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know (v.) ennys; gennaghtyn; nione, nhione: Do you know the child with the blue eye? - Nhione diu yn lhiannoo ta sooillyn gorrym echey. JJK idiom; fys ec: I can't say anything that you do not already know - Cha n'oddym gra veg, nagh vel fys hannah ayd. JJK idiom; shione: I know it pretty well - Shione dou eh feer vie. JJK idiom; toig; shoyl; fys ec er: Therefore he knoweth their works - Shen-y-fa ta fys echey er nyn obbraghyn Bible; cur enney er: knowing that it was the Lord. - cur enney er dy nee eh van Chiarn Bible

Inexact matches:

know about dy ve oayllagh rish

shall know ennee: and they shall know my vengeance - as ennee ad yn eulys ayms Bible; ennys: and ye shall know my breach of promise - as ennys shiu oyr caghlaa my chonaant Bible

you know shione dhyt: Which of these ladies do you know? - Quoi jeh ny mraane-seyr shoh shione dhyt? JJK idiom

For God doth know Ta fys ec Jee: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof - Son ta fys ec Jee, er y laa nee shiu gee jeh Bible

How do you know kys dhyt, kevys dhyt

How would I know (interrog.) Kevys dou

I dont know cha s'aym: I don't know why he acts as he does - Cha s'aym cre'n fa t'eh t'eh gaghtey eh hene myr shen. DF idiom

If you know not Mannagh nhione dhyt

I know full well ta my haie fys aym

I know not Cha saym; Cha nel fys aym

need to know feme er feddyn magh

Cha saym I know not, I don't know: Cre vel Abel dty vraar? As dreggyr eh, Cha saym Bible

ennys know: As my ennys oo dy vel jymmoose y ree troggal ayn Bible; shall know

know-how (n.) (yn) cheird; oayllys, schlei

dy ve oayllagh rish know about

feme er feddyn magh need to know

kevys dhyt How do you know

Kevys dou (interrog.) How would I know

ennee identical, selfsame; recognizable; sensory; shall know: ennee ad yn eulys aym's Bible

nione (interrog.) know: As dooyrt eh roo, Nione diu Laban, mac Nahor? Bible

shione dhyt you know: shione dhyt dtayr as e gheiney Bible

ta my haie fys aym I know full well

assuredly (adv.) son shickyrys: Know thou assuredly - Lhig da fysve ayd son shickyrys Bible

blue1 (v.) cur daah gorrym er, gormaghey, gorrymaghey; (n., adj.) gorrym: Do you know the child with the blue eyes? - Nhione diu yn lhiannoo ta sooillyn gorrym echey. JJK idiom

forasmuch as (conj.) ayns dy vel; son wheesh: Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed - Son wheesh as dy vel fys eu nagh row shiu er nyn gionnaghey Bible

gentleman (n.) dooinney ooasle; dooinney seyr: There's the gentleman whose son you know - Er hen y dooinney-seyr, shione diu e vac. JJK idiom; fer

happened (dy) daghyr; (er) daghyrt: You don't know what has happened - Cha s'ayd c'red t'er daghyrt. JJK idiom; haghyr: That happened in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-five - Haghyr shen ayns y vlein hoght keead jeig as feed. JJK idiom

hearts (npl.) creeaghyn: You know the secrets of our hearts - Shione dhyt folliaghtyn ny creeaghyn ain. DF idiom; creeghyn

imposition (n.) cur er, errey, molley; obbyr cherree: If you don't know your Euclid, you'll have an imposition - Mannagh nhione dhyt dty Euclid, bee obbyr-cherree ayd. JJK idiom

it is so shen myr t'eh: I know it is so of a truth - Ta fys aym son firrinys dy nee shen myr te Bible

lordship (n.) chiarnaght; chiarnys: Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them - Ta fys eu dy vel fir-reill ny Hashoonee gymmyrkey chiarnys orroo Bible

of children (gen.) clienney: neither shall I know the loss of children - chamoo vees fys aym cre ta baase clienney Bible

or not ny dyn: Whether he does it or not, I know what I've got to do - Vel eh jannoo eh ny dyn, ta fys aym c'red shegin dooys jannoo. JJK idiom

pretty well cossalagh, cossyllagh; lane vie; feer vie: I know it pretty well - Shione dou eh feer vie. JJK idiom

secrets (npl.) folliaghtyn: You know the secrets of our hearts - Shione dhyt folliaghtyn ny creeaghyn ain. DF idiom

