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lamp lamp, lampey, lostan, sollys

lamp pl. lampyn lamp: bee'n lamp echeysyn er ny vooghey ayns y dooid dy ghorraghys. Bible

Inexact matches:

arc lamp (n.) arc-lostan

ceiling lamp (n.) lampey farvoalley

flash lamp (n.) lostan cowree, lostan laue

gas lamp (n.) lostan gas

hanging lamp (n.) lampey croghit

hurricane lamp (n.) londeyr sterrym

lamp black (n.) smooreyvane

lamp bracket (n.) brack lampey

lamp bulb (n.) bolgan lectragh

lamp man (n.) dooinney lampey

lamp oil (n.) ooill lampey

lamp post (n.) post lampey; post-soilshey

oil lamp (n.) lostan ooill, cressad

pocket lamp (n.) lostan poagey

reading lamp (n.) lostan lhaih

safety lamp (n.) lostan meainey

signal lamp (n.) londeyr chowree

small lamp (n.) cressad

spirit lamp (n.) lostan alcoal

stable lamp (n.) londeyr

standard lamp (n.) lampey shassoo

storm lamp (n.) londeyr

street lamp (n.) londeyr straiddey, sollys straiddey

table lamp (n.) cressad buird

tail lamp (n.) soilshey jerree

tornado lamp (n.) londeyr sterrym

cressad oil lamp, small lamp

londeyr sterrym (f.) hurricane lamp, storm lantern, tornado lamp

arc-lostan arc lamp

bolgan lectragh lamp bulb

brack lampey lamp bracket

cressad buird table lamp

dooinney lampey lamp man

lampey lamp, light

lampey croghit hanging lamp

lampey farvoalley ceiling lamp

lampey shassoo standard lamp

londeyr (f.) (pl -yn) glazed-in light, lantern, light, stable lamp, storm lamp: Ta dty ghoo londeyr da my chassyn: as soilshey da my chesmadyn Bible

londeyr chowree (f.) signal lamp

londeyr straiddey (f.) street lamp

lostan alcoal spirit lamp

lostan cowree flash lamp

lostan gas gas lamp

lostan laue flash lamp

lostan lhaih reading lamp

lostan meainey safety lamp

lostan ooill oil lamp

lostan poagey pocket lamp

ooill lampey (f.) lamp oil

post lampey lamp post

post-soilshey lamp post

smooreyvane lamp black

sollys straiddey street lamp

glow-lamp (n.) lostan

lamp-holder (n.) croae volgan

croae volgan (f.) lamp-holder

lostan flashlight, glow-lamp; lamp: Scaa lostan. DF

soilshey jerree rear light, tail lamp

sollys 1 (adj.) bright, brilliant, clear, resplendent, shining, shiny, transparent a: va skell sollys er e eddin Bible; 2 (n.) brightness, lamp, light [L. sol]


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