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kishtey (=Ir. ciste.) pl. kishtaghyn (container) box; carton, case, casket, chest, cist, crate, pool, pot, pyx, suitcase, trunk: honnick eh ny berchee tilgey ny giootyn oc ayns kishtey yn stoyr. Bible

Inexact matches:

carr kishtey-spaag paddle-box car

foiee kishtey boxwood

gollrish kishtey boxlike

guilley kishtey box-keeper

kishtey aalid vanity case

kishtey ardan stage box

kishtey argid cash box, collecting box, money box

kishtey arreyder sentry box

kishtey bargane deed-box

kishtey bing dulcimer

kishtey broachey spindle-box

kishtey cabbil horse-box

kishtey chymsee collecting box

kishtey conning hutch

kishtey cooylley valve-box, valve-case, valve-chest

kishtey daah paintbox

kishtey edd band-box, hatbox, nestbox

kishtey essyl axle-box

kishtey feyshtyney confessional

kishtey flooyr flour-box

kishtey foaddan matchbox

kishtey geayil coal scuttle

kishtey geinnee sandbox

kishtey jeirk alms-box

kishtey keyl coffin

kishtey kiaull music case

kishtey kiaullee juke box, melodeon, piano accordion

kishtey killagh collecting box

kishtey lajer strong box

kishtey laue attaché case

kishtey leoh ashbox

kishtey leoie ashbox

kishtey lioar (closed) bookcase

kishtey medshin medicine chest

kishtey organe organ-case

kishtey paggal packing case

kishtey pibbyragh pepper-box, pepper box

kishtey pooar battery, electric accumulator

kishtey poodyr compact

kishtey post post office box

kishtey screeunyn letterbox

kishtey screeuyn post office box

kishtey sollan salt-box

kishtey sponk tinder box

kishtey spooyl spool-box

kishtey taishbyney shop case

kishtey taishbynys showcase

kishtey teiy ballot box

kishtey theayagh public funds

kishtey troailtys valise

kishtey uinnag window box

kishtey ushtey cistern

Kishtey Wooar Big Chest

Knock Kishtey Chest Hill

lane kishtey boxful

cur ayns kishtey box, crate

Kishtey Oik Post Post Office Box

kishtey penn leoaie pencilbox

kishtey ry hoi sollan salt-box

kishtey yn staait public purse, treasury

kishtey yn stoyr treasury: yeeagh eh seose, as honnick eh ny berchee tilgey ny giootyn oc ayns kishtey yn stoyr. Bible

collecting box (n.) kishtey argid, kishtey chymsee, kishtey killagh

ashbox (n.) kishtey leoie, kishtey leoh

post office box (n.) kishtey post, kishtey screeuyn

salt-box (n.) kishtey ry hoi sollan, kishtey sollan

crate (n.) cleeah-vocs, kishtey; (v.) cur ayns cleeah vocs, cur ayns kishtey

treasury (n.) kishtey yn staait; tashtaghan; kishtey yn stoyr: And Jesus sat over against the treasury - As myr va Yeesey ny hoie liorish kishtey yn stoyr Bible; thie tashtee: and went into the house of the king under the treasury - as hie eh stiagh gys thie yn ree fo yn thie-tashtee Bible; room tashtee: These words spake Jesus in the treasury - Ny goan shoh loayr Yeeseysy room tashtee Bible

box2 (n.) (container) coir; kishtey: The box stood in lieu of a table - Va'n kishtey jannoo boayrd dooin. DF idiom

alms-box (n.) kishtey jeirk

attaché case (n.) kishtey laue

axle-box (n.) kishtey essyl

ballot box (n.) kishtey teiy

band-box (n.) kishtey edd

Big Chest (n.) Kishtey Wooar

bookcase (n.) (closed) kishtey lioar; lioaraghan

boxful (n.) lane kishtey

box-keeper (n.) guilley kishtey

boxwood (n.) foiee kishtey

carton (n.) cartyn, kishtey

case (n.) askan, case; coodagh; cooish: It's a case for the doctor - She cooish da'n er lhee eh. DF idiom; kishtey: Vanity case - Kishtey aalid. DF idiom; sampleyr; (v.) cur ayns kishtaghyn, cur coodagh er