simplest soney: I find he doesn't know the simplest things - Ta mee feddyn nagh s'echey er ny nheeghyn s'oney. JJK idiom

slightly (adv.) beggan: I know him slightly - Ta beggan enney aym er. DF idiom; red beg: He is slightly deaf - T'eh red beg bouyr. DF idiom

statutes (npl.) slattyssyn: I do make them know the statutes of God, and his laws - ta mee soilshaghey daue slattyssyn as leighyn Yee Bible

tumult (n.) boirrainys: and when he could not know the certainty for the tumult - as tra nagh dod eh shickyrys y gheddyn kyndagh rish y voirrainys Bible; boiraneys; musthaa; tharmane; irree-magh

value (v.) cur leagh er, feeaghey, priceil, prioseil; (n.) feeagh; foaynoo; frioose, prioseilaght, towse; feeuid: When you're well, you little know the value of health - Tra ta fer slane; s'beg shione da feeuid slaynt. JJK idiom

wherefore (n., adv.) shen y fa: Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them - Shen-y-fa liorish nyn messyn ver shiu enney orroo Bible

Cha nel fys aym I know not: Va lurgey caillt ec y chiaullteyr shoh; cha nel fys aym row eh caillt sy chaggey ny kyndagh rish drogh-haghyrt ennagh, agh aghterbee va lurgey fuygh echey. CJ

cha s'aym I dont know: Dreggyr eshyn, as dooyrt eh, Cha s'aym's dy nee drogh-ghooinney eh: un red ta fys aym er, dy row mee doal, as nish dy vel my hoilshey aym. Bible

fys ec know: son nagh vel fys ec y seihll er aggair erbee jeed CS

gennaghtyn (=Ir. aithniú) feel, know, perceive: cha vel oo gennaghtyn yn darrag t'ayns dty hooill hene Bible; conceive: Son ren Sarah gennaghtyn, as gymmyrkey mac da Abraham Bible; feeling

kys dhyt How do you know: As dooyrt David rish y dooinney aeg dinsh da, Kys dhyt's dy vel Saul as Jonathan e vac marroo ? Bible

Mannagh nhione dhyt COMPARE shione dhyt If you know not: Mannagh nhione dhyt, O uss saalin ta mastey mraane Bible

nhione See nione know: Pheddyr roish gerrym y chellee jiu dy jean uss gobbal three keayrtyn dy nhione dhyt mee. Bible

shoyl know: gy jaru spyryd ny firriny, nagh vod y syyl goyl, erson nagh vell yn syyl dy akin e, gha mu shoyl da e: agh shoyl diifs e, erson te vaghe maris, as bii e aniif. PB1610

toig (=Ir. tuig) know, understand: As uss Solomon, my vac, toig aigney Yee dty ayrey Bible

abiding (v.) farraghtyn: ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him - ta fys eu nagh vel ec dunver erbee yn vea dy bragh farraghtyn tannaghtyn ayn Bible; tannaghtyn: our days on the earth are as a shadow, and there is none abiding - ta nyn laghyn er y thalloo myr scadoo, as cha vel tannaghtyn ayn Bible; shassooagh

able (adj.) cummeydagh; fondagh: I don't know, but I think you'll be able to get some at C- - Cha saym, agh ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vod oo geddyn paart ec C-. JJK idiom He was able to speak Manx - Oddagh eh loayrt Gaelg. DF idiom Before I was able - Roish my doddin. DF idiom; (v.) jargal: Still, I hope you will be able to make a good breakfast - Foast, ta mee treishteil dy bee shiu jargal dy vrishey yn trostey eu dy-mie. JJK idiom Were you able to do that? - Row shiu jargal shen y yannoo? DF idiom; abyl: You are able - T'ou abyl. DF idiom; foddee: You are able - Foddee oo. DF idiom I think he'll be able to do that, and even more, without the least difficulty - Er lhiam dy vod eh jannoo shen, as eer ny smoo, fegooish yn doilleeid sloo. JJK idiom

by myself lhiam pene; liorym pene: By myself have I sworn - Liorym pene ta mee er vreearrey Bible; rhym pene: I pour out my heart by myself - ta mee deayrtey magh my chree rhym pene Bible; mish mee hene: that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself - mish mee hene ta sheeyney magh yn thalloo Bible; my lieh hene: For I know nothing by myself - Son ga nagh voddym coyrt nhee erbee gys my lieh hene Bible

