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knock builley; bwoalley; crank: Knock at the door - Crank er y dorrys. JJK idiom; crankal; labbal; striggylagh

knock hill: erson she knock Seina Agar ayns Arabia, as t'e argere d'yn ayrd valle ta nish enmyssit Jerusalem, as tai ayns bondiyght marish y klaun. PB1610 8 T'ayd doll syas gho ayrd as ny knuick as shiis gys ny konyn hiis : gy jaru gys yn ynyd tou us erna ordyghe dausyn. Psalm1610

Inexact matches:

knock about (v.) cur drogh ymmyd da; jannoo drogh-ymmyd jeh

Knock Froy (n.) Knock Freoaie

knock in imman stiagh

knock off (v.) lhieggey jeh; scuirr voish obbyr

knock over (v.) lhieggal

Balley Knock Hill Farm

Knock Aittin Gorse Hill

Knock Alloe Knockaloe

Knock Bane White Hill

Knock Coyrle Counsel Hill

Knock Doo Black Hill

Knock Freoaie Knock Froy

Knock Garroo Rough Hill

Knock Kishtey Chest Hill

Knock Kneale Kneale's Hill

Knock Rhennee Ferny Hill

Knock Shapel Chapel Hill

Knock Sharry Sharry's Hill

Cooil y Knock Nook of the Hill

Knock Aloe Beg Allow's Little Hill

Knock Aloe Mooar Allow's Big Hill

Knock Doo Mooar Great Black Hill

Knock ny h'Ard Hill of the Height

Knock ny Moaney Hill of the Turbary

Knock ny Moghlane Old Hedges Hill

Knock ny Quaiylagh Meeting Hill

Knock y Dooney Sunday Hill

Knock y Dowan Dowan's Hill, Fort Hill

Knock y Gheill Spring Hill

Knock y Lheiy Calf Hill

Knock y Lhiy Colt Hill

Knock y Lochlainn Lochlainn's Hill

Knock y Loghan Oatlands

Knock y n'Eean Birds' Hill

Knock y Shoggyl Rye Hill

Knock y Thie Lhionney Ale House Hill

Knock y Toalt Barn Hill

Knock y Tonnysh Hill of Plenty

Knock y Troddan Hill of Contest

Knock y Vaare Vooar Big Summit Hill

Knock y Vayr Vooar Big Road Hill

Knock y Vrew Brew's Hill

Magher Knock Aittin Gorsy Hill Field

Chapel Hill (n.) Knock Shapel

Chest Hill (n.) Knock Kishtey

Counsel Hill (n.) Knock Coyrle

Knockaloe Knock Alloe

Oatlands (n.) Knock y Loghan

Sharry's Hill (n.) Knock Sharry

lhieggey jeh knock off

striggylagh knock

Barn Hill (n.) Knock y Toalt

Birds' Hill (n.) Knock y n'Eean

Brew's Hill (n.) Knock y Vrew

Calf Hill (n.) Knock y Lheiy

Colt Hill (n.) Knock y Lhiy

death-knock (n.) crank baaish

Dowan's Hill (n.) Knock y Dowan

Fort Hill (n.) Knock y Dowan

knock-down (adj.) (prices) heese

knock-kneed (adj.) sprangagh

Lochlainn's Hill (n.) Knock y Lochlainn

Meeting Hill (n.) Knock ny Quaiylagh

Sunday Hill (n.) Knock y Dooney

crank baaish death-knock

scuirr voish obbyr knock off

Ale House Hill (n.) Knock y Thie Lhionney

Allow's Big Hill (n.) Knock Aloe Mooar

Allow's Little Hill (n.) Knock Aloe Beg

Big Road Hill (n.) Knock y Vayr Vooar

Big Summit Hill (n.) Knock y Vaare Vooar

Black Hill (n.) Cronk Doo, Cronk Dhoo, Knock Doo

Ferny Hill (n.) Knock Rhennee, Cronk Rhennee

Gorsy Hill Field (n.) Magher Knock Aittin

Great Black Hill (n.) Knock Doo Mooar

Hill of Contest (n.) Knock y Troddan

Hill of Plenty (n.) Knock y Tonnysh

Hill of the Height (n.) Knock ny h'Ard

Hill of the Turbary (n.) Knock ny Moaney

Kneale's Hill (n.) Knock Kneale, Cronk y Creale

Nook of the Hill (n.) Cooil y Knock

Old Hedges Hill (n.) Knock ny Moghlane

Rough Hill (n.) Knock Garroo, Cronk Garroo

Rye Hill (n.) Knock y Shoggyl, Cronk y Shoggyl

Spring Hill (n.) Cronk y Gheill, Knock y Gheill

White Hill (n.) Knock Bane, Cronk Bane

cur drogh ymmyd da knock about

imman stiagh drive in, knock in

jannoo drogh-ymmyd jeh abuse, knock about

Gorse Hill (n.) Knock Aittin, Cronk Aittin, Cronk Conney, Cronk Connee

Hill Farm (n.) Glay Ton; Balley Chrink; Balley Knock; Cor Valley

hear1 (impv) clasht, eaisht; (v.) cluinaghtyn, eaishtagh; clashtyn: I hear a knock - Ta mee clashtyn crank. JJK idiom

hill (n.) cronk: To climb a hill in top - Dy gholl seose cronk 'syn ard ghear. DF idiom; knock; ughtagh

crank (=Ir. cnag) knock, rap, tap: Ansherbee, v'eh er chee goll tra haink crank er yn dorrys. GB

crankal bang, knock, tap: Tra nagh ren Mnr as Bnr Jones cheet neose dy gheddyn anjeeal haink mee neese as ren mee crankal er y dorrys. SF; rap

cronk (=Ir. cnoc) See knock, pl. cruink hill, mount, tor: t'ad er n'gholl veih slieau gys cronk Bible

heese (=Ir. thíos) 1 (static) beneath, down, downhill, hereafter, lower end, under a: v'ad juntit cooidjagh veih heese dy heose Bible; 2 (prices) knock-down

labbal banging, bash, buffeting, clout, clouting, cuff, hit, hitting, knock, strike, striking, thump, thumping: Ren y dorrys labbal. DF

lhieggal abate, bowl over, cast down, chop down, dismount, destroy, fall, fell, fetch down, get down, knock over, lay low, level, lower, pull down, pull over, raze, run down, topple, tumble, unship, upset; (price) beat down; dissolve; overthrow

sprangagh asymmetric, disproportionate, irregular, knock-kneed, leggy, non-uniform, shuffling, waddle, waddling: V'eh shooyl dy sprangagh. DF

builley bash, bump, cast, clap, hit, impact, knock, pulsate, punch, slam, slap, strike, stripe, stroke, sweep, thump, whack: 2 ¦ Eshyn ta cur builley baaish da dooinney, bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible; (as pulse) beat, pulsation; (of voice) cadence; (on horn) toot; choosing; fervour, fit, frenzy, madness

bwoalley (=Ir. bualadh) assault, bang, bash, batter, beat, beat up, belabour, buffet, clap, club, flap, hammer, hit, knock, mint, punch, scramble, shock, slam, slap, smite, strike, thrash, thresh, toll, wallop: honnick eh Egyptian bwoalley Hebrewnagh; fer jeh e vraaraghyn Bible; chime, ring; play; rhythm; pulsate, throb; rise of penis; (n.) percussion; striking; ringing [O.Ir. búailid]


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