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lauee dexterous, handy, useful, versatile: T'eh lauee lesh skeaban peint. DF; handed, of the hand; manual

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fer lauee handyman; virtuoso

towl lauee loophole

of the hand lauee: the work of the hands of a cunning workman. - obbyr lauee yn er-keirdee schleioil Bible

lhome-lauee empty-handed: cha jig unnane erbee kiongoyrt rhym's lhome-lauee Bible

handed (adj.) lauee

useful (adj.) lauee: He is useful with a paintbrush - T'eh lauee lesh skeaban peint. DF idiom; ymmydoil: It's a very useful language - T'eh ny chengey feer ymmydoil. JJK idiom; ymmydagh; shirveishagh; femoil; vondeishagh; saasagh

versatile1 (adj.) caghlee, lauee, so-hyndaa

faase-lauee weak handed: As hig-yms er, choud as t'eh deinagh as faase-lauee, as hig-ym er doaltattym Bible

obbyr-lauee labour, handwork: son cha nee jeeghyn v'ad, agh obbyr-lauee gheiney, fuygh as clagh Bible

empty-handed (adj.) follym, lhome-lauee

handwork (n.) obbyr laue; obbyr-lauee

manual (n.) laue-lioar, lioar-lauee; (adj.) laueagh, lauee

master-hand mainshter-lauee

rapid fire mair-lauee

weak handed (adj.) faase-lauee

lag-lauee idle; useless

lioar-lauee (f.) manual

mainshter-lauee master-hand

mair-lauee rapid fire

dexterous (adj.) aghtal; jesh-laueagh; lauee; scheial; schleioil

handyman (n.) dooinney yeshlaueagh, fer lauee, laue-cheirdagh

loophole (n.) sooill barney, sooillag, towl lauee

virtuoso (n.) ben ullee, fer lauee, fer ullee

handy (adj.) ec laue; faggys da; jesh-laueagh; lauee; ymmydoil; faggys

useless (adj.) dyn ymmyd, neuymmydagh, neuymmydoil, gyn foaynoo, neuchlaghtagh, lag-lauee

skeaban (f.) brush, small broom: T'eh lauee lesh skeaban peint DF; fly-whisk, fly whisk

cunning (adj.) cluicagh; (n.) cluicys; schlei, schleï; croutys; kialgeyrys; schleioil: the work of the hands of a cunning workman - obbyr lauee yn er-keirdee schleioil Bible; aghtal: with cherubims of cunning work made he them - va cherubim jeant orroo lesh obbyr aghtal Bible

idle jannoo veg; lag-lauee; lhiastagh; liastey, lhiastey: These boys are not idle - Cha nel ny guillyn shoh liastey. JJK idiom; litcheragh; naggyr; rea-chassey; soailchaghey; speilleigagh; (nyn) daaue: They are idle - T'ad nyn daaue. DF idiom; (ny) haaue: An idle hand will get nothing - Cha vow laue ny taaue veg. DF idiom; (ny) taaue: She is idle - T'ee ny taaue. DF idiom

labour1 doccar, traaue roish; doccarys; laboragh; laboraght; labraghey; lught obbyr; obbraghey; obbyr: Labour of a lifetime - Obbyr heihill. DF idiom; tooilleil; troailt; obbyr-lauee


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