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late1 anmagh: It's beginning to grow late - Te g'aase anmagh. JJK idiom; dy anmagh: I don't like going to bed late - Cha laik lhiam goll dy lhie dy-anmagh. JJK idiom; (adj., adv.) jeianagh; roud

late2 (adj.) (of fruit) jerrinagh, moal

Inexact matches:

late blackberry (n.) scraaney, smeyr ghreiney

Late Latin (n.) Ladjyn yeianagh, Ladjyn yerrinagh

late season jerrey yn imbagh

late spring arragh souree

of late dy jeianagh, er y gherrit

late born lamb (n.) loirran

late in the day dy fastyragh; fastyragh

late Mr Kelly (n.) (the) Mnr Kelly marroo

arragh souree late spring

Ladjyn yeianagh (f.) Late Latin

Ladjyn yerrinagh (f.) Late Latin

scraaney late blackberry

jerrey yn imbagh late season

dy fastyragh late in the day

fastyragh afternoon, evening, late in the day, vesperal

Mnr Kelly marroo (the) late Mr Kelly

smeyr ghreiney (f.) late blackberry, stone bramble

loirran late born lamb: Cha vel lhiannoo ny loirran echey JK

abed (adv.) er y lhiabbee, 'sy lhiabbee: They are late abed - Hannee ad 'sy lhiabbee. DF idiom; ny lhie: They are still abed - T'ad foast nyn lhie. DF idiom

apples (npl.) ooyllyn; ooylyn: Apples and pears were very late this year - Va ooylyn as peearyn feer anmagh mleeaney. JJK idiom

besides cheumooie jeh; erskyn ooilley; foast; fy-yeih; gyn eie, gyn eie er; gyn oai; maghey shen; marish shen; neesht: Besides, it is my fault for being so late - Ta mee guee erriu ny imraa eh. JJK idiom

better betteyder, faardaghey; chebballagh; geddyn yn varriaght er, jannoo ny share; vaardee; share: Better late than never - Share anmagh na dyn dy-bragh. JJK idiom

grow (v.) aase: It's beginning to grow late - Te g'aase anmagh. JJK idiom; cuirr; mooadaghey

Hurry up (impv) Jean siyr: Hurry up lest we be late - Jean siyr mannagh veesmayd anmagh. DF idiom

she went hiee; hie ee: She went to bed very late, and she says she's very tired - Hie ee dy lhie feer anmagh, as t'ee gra dy vel ee feer skee. JJK idiom

spare brash; ford; fordrail; goan; keyl; lhiggey lesh; lhome; spaarail, sparail: You've no time to spare, for it's very late - Cha nel traa erbee eu dy spaarail, son te feer anmagh. JJK idiom; tayrnit

very tired feer skee: She went to bed very late, and she says she's very tired - Hie ee dy lhie feer anmagh, as t'ee gra dy vel ee feer skee. JJK idiom

anmagh belated, late, overdue, tardy, unpunctual: Cha vel eh agh obbyr caillit dy vel shiu ayns siyr dy irree dy moghey, as cha anmagh goaill fea Bible

dy anmagh late: Dy anmagh syn astyr ren dooinney aeg dy row, va geiyrt er Ivar yn reejerey, soie er ny noidyn marish ymmodee cummaltee ny hEllanyn. Chron

dy jeianagh latterly, of late: Dy jeianagh (1951) ta lioar er ve scruit ec Derick S. Thomson Coraa

er y gherrit lately, of late: Fakin nagh daink uss agh er y gherrit shoh Bible

jeianagh last, late, recent, modern: V'eh soilshaghey dooin claare ren eh jeh purt-y-beeal er aght jeianagh. Carn; up-to-date

jerrinagh 1 absolute, belated, closing, concluding, conclusive, end, eventual, final, finalist, foregoing, hindmost, last, latter, rearmost, ultimate, up-to-the-minute, utmost a: ayns traa jerrinagh yn reeriaght oc Bible; 2 (of fruit) late

roud exorbitant, late, too long, too much: ny gow-jee roud voish yn ard-valley Bible

moal (=Ir. mall) backward, belated, decrepit, deliberate, deplorable, dim, disappointing, dull, enfeebled, feeble, flimsy, gradual, ill, laggard, listless, meagre, overdue, pithless, poor, poorly, scraggy, slack, slow, sorry, tardy, tawdry, unimpressive, uninspired, unpunctual, unsatisfactory: Bee eer yn aegid moal as deinagh Bible; (of fruit) late; (as faith) weak; (of thing) wretched [O.Ir. mael]


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