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lampyn 1 bowls: As ayns y chainlere bee kiare lampyn jeant ayns cummey almondyn, lesh nyn gruint as nyn blaaghyn Bible; 2 lamps a: As nee oo ny shiaght lampyn echey: as nee ad foaddey ny lampyn, dy vod ad soilsheyn cheau kiongoyrt rish Bible

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lhiggaghyn pipes: as cur-my-ner cainlere slane airhey, as claare er e vullagh, as ny shiaght lampyn echey er, as shiaght lhiggaghyn gys ny shiaght lampyn va er e vullagh Bible

bowls (n.) 1 (npl.) meilaghyn, meillaghyn, mealaghyn a claareeyn, lampyn, scaliaghyn, skaliaghyn; 2 (n.) boulleraght

almondyn almonds: Three lampyn goll rish almondyn, lesh cront as blaa er un vanglane Bible

cloughyn fire tongs, tongs: marish ny blaaghyn, as ny lampyn, as ny cloughyn airh Bible

crockannyn pitchers: hug eh trumpet ayns laue dagh dooinney, marish crockannyn follym as lampyn cheu-sthie jeh ny crockannyn Bible

foaddey arson, burn, burning, burn up, ignition, incendiarism; ignite, kindle, light, set on fire: nee ad foaddey ny lampyn Bible; switch on

lamp pl. lampyn lamp: bee'n lamp echeysyn er ny vooghey ayns y dooid dy ghorraghys. Bible

smalyn snuffdishes: coodee ad kainlere y toilshey, as e lampyn, as e smalyderyn, as e phlaityn cour ny smalyn, as ooilley ny siyn ooil, lhieu t'ad dy hirveish eh. Bible

kiartaghey accommodate, adjust, adjusting, amend, appoint, dispose, even out, fix, make, mend, modify, prepare, qualify, ready, redress, setting, settle, settling; correct, true; correction, modification, preparation, rectification; set in order: nee oo kiartaghey ny reddyn ta dy ve soit er ayns nyn order oural-millish y lostey er Bible; dress: As nee Aaron lostey er oural-millish dy chooilley voghrey: tra t'eh kiartaghey ny lampyn, nee eh oural-millish y lostey er. Bible


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