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laaragh geayil coalfield

laaragh centre, centric, centrical; site, stage, venue: Stholk er yn laaragh. DF

Inexact matches:

beealraghyn laaragh centre bit

emshir laaragh (f.) present tense

laaragh airh (f.) gold field

laaragh bieauid speedway

laaragh bishee development area

laaragh ellyn art gallery

laaragh skyrraghtyn skating rink

laaragh sniaghtee snowfield

laaragh spoyrt sports ground

laaragh sterrym storm area

laaragh thie building plot

laaragh troddan-kellee cockpit

laaragh troggal development area

laaragh troggee (f.) building site

er laaragh ny hobbyr (as strike) sitdown

er y laaragh on site

laaragh ny muick marrey whaling ground

laaragh yn chaggee theatre of war

development area (n.) laaragh bishee, laaragh troggal

building site (n.) laaragh troggee

centre bit (n.) beealraghyn laaragh

centric (adj.) laaragh, meanagh

centrical (adj.) laaragh; meanagh

coalfield (n.) laaragh geayil

gold field (n.) laaragh airh

site (v.) cur; (n.) laaragh

snowfield (n.) laaragh sniaghtee

speedway (n.) laaragh bieauid

sports ground (n.) laaragh spoyrt

storm area (n.) laaragh sterrym

circumcentre (n.) ym-laaragh

on site er y laaragh

single-storied un-laaragh

sitdown (n.) (as strike) er laaragh ny hobbyr

ubiquitous (adj.) ooilley-laaragh, ooilley-ynnydagh

ooilley-laaragh ubiquitous

un-laaragh single-storied

ym-laaragh circumcentre

art gallery ellynlann; laaragh ellyn; thie ellyn

building plot (n.) grunt thie, laaragh thie

cockpit (n.) cabbane y stiureyder, towl stiuree; laaragh troddan-kellee

present tense (n.) emshir aaragh, emshir laaragh

skating rink (n.) laaragh skyrraghtyn, laare skyrraghtyn, rink shliawin

theatre of war (n.) laaragh yn chaggee

venue (n.) boayl chaglym; laaragh; ynnyd loght; ynnyd vingey

whaling ground (n.) laaragh ny muick marrey

centre cree, laare, ynnyd; mean: The centre of the table - Mean y voayrd. DF idiom; boayl: Shopping centre - Boayl shappal. DF idiom; laaragh, meanagh

stage (n.) ardan: To be on the stage - Dy ve er yn ardan. DF idiom; keim; laaragh; skallan; stad; ynnyd; (v.) cur er ardan, cur er bun


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