cash box (n.) kishtey argid

casket (n.) kishtey

Chest Hill (n.) Knock Kishtey

cist (n.) kishtey

coal scuttle (n.) kishtey geayil

deed-box (n.) kishtey bargane

dulcimer (n.) dulcimer, kishtey bing

electric accumulator (n.) kishtey pooar

flour-box (n.) kishtey flooyr

horse-box (n.) kishtey cabbil

hutch (n.) carnane; kishtey conning

juke box (n.) kishtey kiaullee

letterbox (n.) kishtey screeunyn

matchbox (n.) kishtey foaddan

medicine chest (n.) kishtey medshin

melodeon (n.) kishtey kiaullee

money box (n.) kishtey argid

music case (n.) kishtey kiaull

nestbox (n.) kishtey edd

organ-case (n.) kishtey organe

packing case (n.) kishtey paggal

paintbox (n.) kishtey daah

pencilbox (n.) kishtey penn leoaie

pepper-box (n.) kishtey pibbyragh

public funds (npl.) kishtey theayagh

pyx (n.) kishtey

sandbox (n.) kishtey geinnee

sentry box (n.) kishtey arreyder

shop case (n.) kishtey taishbyney

showcase (n.) kishtey taishbynys

spindle-box (n.) kishtey broachey

spool-box (n.) kishtey spooyl

stage box (n.) kishtey ardan

strong box (n.) kishtey lajer

suitcase (n.) kishtey, kishtey-scudlee

tinder box (n.) kishtey sponk

valise (n.) kishtey troailtys; valeese

valve-box (n.) kishtey cooylley

valve-case (n.) kishtey cooylley

valve-chest (n.) kishtey cooylley

vanity case (n.) kishtey aalid

window box (n.) kishtey uinnag

battery (n.) battree, kishtey pooar; bwoailtys

boxlike (adj.) coyroil; gollrish kishtey; kishtoil

confessional (n.) credjue, feyshtynagh, kishtey feyshtyney

dustbin (n.) coyr trustyr; kishtey-trustyr

hatbox (n.) kishteig edd; kishtey edd

paddle-box (n.) kishtey-spaag

paddle-box car (n.) carr kishtey-spaag

public purse (n.) kishtey yn staait

steam box (n.) gaal-kishtey

tool box (n.) kishtey-cullee

gaal-kishtey steam box

kishtey-cullee tool box

kishtey-rio refrigerator

kishtey-scudlee suitcase

kishtey-snauee tank

kishtey-spaag paddle-box

kishtey-trustyr dustbin

box1 (n.) box, coir; (v.) cur ayns kishtey, doarney

cistern (n.) doagh, kishtey ushtey, systal; cistern

pepper box (n.) kishtey pibbyragh, pibbyrane, poht pibbyragh

piano accordion (n.) builg vairagh; kishtey kiaullee

Post Office Box (n.) Kishtey Oik Post

refrigerator (n.) feayreyder, rioder, riojeyder; kishtey-rio

compact (n.) co-ghloo; coardail; kishtey poodyr; (adj.) chion; conaant; cruinn; giare; cumir

puhttey butt, butting, jostle, jostling, push: V'ad puhttey 'n kishtey mooar. Dhoor

chest1 (n.) cleeau: He threw out his chest - Hug eh cleeau er hene. DF idiom; coyr, kishtey

coffin (n.) coavin, coyr-verriu, kishtey keyl, koir-verriu, koir-oanluckee; crub; coffin: they embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt. - ren ad yn corp echeyspiceal, as veh er ny choyrt ayns coffin ayns Egypt Bible

trunk1 (n.) ard-linney, coyr, kishtey; colb: Thy head shall be severed from thy trunk - Bee dty chione er ny scarrey veih dty cholb. DF idiom; cashtal y corp

boghlaneys rubble: Chionnee mee kishtey-greie as mastey yn boghlaneys va traval, oard, as greienyn masoonee elley. Dhoor

caart (pl -yn) card, playing card; quart: Caart dy lhune vie. DF; cart: cha row saase erbee dy chur ersooyl cement agh er y raad yiarn ayns kishtey vooar queeylagh, as er ny choyrt lesh cabbyl as caart gys y stashoon. JG

traval (f.) trowel: Chionnee mee kishtey-greie as mastey yn boghlaneys va traval, oard, as greienyn masoonee elley. Dhoor

pool (n.) co-rheynn, cochistey; dubbey: Playing tip round the pool - Cloie tig mygeayrt y dubbey. DF idiom; lhingey: A trout in the hand is worth two in the pool - Ta breck 'sy laue ny share na braddan 'sy lhingey. DF idiom; kishtey, loghan, poyll, poyll faarkee; (v.) cur ayns cochishtey

pot1 (v.) cur ayns crockan, tilgey; cur bluckan 'sy phoagey; (n.) kennip; crockan: Flower pot - Crockan blaa. DF idiom; kishtey; pot: Take the pot off the fire - Trog yn poht jeh'n aile. DF idiom; pott: The dogs have put their heads in the pot - Ta ny moddee er chur nyn ging 'sy phott. DF idiom

tank (n.) doagh: Septic tank - Doagh mooynlee. DF idiom; loghan; tank: The tank is well armed - Ta'n tank mie-eillit. DF idiom; kishtey-snauee


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