; dy leah: I hope I shall soon see you again - Ta mee treishteil dy vaikym shiu dy-leah reesht. JJK idiom; leah: Soon ripe soon rotten - Leah appee leah loau. JJK idiom

betimes (adv.) dy traa, dy leah, leah

rotten (adj.) breinn, graney, guirragh, kercheenagh, lheahree, molkit; loau: Soon ripe soon rotten - Leah appee leah loau. JJK idiom

early vegetables (npl.) lossreeyn leah

How soon (interrog.) Cre cha leah: How soon is the fig tree withered away - Cre cha leah as tan billey figgagh er chreenagh roish? Bible

ripe (adj.) appee: Soon ripe soon rotten - Leah appee leah loau. JJK idiom; creen; creeney: Ripe fields - Magheryn creeney. DF idiom

so quickly cha leah

as soon as cha leah as: And as soon as she saw them with her eyes, she doted upon them - As cha leah as honnick ee ad lesh e sooillyn, va yn aigney eck soit orroo Bible; cha leahs: for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children - son cha leahs va Zion er-troailt, hug ee son y theihll e cloan. Bible; erreish da: as soon as Isaac had made an end of blessing Jacob - erreish da Isaac ver choyrt e vannaght da Jacob Bible

troop1 (v.) cruinnaghey; (n.) troop: And Leah said, A troop cometh - As dooyrt Leah, Ta troop jeu cheet Bible; sheshaght-chaggee: a troop shall overcome him - nee sheshaghtchaggee Bible; sheshaght dy gheiney-caggee; sheshaght: and the troop of the Philistines pitched in the valley of Rephaim - as ren sheshaght ny Philistinee campal ayns coan Rephaim Bible; troop-caggee: when thou shalt bring a troop suddenly upon them - tra ver oo lhiat troop-caggee doaltattym orroo Bible

Early Payment Scheme (n.) Skeym Eeckys Leah

Early Payments Scheme (n.) Skeym Eeckyssyn Leah

hastily (adv.) beeal freayn; dy gribbeydey; dy jeean; dy joltee; dy siyragh; dy leah

swift (n.) gollan, gollan mooar, ushag vieau, leah; (adj.) tappee, bieau

chlynnys shall hear: Cha leah as chlynnys ad jee'm Bible

clynnee shall hear: My choraa clynnee uss dy leah Bible

jee'm of me: Cha leah as chlynnys ad jee'm Bible

early (adj., adv.) dy feer voghey, dy lheah, dy traa, leah, mogh, moghey, roish yn traa; dy moghey: I generally go to bed early - Ta mee dy-cadjin goll dy lhie dy-moghey. JJK idiom

prompt (v.) cur ayns kione feanish, cur yn fockle 'sy veeal, greinnaghey; (adj.) dy traaoil, er builley ny hoor, er y traa, siyragh, leah; (n.) fys jeh'n ockle

quickly (adv.) ass laue; dy bieau; dy bioyr; dy leah, dy leer; dy tappee: We were obliged to speak quickly - Beign dooin loayrt dy-tappee. JJK idiom

threefold (adj., adv.) tree filley: a threefold cord is not quickly broken - cha vel coyrd three-filley dy leah er ny vrishey Bible

aittin furze, gorse, ulex, whin: Ta'n Arragh ayn reesht leah frassyn as sumarkyn, Ny croink ooilley coamrit lesh aittin as freoaie. Coraa [SG. aiteann]

berraghtyn catch, overtake, pull ahead: Cha leah as hed eh magh nee eh berraghtyn erriu Bible

boayn environ; flank: skeayl dty skianyn sollys lhean as leah myr smooinaght getlagh gys dagh boayn jeh m' armee lhean PC; (of party) wing

brod pl. broddyn goad, jab, nudge, prick, spur, stimulus: dy virraghey ny broddyn-immanagh Bible; poker: Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy leah lostey. JJK [O.Ir. brot]

cho (=Ir. chomh) as, so: Cho leah as hoig mee dy kiart dy nee Manninagh mish, hoig mee dy row mee eginit dy yannoo caggey noi pooar erbee ta jannoo tranlaase er sleih. Carn

clusaghey nestle, nestling: Dy leah, va moir ny h-oie clusaghey yn Ellan, as gagh nhee ny v'ayn. Coraa

cur eddin da cheek; withstand: As my ta fer goaill mainshtyraght er dooinney, nee jees cur eddin da ; as cha vel coyrd three-filley dy leah er ny vrishey. Bible