determined kiarit: for evil is determined against our master - son ta olk kiarit noi nyn mainshtyr Bible; oolit; reaghit; slane kiarit; soit; kiarail: I know that God hath determined to destroy thee - Ta fys aym dy vel Jee er chiarail dy stroie oo Bible

devices (npl.) saaseyn: He disappointeth the devices of the crafty - Teh tilgey bun-ry-skyn saaseyn ny croutee Bible; croutyn: I know your thoughts, and the devices which ye wrongfully imagine against me - ta fys aym er ny smooinaghtyn eu, as er ny croutyn ta shiu dy aggairagh kiarail m. Bible; smooinaghtyn dowin: There are many devices in a man's heart - Ta ymmodee smooinaghtyn dowin ayns cree dooinney Bible; aghtyn: but we will walk after our own devices - agh nee mayd gimmeeaght lurg nyn aghtyn hene Bible; kialgyn: for we are not ignorant of his devices - son cha vel e chialgyn gyn-yss dooin Bible

even now nish hene; eer nish: My daughter is even now dead - Ta minneen eer nish paartail Bible; eer ec y traa shoh: even now there be come to me from mount Ephraim two young men - eer ec y traa shoh ter jeet hyms veih slieau Ephraim daa ghooinney aegey Bible; eer foast: But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God - Agh ta fys aym, eer foast, cre-erbee nee oo y yeearree er Jee Bible; dy jarroo nish: even now are there many antichrists - dy jarroo nish ta ymmodee anchreesteenyn ayn Bible

kept (adj.) freilt, freaylt; (v.) dreill; choad; lhiett; cummit: If you don't know it, you'll be kept in - Mannagh nhione dhyt eh, bee oo cummit sthie. JJK idiom; chum: But the thunder kept me from sleeping - Agh chum yn taarnagh mee veih cadley. JJK idiom

Resurrection (n.) Irree Seose Reesht: And came out of the graves after his resurrection - As cheet ass ny oaiaghyn oc lurg yn irree-seose-reesht echey Bible; irree reesht: For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage - Son ec yn irree-reesht, cha vel ad poosey, ny er nyn goyrt ayns poosey Bible; irree seose: I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day - Ta fys aym dy nirree eh reesht ec yn irree-seosesy laa jerrinagh Bible

well1 (n.) chibbyr, chibbyrt, doagh eeast; dy mie: Well done, if you please - Jeant dy-mie, my sailliu. JJK idiom; slane: When you're well, you little know the value of health - Tra ta fer slane; s'beg shione da feeuid slaynt. JJK idiom; dy sour

whereas (conj.) ayns wheesh as: Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow - Ayns wheesh as nagh vel fys eu cre vees er laa-ny-vairagh Bible; er wheesh; son wheesh; son wheesh as: Whereas thou has been forsaken and hated - Son wheesh as dy rou treigit as dwoaiagh Bible

why2 (interrog.) Cre'n oyr: Why should you think so? - Cre'n oyr smooinagh shiu myr shen? JJK idiom; cammah; cre fa: Why don't you offer her some? - Cre'n fa nagh vel oo arral veg urree? JJK idiom; cre hon: Since you know it, why do you ask me? - Myr ta fys ayd, cre hon t'ou fenaght jeem? JJK idiom

worst by vessey; red smessey; smessey: This man's conduct is bad, but that of his companions is worse, they're the worst people I know - Ta ymmyrkey yn dooinney shoh olk, agh ta e heshaghyn ny smessey, t'ad yn sleih smessey shione dou. JJK idiom

cheird (f.) (yn) know-how: 'Sy toshiaght hie Juan Comish myr prindeys da fuinneyder, as lurg va'n cheird ynsit echey, hiaull eh er ny lhongyn "Blue Funnel" er feiy ny cruinney Coraa

oayllys (f.) awareness, dope, guidance, information, know-how, knowledge, lore: Hug mee yn skeeal shen da Phillie Gawne, myr dooyrt eh, agh cha ren Phillie soilshaghey cre'n aght hooar mee yn oayllys shen ayns y toshiaght. Dhoor

schlei (f.) ability, adroitness, art, attainment, cunning, flair, forte, know-how, skill, talent, virtuosity: ooil jeant lurg schleï yn phothecary Bible

Ta fys ec Jee (intj) God wot, God knows; For God doth know: Son ta fys ec Jee, er y laa nee shiu gee jeh, dy bee ny sooillyn eu foshlit: as dy bee shiu myr Jeeaghyn toiggal mie as sie. Bible


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