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knife seiy; skynn: He has had no knife - Cha nel skynn erbee er ve echey. JJK idiom; skynney

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blunt knife (n.) skynn voandagh

bowie knife (n.) skynn helg

carving knife (n.) skynn foalley

chopping knife (n.) skynn scoltee; skynn vynnee

clasp knife (n.) skynn 'oshlee

drawing knife (n.) skynn stoandey

fruit knife (n.) skynn vess

grafting knife (n.) skynn noadee

knife blade (n.) blod

knife board (n.) claare skynney

paring knife (n.) baarey; skynn ghaauin, skynn ghreasee, skynn vaarey

pruning knife (n.) skynn vaaree

putty knife (n.) skynn phuttee

sharp knife (n.) skynn gheyre

small knife (n.) skynnag

table knife (n.) skynn voayrd, skynn vuird

claare skynney knife board

skynnag (f.) small knife

skynney (v.) knife

skynn ghaauin (f.) paring knife

skynn gheyre (f.) sharp knife

skynn ghreasee (f.) paring knife

skynn helg (f.) bowie knife

skynn noadee (f.) grafting knife

skynn phuttee (f.) putty knife

skynn stoandey (f.) drawing knife

skynn vaarey (f.) paring knife

skynn vess (f.) fruit knife

skynn voandagh (f.) blunt knife

skynn voayrd (=Ir. sgian hhuird) (f.) table knife

skynn vuird (f.) table knife

skynn vynnee (f.) chopping knife

bread-knife (n.) skynn arran

flick-knife (n.) skynn foshlee

jack-knife filley

knife-edge (n.) foyr skynney

knife-grinder (n.) foyreyder skynney

knife-rest (n.) skynn tackey

knife-switch (n.) skynn-chramman

oyster-knife (n.) skynn ooastyragh

sheath-knife (n.) skynn fine

foyreyder skynney knife-grinder

foyr skynney knife-edge

skynn arran (f.) bread-knife

skynn-chramman (f.) knife-switch

skynn fine (f.) sheath-knife

skynn foalley (f.) carver, carving knife

skynn foshlee (f.) flick-knife, jackknife

skynn ooastyragh (f.) oyster-knife

skynn 'oshlee (f.) clasp knife, pocketknife

skynn scoltee (f.) chopping knife, skiver

skynn tackey (f.) knife-rest

skynn vaaree (f.) pruning knife, razor

cutting bangan; foyragh; geyre; giarrag; giarree; peesh; sharroo; slissag; giarrey: Knife for cutting bread - Skynn chum giarrey arran. DF idiom

in him ayn: I stuck a knife in him - Heiy mee skynn ayn. DF idiom; aynsyn

baarey bare, clip, cut, dress, poll, prune; shave, trimmed: Cha jean ad baarey nyn ghing, chamoo nee ad baarey nyn vaasaag, ny jannoo giaraghyn ayns yn eill oc er coontey'n varroo. Bible; (n.) paring knife

blod pl. bluit (pl -yn) blade, knife blade, propeller blade: agh lesh cliwe gyere glackit dy shickyr, vrish stiagh trooid y vayr er Beelzebub loayrt ny goan mollaghtagh as roie eh'n blod gyere ayns e scoarnagh stiagh. PC

skynn (=Ir. sgian) (f.) pl. skynnyn knife: Ver-ym lhiam ad sheese myr eayin gys y skynn Bible

filley braid, collapse, corrugate, crease, crinkle, double, double up, folding, fold up, furl, jack-knife, lap, plait, ply, roll up, turn up, jackknife; fold: As myr coamrey nee uss filley ad seose Bible; wrap: ghow Elijah e chloagey, as ren eh filley eh dy cheilley Bible

seiy agitate, bear down, churn, churning, foment, fomentation, knife, litter, lunge, mixing, mixture, prod, propel, propulsion, protrusion, push, pushing, shove, shoving, stick, stir, stir up, thrust, tilt, tilting, transfix; (of bull) gore; upstroke; dipped: varr ad mannan jeh ny goair, as seiy ad yn cooatsyn uill Bible; troubled: ny diunidyn myrgeddin vad er nyn seiy Bible; wallow, muddy: jean aanrit-sack y chryssey mood, as seiy oo henesy leoie Bible; mingle, mix up: nee ad seiy ad hene fud sluight deiney Bible; stab: Lesh y chied seiy dy chosney yn varriaght DF; trouble: ren oo seiy ny ushtaghyn lesh dty chassyn Bible; mingled


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