deynlagh democratic: Dy leah bee Salteer Andreays ry-akin erskyn yn chied ard-whaiyl deynlagh va rieau ayns Nalbin. Dhoor

eamaghey stiagh reesht recall: T'eh toiggit dy vel briwnys jeant dyn Tinvaal 'eamaghey stiagh reesht dy leah. BS

er aght erbee noways, nowise: Son nagh vod oo er aght erbee goll gys niau mannagh vreill oo ad, ny arrys leah y ghoaill. CS

fockleyn words: ga dy row shin tuittym magh ny keayrtyn, ve dy leah jarroodit, as cha daink shin rieau gys streeu as fockleyn sharroo. JG

Ghreag (f.) (Yn) Greece: Ta etlanyn NATO getlagh erskyn y Ghreag dy chur raaue leah mychione brisheyderyn-stiagh erbee tra vees ny Gammanyn fo raad. BS

imbyl brew: honnick y noid cho leah as chie eh mysh yn doo traitoorys v'eh dy imbyl nish PC; brewing

jantagh See jeantagh (n.) achiever, actor, agent, manufacturer, performer, perpetrator, producer: Cha leah as jantagh DF; (Gramm.) active; possible: ta mee shieltyn dy beagh eh jantagh jannoo lhiegganyn Gaelgagh dauesyn ta graihagh er'n Ghaelg. Carn

Moscow (f.) Moscow: Cha leah as va my heshaghyn abyl shooyl, hie ad er coyrt gys Moscow CnyO

reealtys sovereignty: agh lheid yn inshlid, goit trooid giastyllys, nee girree leah gys gloyr as reealtys. PC; royalty

shynney love: Shynney lhiam adsyn shynney lhieu mee, as adsyn hirrys mee dy leah, yiow ad mee. Bible

thie yn taggyrt parsonage, presbytery, vicarage: Dy leah eisht, hie ee gys thie yn taggyrt as dinsh ee dasyn y chooish. Coraa

veign (=Ir. bheinn) I would be: Veign dy leah er choyrt sheese ny noidyn oc Bible; I should

back1 cooyllagh, dreeym, ergooyl, back; (v.) cur niart da; er-ash: We shall soon be back again - Beemayd dy-leah er-ash. JJK idiom; cooyl: I met your brother at the back of the church - Haink mee ny whail dty vraar cooyl y cheeill. JJK idiom

burn1 (v.) cur aile da, foaddey, goaill aile, lossey; lostey: Leave the poker in and the fire will soon burn up - Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy-leah lostey. JJK idiom; (n.) strooan

hope doghys, jerkallys, treisht; hopes; treishteil: I hope I shall soon see you again - Ta mee treishteil dy vaikym shiu dy-leah reesht. JJK idiom; jerkal, yerkal: I hope you will be satisfied - Ta mee jerkal dy bee shiu jeant magh. JJK idiom

I should lhisin, lhisins: shew thou me the way that I should walk in - jeeagh dou yn raad ayn lhisin gimmeeaght Bible; (dy) jinnin: If it be your mind that I should bury my dead out of my sight - My she nyn aigney eh, dy jinnin my varroo y oanluckey ass my hilley Bible; (dy) jinnyn: God forbid that I should sin against the Lord - ny lhig eh Jee dy jinnyn peccah noin Chiarn Bible; veign: I should soon have put down their enemies - Veign dy leah er choyrt sheese ny noidyn oc Bible

poker (n.) brod: Leave the poker in and the fire will soon burn up - Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy-leah lostey. JJK idiom; brod aile; broddeyder; greeseyder; pokyr

crossit crossed: seose eh reesht, dy row eh nish cho ard, heose ayns yn eaynagh, dy dooar e skianyn geay er y drogh-hyrrys d' etlagh reesht dy leah; myr smoo ve crossit, smoo v'eh creoghit er yn olk v'eh mysh PC; crucified

nyn oi 1 against them a: faag mee, dy vod my yymmoose brishey magh nyn, as dy voddym ad y stroie; Bible; 2 against us a: hig eh gy-kione tra hig ad magh nyn, myr ec y toshiaght, dy der mayd cooyl daue, Bible; 3 against you a: eisht bee correen Chiarn er ny vrasnaghey nyn oi as bee shiu dy leah er nyn eebyrt veihn cheer mie shen teh er choyrt diu. Bible


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