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lamb1 (v.) brey eayn; (n.) eayn; feill eayn

lamb2 (n.) (fattened) luan

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castrated lamb (n.) eayn spoiyt

Lamb Mountain (n.) Lammall

of lamb eayin: The butcher has sent a quarter of lamb - Ta'n buitchoor er chur hooin kerroo eayin. JJK idiom

paschal lamb (n.) eayn-chaisht

pet lamb (n.) meg

twin lamb (n.) eayn lannoonagh

Lamb of Delight (n.) Eayn Eunyssagh

Lamb of God (n.) Eayn Yee

late born lamb (n.) loirran

brey eayn lamb, yean

eayn lannoonagh twin lamb

eayn spoiyt castrated lamb

feill eayn (f.) lamb

Lammall Lamb Mountain [Scand]

luan (fattened) lamb; loin; moon

meg (f.) pet lamb

baa-lamb (n.) eayneen

he-lamb (n.) eayn firryn

lamb-producing eaynagh

ram-lamb (n.) eayn firryn

she-lamb (n.) eayn bwoirrin

tup-lamb eayn firryn

eayn bwoirrin she-lamb

eayneen baa-lamb, lambkin, yearling

Eayn Eunyssagh Lamb of Delight

eayn firryn he-lamb, ram-lamb, tup-lamb

loirran late born lamb: Cha vel lhiannoo ny loirran echey JK

butcher1 buitchoor: The butcher has sent a quarter of lamb - Ta'n buitchoor er chur hooin kerroo eayin. JJK idiom; (n.) feilleyder, buitchooragh; (v.) buitchooraghey, marroo, traartyssey

ewe (n.) oasht: The ewe is heavy with lamb - Ta'n oasht trome eayin. DF idiom

eayn (=Ir. and S.G. uan,) pl. eayin lamb: As omer elley lesh dagh eayn jeh ny kiare eayin jeig, Bible

eayn-chaisht paschal lamb, Passover: nee shiu gee eh ayns siyr; eayn-caisht y Chiarn eh. Bible

Eayn Yee Agnus Dei, Lamb of God: Cur-my-ner Eayn Yee, ta goaill ersooyl peccah yn theihll. Bible

cast1 builley, cuirt, skah; coontit; cur skimmee da; far hooill; jannoo; jiooldit; lhuan; lught; mac-skeih; orraghey; plaitail; roit; skimmee; snoaid; tilgane; tilgey: The sheep cast her lamb - Ren y cheyrrey tilgey yn eayn eck. DF idiom; tilgit; hilg; ceau, cheau: He cast his garments - Cheau eh jeh e gharmadyn. DF idiom; cuir; hilgys; tilg; (to); (dy) hilgey; ceaut: The die is cast - Ta ny jeeslaghyn ceaut. DF idiom

eaynagh 1 (n.) desert, wilderness: a: nee'm raad y yannoo 'syn aasagh hene, as awinyn 'syn eaynagh. Bible; 2 (adj.) precipitous, steep; 3 (adj.) lamblike, lamb-producing


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