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kynneeyn families: Ad shoh kynneeyn mec Noah Bible; tribes

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kynneeyn baney white races

kynneeyn gorrym black races, dark races

commeeys eddyr kynneeyn race relations

black races (npl.) kynneeyn gorrym

dark races (npl.) kynneeyn gorrym

families (npl.) lughtyn-thie: these are the families of the Gershonites - ad shoh lughtyn-thie ny Gershoniteyn Bible; kynneeyn: And the residue of the families of the sons of Kohath - As vec y chooid elley jeh kynneeyn mec Kohath Bible

white races (npl.) kynneeyn baney

kynnee pl. kynneeyn family, kinsfolk, kindreds, tribes: As hug Moses eiraght da lieh-tribe Vanasseh: as shoh va eiraght lieh tribe Vanasseh lurg ny kynneeyn oc Bible

tribes (npl.) kynnaghyn, kynnee; kynneeyn: So shall ye divide this land unto you according to the tribes of Israel - Shoh myr nee shiu rheynn y thalloo shoh diu hene, cordail rish kynneeyn Israel Bible; tribeyn: as one of the tribes of as one of the tribes of - myr fer jeh tribeyn Israel Bible

race relations commeeys eddyr kynneeyn, commeeys kynnee, cooidjaght-chynney

buighey1 yellow, yellowing, jaundice: Ny kynneeyn buighey. DF

of the world seihill; (y) theihll: All the races of the world - Ooilley kynneeyn y theihll. DF idiom

races (npl.) areaghyn; areyghyn; kyneeyn: All the races of the world - Ooilley kynneeyn y theihll. DF idiom; ratchyn; roiaghyn

Jesuiteyn Jesuites: Jeh cloan Asher, lurg ny kynneeyn oc: jeh Jimna, kynney ny Jimniteyn: jeh Jesui, kynney ny Jesuiteyn Bible

reilltee rulers: er y nah laa va reilltee kynneeyn ooilley'n pobble er nyn jaglym cooidjagh, Bible; governments

ynsagh sodjey further education: As er y nah laa va reilltee kynneeyn ooilley'n pobble er nyn jaglym cooidjagh, ny saggyrtyn as ny Leviteyn, gys Ezra yn scrudeyr, dy gheddyn ynsagh sodjey ayns goan y leigh. Bible

gather together (v.) cooidjaghey; chaglym cooidjagh: and gather together the out-casts of Israel - as chaglym cooidjagh kynneeyn skeaylt Israel Bible; chaggil cooidjagh: Go, gather together all the Jews - Immee as chaggil cooidjagh ooilley ny Hewnyn Bible; tayrn dy cheilley: If he cut off, and shut up, or gather together - My teh giarey jeh, as jeigh seose deiney, ny tayrn dy cheilley Bible


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